Best Hoverboards UK

We bring you the 2018’s Best Hoverboards UK. As you Shop for Hoverboards and Swegways you’ll probably come across various types of Hoverboard models. In this article, we will outline some of the Best Hoverboards for Sale that you can buy exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO.

Best Hoverboards UK 2018

In this article, we dissect some of the Best Hoverboards UK. Simply put, the Hoverboard industry is saturated. With so many Hoverboard Swegway models available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose between them. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to show you some of our greatest Hoverboard models and what each Swegway can bring to the table.

When it comes to shopping Hoverboards for sale, we know how daunting it can be. From so many models such as the Classic Disco, Phoenix Swegway Pro and Off-Road Hummer Swegways we have it all covered. Quality is the number one factor when it comes to our very own Hoverboards. This is why we recommend shopping for the Best Hoverboards UK right here.

It’s very common for customers to feel a little stressed about what Hoverboard is most suitable for them or their child. In this article, we will outline our favourite Hoverboards and the perks that each model has to offer.

Best Hoverboards UK

Best Hoverboards UK

For the best Hoverboards UK, customer needn’t look elsewhere. Simply browse through our online shop to see a variety of Swegway models on sale. With our BIG Price Drop sale, now is the best time to search for your favourite Hoverboards and Swegways!

Before we begin describing each model, we want to answer some of your most common questions. many customers are unsure about which size wheel they require. Others may be unsure as to whether they’re too heavy for a Hoverboard. Many of our customers often ask whether it is legal to ride a Hoverboard on the street and where it would be possible to enjoy riding their Swegways. In the next heading, we’ll help you by answering some of these common questions.

What size Hoverboard wheel do I need?

Best Size Hoverboard Wheel

The Size of the Hoverboard Wheel depends on the type of terrain you intend to use the Hoverboard in. There are usually a variety of wheel sizes to choose between: 6.5″, 8.5″ and 10″. Some Hoverboard companies ignore the .5 inch variable and simply mention that they’re 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch. The truth of the matter is that these sizes are all the same. In fact, it is extremely rare that Hoverboard wheels are different from one seller to another. If you happen to come across a Hoverboard that offers a totally different sized wheel, then you need to think about the difficulty you may bump in to when attempting to source a replacement wheel.

Hoverboard wheel sizes

The 6.5 inch Hoverboard is the most common Swegway for sale. As the best seller, this wheel size has been in circulation since the establishment of the Hoverboard. Naturally, the 6 inch Hoverboard is one of the most affordable amongst the Hoverboard range. The 6 inch wheel size Hoverboard is a solid tyre and is very durable. The only downside to this wheel size is that it often provides very low ground clearance and will no doubt scuff the underside of the Hoverboard if used outdoor.

The 8 inch Hoverboard for sale is the second most common Swegway. Just as popular, these Hoverboard are also solid tyres and offer the best durability. The Off Road Hoverboards for sale often come in the wide 8.5″ wheel size. Thanks to the larger wheel size, it offers greater ground clearance and can be used on more competitive terrain.

As for the larger 10″ Hoverboards, these come much larger than their predecessors. The 10 inch wheels are often inflatable air tyres. Inflatable tyres are naturally at risk of having punctures. However, this wheel size offers a more smooth rider experience whatever the terrain.

How heavy do I need to be to ride Hoverboards?

How heavy to ride a Hoverboard

Many customers ask us how heavy they need to be to ride a Hoverboard. Others ask us if they are too heavy. The truth is, it depends on the Hoverboard itself. Globally, most Hoverboards have a maximum load of 120kg. The Chassis of the Hoverboard is a forged metal material which can withstand a weight of up to 100-120kg. However, riders must still be cautious about the way they distribute their weight. Riders of all weight divisions must be careful not to apply their weight in the centre of the Hoverboard. Hoverboards are designed in such a way that weight must only be distributed on the two footpad areas of the Swegway. Failure to do this could result in your Hoverboard chassis snapping in half.

As for the minimum weight, this is a more complex issue. The larger the Hoverboard, the heavier the user must be in order to activate the gyroscopes. This is why some lighter users experience judder or shaking of the Hoverboard when riding their Swegway. This judder or shaking happens when the gyroscopes are not fully compressed and the infra-red within the PCB toggles between on and off.

In a nutshell, this is our recommended weight per board:

  • 6.5″ Hoverboards: 25kg – 100kg
  • 8.5″ Hoverboards: 40kg – 120kg
  • 10″ Hoverboards: 45kg – 120kg

What if you don’t meet the minimum weight requirement for any of the above Hoverboards? not to fear! HOVERBOARD-PRO have you covered. Thanks to our 2018 Hoverboard technology, our Phoenix Hoverboards for sale as well as our Megatron Off-Road 8.5″ Hoverboards have their very own self-levelling technology!

