Learn How To Use A Hoverboard

The HOVERBOARD actually is the trend of our time!

They are undoubtedly the most wished gift for the last decade and the most prevailing one even in 2020. I don’t believe there is any kid, youth or even an adult who wants to skip the swag.

how to use a Hoverboard UK

Moreover, the good news is they are no more as expensive as they were in the ’80s when they were newly introduced. And far safer than ever with its UL Certifications.

Now you can get your best Hoverboard, at the best prices, with the best hoverboard accessories, that guarantee fun, safety, and protection. But still, be aware that the market is full of fakes as well. Therefore, to guarantee yourself an official Hoverboard UK from HOVERBOARD-PRO.

The number of Hoverboard users are increasing in number day by day. Due to this, we do naturally see more videos related to Hoverboard incidents (mostly harmless) getting more common and often viral. Luckily, however, Hoverboards are very easy to use. The only thing riders should keep in mind is that they’re a bit tricky as well at first – but only at first!

Some riders compare hovering more to swimming. This is because the main thing that will keep you safe from drowning while swimming is by staying focused and relaxed. Similarly, while riding the Hoverboard, if you are well-balanced and focused you are at minimum risk of falling down or riding oddly.

In this article, we are going to share the top tips and tricks to learn how to use a Hoverboard. We hope that you find it highly beneficial in reducing the risk of falling off and doubling the excitement. So let’s hover to the best tips:

Riding a Hoverboard for the first time: Start with your best foot

how to ride a Hoverboard UK

You may be ready to rock the roads with your newly arrived Hoverboard but don’t yet have prior experience of Hovering around. We recommend that you start with the foot that is strong enough to take that initiative.

Yes, like right and left hand there is one stronger limb within your feet as well. you just need to check the strength by standing on one foot and determine which one is better to maintain the balance. Once you are aware of your strength, step up!

Hoverboard Standing Posture

Can anyone ride Hoverboard UK

Now when you are putting both feet on the board. The other important thing to understand is that your Hoverboard is going to follow your body language, i.e it’s going to move as your posture will indicate.

So avoid standing with bent knees or a clumsy posture looking at your feet. The more straight you will stand, the more balanced you will feel. Furthermore, you will be at minimum risk of falling down and getting injured.

Initial Hoverboard Practice

In a true Hoverboard guide you are always directed to be vigilant with your environment while you are just a beginner. We strongly recommend riders go for a fall-friendly environment that is comparatively softer and safer even if you fall.

Initial Backward Forward Movements

The most initial move which you should practice first is to shift your weight from one foot to another without taking the foot off from your Hoverboard. Eventually, you’ll be able to manage the weight according to your will and engage with your reflexes. Practice the forward and backward movement in the first place without poking your nose to the tougher and more technical ones.

Move Like A [Hoverboard] Pro

Hoverboards how work HOVERBOARD PRO

The other step you need to practice is turning. This is more or less all the effort of your ankles as the secret is in the foot tilt. You need to put a bit more pressure and lean forward with the right foot if the right side is your intended direction.

And if you want to try the circle trick, put pressure on the left side and then accomplish the twist with the right foot.

Practice Different Surfaces with your Hoverboard

Off-Road Swegway Hoverboard Sale UK Hummer

When you become a pro in no time, you need to practice a little more on several other terrain surfaces. At first, try practising indoors on carpet or on the grass in order to familiarise yourself with the strength of your Hoverboard.

Your Hoverboard will definitely consume more battery when riding on tough surfaces. Equally, riding on smooth surfaces will increase the longevity of your battery.

Moreover, if you are required to climb inclined slopes then you need to know that your position is going to be a bit forward instead of straight in order to tackle the gradient.

How To Get Off Your Hoverboard

Now I hope you have learned how to use a hoverboard? However, there is another important aspect and that is how to quit the ride or how to get off your Hoverboard. It is no less than a safe landing indeed.

When you are intending to reduce the speed of your hoverboard or actually want to stop your Hoverboard you need to follow a few instructions 

  • Never step down forward when you are getting off your hoverboard, otherwise, chances are bright that you will fall off or even get injured.
  • Lean a bit backward and decrease the speed before stopping it completely.


  • If your hoverboard is a Mammoth 10″  or an All-terrain Hummer Hoverboard, chances are that they are strong. However, you need to be more vigilant with them as well.


  • 7% of reported injuries and incidents are caused due to over-excitement. Try not to get too excited that you decide to ride it immediately without any safety measures or practice.


  • Avoid over-excitement and be patient if you have received your favourite HOVERBOARD UK. You’ll surely get to ride it eventually!


  • Never forget to put on your safety gear no matter if you are a beginner or a Pro.


  • Never overcharge your Hoverboard and always look for a UL certification.


  • Always try to buy a Hoverboard with lights as you need to Hover at night as well. LED lights are necessary for safety during the night.


  • Always look at our Hoverboard Guides for an expert opinion about any kind of purchase or query about Hoverboards UK.


COVID-19 Virus: FAQs about HOVERBOARD UK Orders and Deliveries

As COVID-19 affects most parts of the UK, HOVERBOARD PRO will continue its operations as normal. This is due to our amazing technology allowing all Hoverboard UK orders and deliveries to be as scheduled.

