Hoverboards with Go-Karts for Sale: Hoverkart Bundles

Hoverboards with Go-Karts for Sale are a big deal this year. Due to this, HOVERBOARD PRO is releasing the best Hoverkart Bundles for sale exclusively online. Take a look at our huge range of Hoverkarts for sale and Special Offer deals. Get yourself a Hoverboard Swegway, carrier case and Hoverkart all in one for the best prices!


Hoverboards Go-Karts Sale Hoverkart Bundles

Since ITV’s ThisMorning show showcased the Hoverkart as the must-have Christmas gadget of 2017, sales have rocketed. Fast-forward today and Hoverboards with Go-Karts for sale have been the #1 product on demand. For this reason, HOVERBOARD PRO are making extra efforts to make the Hoverkart attachment of best quality yet highly affordable. Due to our BIG SALE and commitment to providing the UK’s best Hoverboards at affordable prices, we’ve got some special offers in store for you.

Due to our value-driven Hoverkart bundles and special offer deals, we’re now making it easier to purchase the most sought-after gadget.

In this article we’ll highlight some of our favourite Hoverkart Bundles. Our special bundles allows you to purchase Hoverboards with Go-Karts in an all-in-one sale! So if you’re thinking of purchasing a Hoverboard  and Go-Kart separately, why not bundle them all together for even better value?!

Hoverboards with Go-Karts for Sale UK

Hoverboards with Go-Karts for Sale. Hoverkart Bundles

Our Hoverboards with Go-Karts for sale are also known as Bundles. The Bundles are special offer deals that allow you to bundle both products together for even better value. Due to this, customers can now convert their Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart at a fraction of the original price.

To help you keep an eye out for the best deals, here are some of the best Hoverkart Bundles for sale:

  • Disco Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundle
    In this Hoverboard with Go-Kart deal customers can combine the Disco 6.5 inch Swegway and a Hoverkart at a fraction of the cost. From only £259.99, get yourself a Disco Hoverboard, carrier bag and Original Hoverkart all in one single purchase.
  • Phoenix HX Swegway Pro Hoverboard and Go-Kart Bundle
    The Phoenix Swegway Pro Hoverboard with Hoverkart bundle lets you combine the two in one single purchase. From only £274.99 you can combine the self-levelling Phoenix HX Swegway and Go-Kart together in one single price. The Phoenix Swegways are usually not compatible with the Hoverkart. However, we have a special attachment that allows the Hoverkart to become compatible with the HOVERBOARD PRO Phoenix HX Swegway. We have it all covered!
  • Hummer Off-Road Hoverboards with Go-Kart Bundle
    The Off-Road Hoverboard with Go-Karts make this bundle a life-saver. Rather than spending a fortune on selecting both items separately, we have made it eve better value by purchasing this single bundle. Are you wanting the best possible value Hoverboard with a Hoverkart? If so, then take a look at this Off-Road Hoverkart bundle deal!
  • Mammoth 10 inch Hoverboard with Hoverkart Bundle
  • The Mammoth 10 inch Hoverkart Bundle lets you combine the Swegway and Go-Kart attachment together from just £339.99! With our free next day delivery and 12-month warranty service, you’d be mad to miss out on this exceptional deal.

What Go-Karts come with Hoverkart Bundles?

Hoverkart Bundles for Sale UK Hoverboards Go-Kart

When you purchase our Hoverkart Bundles you’ll be provided with our best Hoverboards with Go-Karts for sale. Due to our commitment to quality, safety and reliability customers are given the peace of mind that their products are of the best premium quality possible.

There are a number of Hoverkart models for sale that can be added to your Hoverboards with Go-Karts bundle. Are you looking to upgrade or purchase a Go-Kart separately? If so, here are some of the best Hoverkarts for sale at HOVERBOARD PRO:

  1. Original Hoverkarts for Sale
    The Original Hoverkart is the standard Go-Kart attachment and the most popular of them all. Due to its affordable price tag and unique design, this Hoverkart has broken sales records. The single-bar frame and solid front-wheel allows for easy fitting. Due to its racer seat and many colours variations to choose from, there’s a Hoverkart for everyone!
  2. Premium Hoverkart for Sale
    The Premium Hoverkart for Sale comes with upgraded dual-bar frame and bucket seat design. This Hoverkart upgrade also comes with a high quality solid front wheel to tackle slightly more tough terrain. Due to our many colours to choose from, we have a Premium Hoverkart for to suit everyone.
  3. Suspension Hoverkarts for Sale
    Our Suspension MONSTER Hoverkarts are the best in Go-Karts for sale. The design of the Monster Suspension Hoverkart includes suspension springs to allow for smoother riding. Made to tackle more tough terrain than the Premium Hoverkart, it’s a huge seller! Due to the double bar frame and inflatable off-road tyres, this Hoverkart is best used for larger Hoverboards. For the first time, HOVERBOARD PRO now sell Monster Suspension Hoverkarts with various colours to choose from. Simply select the colour of your choice and proceed to the checkout!

Hoverkarts for Sale UK

Thinking of purchasing any one of our Hoverkarts for Sale? If so, then perhaps you’re also wondering whether you can choose a colour. HOVERBOARD PRO have a range of Hoverkart colours to choose from. Simply select the Go-Kart of your choice and select a colour.

Are you wanting to purchase any one of our Hoverkart Bundles but want to choose a Go-Kart colour? If so, simply proceed to the checkout and request a Kart colour in the order notes. Providing that the Hoverkart colour is in stock, we’ll make sure to dispatch the requested Hoverkart in your bundle for next day delivery.


Would you like more information about our Hoverboards with Go-Karts or Hoverkart Bundles? If so, get in touch! Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Want to speak to an agent right away? if so, then use our Live Chat service below!


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