How do I know my Hoverboard is safe?

A common question asked is “how do I know my Hoverboard is safe?” We aim to identify the key things to look out for when buying Hoverboards for sale in the UK.

How do I know my Hoverboard is safe

Safety is our #1 priority at HOVERBOARD PRO. In fact, this is the main purpose we exist today; to provide a UK SAFE Hoverboard to the UK consume. HOVERBOARD PRO formed itself in 2015 as the UK’s only Hoverboard company to supply the genuine UK certified Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Almost 5 years on, and we’re even more proud of the values we uphold today. 5 years ago, the HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard team set out to achieve what no other Hoverboard company ever have. Becoming the first of its kind as the only UK-Based business selling safe certified Hoverboards for sale. We know that customers prioritise safety, which is why we guarantee that when purchasing from ourselves, you will know that your Hoverboard is safe.

Quality, reliability, safety and excellent customer service; this is what we’re all about. These are the fundamental principles that form our company and is the grassroots to the growth of our business. In 2015, we became amongst the only UK Hoverboard company to provide Safe Hoverboards for sale. Each Hoverboard is certified under all British directives of safety. It is this objective which has allowed us to excel and become the only UK Hoverboard Company able to guarantee that your Hoverboard is Safe to use.

As we grow larger, we continue our mission to provide British customers with the assurances they require. So How do you know your Hoverboard is safe? Simply by purchasing a premium Hoverboards from HOVERBOARD PRO. We endeavour to provide UK customers with Safe Hoverboards year-on-year. This is why we’re the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard shop.

Is my Hoverboard safe?

Is my Hoverboard safe UK

The only way we can guarantee that your Hoverboard is safe to use is if you have purchased it from HOVERBOARD PRO. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that our Hoverboards for sale are entirely safe to use. So if you’re looking for a SAFE Hoverboard made from premium quality parts and from UK Design, then you’ve come to the right place.

Each British Safe Hoverboard for sale undergoes the strictest UK compliance testing and certification processes. Unlike other vendors, we don’t sell cheap knock-off Hoverboards such as those on eBay or Amazon. Many cheap Hoverboards for sale may look similar, but inside is a whole different world whereby many have cut corners on quality and safety to retain a marginal profit. admittedly, we’re not the cheapest on the internet. However, this is due to the fact that we focus solely on the best in quality, reliability and the safety of our products. Furthermore, our customer service is like no other company.

Best Hoverboard Service

We have 24/7 customer support lines and live chat services as well as the most astute Hoverboard specialists in the country. We continuously invest in making sure that our UK Hoverboards are from UK Design and that they’re built to last. Our customers know that their Hoverboard is safe when purchasing a board from HOVERBOARD PRO.

As a wholly British based Hoverboard company, we sell to UK customers and nowhere else. Established 2015 in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have become one of the UK’s largest Hoverboard retailers selling British Safe Hoverboards both online and in-store.

We have since grown massively, providing customers with even better products and greater service. With Hoverboard centres across the North and South of England, we’re one of the very few companies to ever have a physical retail presence.

So How do I know my Hoverboard is safe? Simply by purchasing a Swegway from the UK’s #1 Hoverboard company! Take a look at our extensive range of Hoverboards for sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD-PRO.

Quality Hoverboards for Sale UK

Quality Hoverboards for Sale UK

If you’re searching for quality Hoverboards for sale in the UK, then you’ve come to the right place. At HOVERBOARD PRO, we provide UK customers with the Safest Hoverboards for sale. Each Hoverboard is British tested and certified by independent regulators based in England. Awarding us with hundred of pages of certifications which verify the authenticity and safety of each of our quality Hoverboards for sale.

So when you’re buying a Hoverboard from us, you’re making sure that your board is not only of excellent quality but safe to use for you and your loved ones. We know just how important it is to guarantee your child’s safety when enjoying the most admired gadget of the decade. Unfortunately, however, some customers fail to notice the differences between a safe Hoverboard and one that is dangerous to use.

Due to this, we want to highlight the key indicators to look out for before purchasing a Hoverboard from any company online:

    1. STAY AWAY from cheap Hoverboards on sale on eBay if you want to be sure your Hoverboard is safe
    2. Make sure the Hoverboard company is UK AND VAT registered
    3. Check the companies genuine reviews
    4. GIVE THEM A CALL to see if they answer
    5. QUESTION THEM about the reliability and safety of their products
    6. DON’T BE FOOLED by cheap prices and websites that wrongly claim that they’re ‘official’ or ‘genuine’ – there’s no such thing
    7. Save yourself the heartache instead by purchasing an original HOVERBOARD PRO quality Hoverboard for sale and make sure that your Hoverboard is Safe with us.

So how do I know my Hoverboard is safe? Why not give our specialists a call on 0113 320 2299 and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

Safe Hoverboards UK

Safe Swegways and Hoverboards UK

When looking to buy Safe  Hoverboards in the UK then HOVERBOARD PRO should be your #1 place. With Summer already in full swing and the sun shining down on England, there’s no better time to buy a Hoverboard than now. Luckily for you, our BIG Summer Sale is now on with up to 75% off our original prices!

But how do I know my Hoverboard is safe? Here is a little thing or two to look out for:

UL Certified safe Swegway and Hoverboard

The UL 2272 is the best safety standard in the country which aims to prevent fires with Hoverboards. HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards have been awarded the UL 2272 safety mark complying under UK directives. This indicates that the Hoverboard is safe to use and that it has been certified to meet UL’s safety requirements for Safe Hoverboards.

To identify whether Hoverboards have achieved UL certification, check out the official UL 2272 label on our quality Hoverboards for Sale. Want more information about how to know if your Hoverboard is safe? If so, please contact us with us by calling 0113 320 2299. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 and we’re always here to help!



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