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UK Swegway Repairs

Getting your Hoverboard repaired doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. In fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are revered as having the fastest Hoverboard Repair Service in the country, with the most competitive bespoke Swegway repairs completed within the shortest timeframe possible.

Simply follow the following steps to getting your Swegway and Hoverboard Repairs quickly and effectively:

  1. Fill in our Hoverboard Repair Form
  2. A dedicated Swegway Specialist will contact you right away to discuss the issue and estimate the cost of repair
  3. We will have the board collected – or if you’re local, you can drop it off to our centre
  4. Once received, we will be able to fully diagnose the Hoverboard and provide you with an exact cost of repair, prior to any work commencing
  5. If you’re happy with us to proceed, we will conduct the necessary repair; perform full service and testing, before taking payment.
  6. We will deliver the board back to you in fully working order – or if you’re local, you can choose to pick it up from our centre personally.


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