Due to the Self-Levelling technology on either of those models, all users are now capable of enjoying a Swegway regardless of the riders minimum weight. Just another reason why we have the Best Hoverboards UK!

Is riding a Hoverboard illegal?

Many customers often ask us if it is illegal to ride their Hoverboard in the UK. The Law in the UK states that all motorised personal transportation devices are only legal if they are registered, taxed and insured. of course, since it is not possible for Hoverboards to be registered and taxed with the DVLA, it still remains illegal to ride them on public roads and pavements in the UK.

Having said this, Hoverboards remain a fantastic source of fun for you and the family. You can still enjoy riding your Hoverboard or Swegway in private land. This includes your home, garden and private parks.

So without further notice, let’s break down some of our Best Hoverboards UK for sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO.

Classic Disco Hoverboard

Best Classic Disco Hoverboard 2018

The Classic Disco Hoverboards for sale is one of the single most popular Hoverboard. With 6.5 inch solid hard-wearing tyres and 350w german silent motors, it’s a powerful player. Our Disco range of Hoverboards have the built-in Bluetooth Speakers and Disco RGB lights around the wheelbase. Due to this, the Disco Hoverboards for sale are unique in design and appearance.

As a 100% fully UK Compliant Hoverboard, we’re proud to offer the Disco Swegway and boast of its reliability and safety features. With this Hoverboard comes hundreds of certifications and awards making it the most reliable Hoverboard on sale today. The Classic Disco Hoverboard comes with genuine Samsung batteries and UL Certified charging adapters that have been independently verified and tested in the UK. Furthermore, the silent german sinusoidal wheel-motors offer unmatched responsiveness and speed. With speeds of up to 12 kmh, which roughly equates to 7 mph, it packs a punch!

Phoenix Swegway Pro Hoverboard

Phoenix HX Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

As far as Best Hoverboards UK go, the Phoenix Swegway Pro is a big hitter. Our new state of the art self-levelling technology and smooth curve design features make this Hoverboard for sale a popular purchase. The self-levelling technology of this Swegway Pro Hoverboard means that riders of all weight divisions can now enjoy a Hoverboard. Therefore, if you or your child weighs less than the required weight mentioned above, then this particular Swegway is the purchase to make.

With curvy features and elongated LED lights, this Hoverboard has all the design features of style and sophistication. Thanks to the curvature design of the Phoenix Swegway Pro, this Hoverboard naturally offers a larger ground clearance than the Classic model. In addition to this, the Phoenix Hoverboard for sale also packs the same punch as the Disco model in terms of safety and reliability. With all the UK compliance certifications, Bluetooth Speakers and 6 inch silent German motors, there’s no better 6.5 inch Hoverboard than the Phoenix Swegway Pro.

Off-Road Hoverboard

Off Road Hoverboard Swegway UK

Our Off Road Hoverboard is the most robust Swegway for sale. With 8.5″ Solid heavy-duty tyres with off-road treading, there’s nothing else quite like it. This shock resistant, IP65 waterproof Hoverboard makes this our most dynamic Self-Balancing Scooter for sale.

The Off Road Hoverboard for sale is built with the user in mind. Developed with the best Tao Tao components in the industry this Hoverboard is reliable, robust and powerful. In addition to the unique visual design of the Hoverboard, it comes with built-in Bluetooth Speakers and front and rear LED lights.

The unique build of the Off Road Hoverboard for sale is the special inter-locking mechanism that separates a wall between the wheel arches and the internal components of the Swegway. This is by far a product of our most sophisticated engineering. The Off Road Hoverboard weighs in at 15kg, which is 3KG’s heavier than the Classic Swegway. This is mainly due to the larger body and robust material of the Off Road Hoverboard.

If you’re looking to buy the Best Hoverboards UK, then look no further than the Off-Road Hummer and Megatron Hoverboards for sale.

10 inch Mammoth Hoverboards UK

FLAME Mammoth 10 inch Hoverboards Sale

Largest of all Swegway models come the 10 inch Mammoth Hoverboards. The aesthetically pleasing yet monstrous size of the 10 inch Hoverboard comes with large inflatable tyres. The inflatable tyres offer the rider with the smoothest riding experience ever.

Due to the large wheel size, this Mammoth Swegway provides the rider with the largest ground clearance. Due to this, the outdoor rider can enjoy the Hoverboard experience without the fear of scuffing the underside of the Hoverboard. Therefore, if you’re looking for a Swegway that can be ridden on uneven surfaces, then this is the best Hoverboard for you.

With 350w silent German motors, built-in Bluetooth speakers and front 2x LED lights upon weight activation, it packs as much punch as the Classic and more. We recommend this model for more experienced riders, however, due to the response-level of the Hoverboard.


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