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Looking for an official Swegway UK? then look no further!
HOVERBOARD-PRO are the UK’s no.1 seller of premium hoverboards, tailored specifically to our UK market.

At HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, we not only provide you with premium hoverboards, but we guarantee the best product and service all round. We make sure that when you purchase our products, you’ll be covered from the very point of your order, all the way throughout the life of your product. Read on to find out how our UK Swegways are the perfect choice when looking for the most trusted hoverboards in the country.

Best UK Swegways

 Official UK Swegways & Balance Boards For Sale

We are a British Swegway company with dedicated Swegway centres around the UK. We have a large range of affordable, reliable and safe hoverboards with established repair centres around the country.

Official UK Swegways

From the moment our company was established, we paid close attention to the corners which most online retailers missed. At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we don’t cut corners. In fact, we refine them. We are an innovative company that put the safety and reliability of our products at the top of our priority. And with this vision in mind, HOVERBOARD-PRO has since become the number 1 major seller of UK Swegways and Balance Boards.

Let’s take you back to November 2015 when the Swegway / Balance Board / Hoverboard craze took the world by storm. We warned everybody to be mindful of the places that they could be purchasing Swegways from, and most importantly to not be fooled by cheap imitations or products that are often drop-shipped from China without any care or attention to the UK consumer. A month on and just days before Christmas, reports of major safety concerns broke the news and everybody panicked. HOVERBOARD-PRO hated to say “we told you so” – but it became apparent that SAFE, GENUINE, RELIABLE Swegways are a major key component to what we do, and so it began – we became the most trusted, reliable and dependable Swegway UK company, with many customers demanding we sell overseas.

Swegway UK: Company Highlights

If you’re wondering what makes HOVERBOARD-PRO so special, then here is a small representation of what we stand for, and what we do:


    Our classic Swegways have been built specifically for our UK market, to meet British and European standards.

    Our batteries are official Samsung/LG heavy-duty, with UK-designed and UK manufactured safe fused plugs.

    Our products have been CE inspected and marked, and battery has been MSDS inspected for further safety.

    Many products that you will find on Amazon, E-Bay and the likes will come directly from China without any attention to the details outlined above.

    The plug ports are not safe and will not be fused, the batteries will be China standard batteries that are likely to fault or not have a cut-off point leading it likely to blow, and will last a short time before they wear away.

    All the Swegways you see are manufactured in China, however, it is up to the vendors to ensure that the end product is suitable.

    For the safety of our customers we chose to supply original UK plugs directly from UK supply. For this reason, we single handedly open each box before dispatch to replace it with UK plugs and fuses. Not the Chinese built “UK” style plugs.

    At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we pride ourselves in having the safest UK Swegways on the market and much efforts have gone in to making sure this is indeed the case.

    We emphasise the point that drop-shipped products from China are not safe.

    We are proud to be one of the longest established Swegway companies offering the safest board on the market.


    We have a no-nonsense approach to dealing with things here. We don’t oversell, undersell or talk hot air. If there is something that we can’t do then we have a good reason for it. For example, if there is a product being sold elsewhere that we feel shouldn’t be sold, or is not reliable/tested enough to pass our list of acceptable products then we simply will not sell it. We are not concerned about the latest gimmick, until this particular product passes our safety and reliability testing right here at our facility.

    Unlike many Swegway companies, we actually honour our 12 month warranty service – the idea is that we don’t want you coming back with reliability issues!


    For more information about our 12 month warranty service for all our Swegway UK products, please visit here.


    For all our UK Swegways, we provide our customers with FREE next day UK MAINLAND delivery. Our primary courier service is DPD, however, we also often use iPostParcels (UK MAIL), UPS and MyHermes upon request /depending on your area.

    When making your purchase via our online store, you will be asked for a delivery address – this is where the delivery of your product will arrive, the next day. If you are not going to be available, you can choose to leave a note for the delivery driver for instructions while making your order, of which we will attempt to pass on. Alternatively, mention which day you prefer the item to be delivered on this section and we will endeavor to meet those needs.

    Additionally, our courier service will provide you with a text or e-mail on the day with a time window of the planned delivery. We will also provide you with a delivery tracking number, so that you may track your parcel in real-time.

    For more information about our NEXT DAY DELIVERY service for all our Swegway UK products, please click here.


    That’s right, our lines are on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always available, in and out of office hours. Whether it be that you need advice, or are having difficult with making a purchase via our online store, we will always be available to assist you.

    Our office telephone number is 0113 320 2299. Should in the event our lines be busy, please try again shortly as we may still be on the phone to another customer. Alternatively, you may fill in our contact form or email directly. A member of our team will reply to you in super-quick time.


    For more information about our in-house UK Specialist Repair Centre service, please click here.


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