Mammoth 10" inch hoverboards

New Arrival: Mammoth 10″ inch Swegway!

The 10″ inch Swegway…

This year has seen some of the biggest Swegway releases in the UK; not only has it become one of the most popular gadgets in the country but we’ve even seen some amazing new models and hi-tech accessories.

10" inch Swegway

Swegway Pro UK is proud to announce that we have a new product available, and it’s quite literally THE biggest one yet! Head over to our online store now to see our brand new Mammoth 10″ inch Swegway! This brand new model is available to buy now with an amazing deal to celebrate it’s release!


Mammoth UK 10″ inch Hoverboards

Mammoth 10" inch hoverboards


Something big is coming to Swegway Pro UK…. something MAMMOTH! That’s right, we are officially stocking the new Mammoth 10″ inch hoverboard; the largest member of the self-balancing board family.


The Mammoth has 10” inflatable tyres, increasing it’s control, durability and making it more suitable for rougher terrain. Additionally, this new UK 10″ Hoverboard Model looks the part too; with an exclusive multi-tone carbon-fiber design and integrated front and rear LED lighting, it’s one of most stylish models we’ve ever seen.


Right now, you can still take advantage of our free UK delivery, guaranteed within 3 working days to any U.K. address; as well as this, we can also guarantee that your order will be with you in time for Christmas! So look no further than HOVERBOARD-PRO UK for you brand new Mammoth 10″ inch Swegways. Shop now to save on this amazing product.


10″ inch Swegways: Supersize your Hoverboard Experience

10" inch Swegways and Hoverboards

Swegway Pro UK is here to innovate your Hoverboard experience like never before. Not only are we currently stocking a range of models, colours and the hottest accessories, but now we have something even bigger: the Mammoth 10″ inch Swegway!


If you want to glide through the city on the biggest board there is, then the Mammoth is the right Hoverboard for you. It’s 10” inflatable tyres will make sure you’ll always stand out in a crowd, as well as providing extra durability, ground clearance and the perfect control on rougher terrains. You can compare its full specifications against all of our other models at our online shop; perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing savings you can make on this brand new Hoverboard, with a FREE carrier case worth £15.00 included with every 10″ inch Swegways & hoverboards purchased!


As with all of our products, the Mammoth 10″ inch hoverboards comes with a 12-month warranty. Like our other models, the Mammoth UK Swegway is powered by a super-charged Samsung battery to ensure efficiency, reliability and long-lasting performance; the product and battery are both tested locally in terms of safety and quality. Order your 10″ inch Mammoth Swegway now for free UK Mainland delivery and a FREE Carrier case – start earning great deals on our products, only here at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK.


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