Covid-19 Hoverboard UK delivery update

HOVERBOARD PRO operations continue as normal with free next day delivery operating throughout Mainland UK. To reassure our customers with the latest updates on our services with the COVID-19 virus, we’ve outlined some of the frequently asked questions below:

1. Can I place an order? Will HOVERBOARD PRO deliver the package?

Yes, HOVERBOARD-PRO’s activities are currently continuing. Currently, DPD delivery times are still performing at the usual next day delivery rate throughout the UK Mainland. However, we do ask that customers placing Hoverboard UK orders try not to use delivery addresses for buildings that may be closed due to the current provisions (e.g. schools).

Our Hoverboard UK teams are working around the clock to ensure the availability of all our Hoverboard products online and continue to bring on the additional capacity to deliver customer orders. To see the latest stock availability, please visit our online shop. All our Hoverboards for sale within the online shop is in real-time stock. Therefore, customers need not worry about whether or not the Hoverboard is available or not. If the Hoverboard is visible on the storefront, then it is physically available and ready for immediate dispatch.

2. What’s the status of my order?

Once placing your order online, we strongly recommend that you also include your mobile telephone number. Once an order has been placed via our website, you will instantly receive a digital receipt via e-mail. Your order will then be under processing. At this stage, our team will immediately dispatch your order via DPD next day service.

At this stage, you will receive a second e-mail and text message with full tracking information. You can track and trace your order in real-time using the DPD tracking link provided in the email and text message. DPD will also text and e-mail you on the morning of your Hoverboard UK delivery with a 1-hour timeslot of when the delivery driver is due to arrive.

3. Is the Hoverboard returns service active during COVID-19?

Yes, the Hoverboard returns service is still active during COVID-19. For more information regarding our returns please visit our terms and conditions of service.

4. Is it safe to receive Hoverboard UK orders?

For guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19), please refer to the World Health Organization website.

5. What is HOVERBOARD PRO doing to keep customers and employees safe?

We’re closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. In addition to the thousands who are affected by the illness, thousands more are indirectly dealing with changes in their work, school, and community environments. At HOVERBOARD PRO we are doing our best to ensure that our services are contributing positively to the impact on our customers and employees in a holistic way.

We have stepped up our cloud-based activities with many employees already working from home. Furthermore, we continue to work very closely with DPD and other courier services to ensure that they are also doing their utmost to maintain health, hygiene and safety throughout our entire supply chain.

We wish to remind our customers that HOVERBOARD PRO is a strictly UK-based business with 100% of our stock already here in England. All our Hoverboards are brand-new, in its original custom package. We urge consumers to keep away from purchasing from sub-sellers and second-hand boards in places such as eBay and Amazon during these turbulent times.


We hope that you find this information helpful. For more information on COVID-19 or to speak to a member of our HOVERBOARD UK team, please get in touch.


Also, check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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HOVERBOARD PRO: The New Face of The Original Hoverboard UK

SWEGWAY PRO has now evolved into its latest brand HOVERBOARD PRO. This is due to our ongoing commitment to improving our products and services nationwide. Established in 2015, we’ve become the largest independent official retailer of the original Hoverboard UK.


For the best part of 6 years, HOVERBOARD PRO has consistently been providing UK consumers with the best Hoverboards for sale online and in-store. From design, production, certification and Hoverboard repairs.

It is our commitment, as the UK’s most established Hoverboard company to continue our great quality of services to our customers. For this reason, we have decided to carry on this latest evolution phase of our business.

SWEGWAY PRO is now to be renamed as HOVERBOARD PRO. In this article, we will expand on the reasons for this move and what we have in store for our customers wishing to purchase a safe and reliable Hoverboard UK.



As the longest established Hoverboard company in the UK, we know too well about the history of the Swegway Hoverboard market. Back in 2015 when Hoverboards first came appeared on the UK shelves, consumers worldwide referred to the two-wheel self-balancing scooter as the SWEGWAY. It is due to this that we derived our name as HOVERBOARD PRO, allowing consumers to easily identify our products through our established brand name.

However, as consumer markets and perceptions of the product shifts, many people worldwide began to refer to the Swegway as HOVERBOARD. Over the last few years, more and more consumers in the UK are now referring to the device as a Hoverboard. Therefore, we found that while we have established a strong brand and reputation within our industry, it is now time to evolve our brand to that which is more recognisable to consumers in the UK.

We are super excited to announce HOVERBOARD PRO as the face of our new Hoverboard brand. This strategic move allows consumers to easily identify our business when searching for the most popular gadget in the UK.

So What happens to SWEGWAY PRO?


In short, nothing. HOVERBOARD PRO is just a new face of the most established and reputable Hoverboard company in the UK. If you are a previous customer, then nothing changes. Your premium Hoverboard warranty is still in-tact and our services are only improving.

For new customers, however, we feel excited to continue our commitment to providing a service like no other Hoverboard seller in the UK. From Hoverboards made from British design and UK certification through to UK Hoverboard repairs.

We’re extremely excited to use our new name HOVERBOARD PRO and hope that this move allows consumers to better identify us as the UK leading Hoverboard provider.

Each HOVERBOARD PRO Swegway comes with the latest 2020 technology, as well as our premium services. This includes 12-month warranty, next day Hoverboard delivery, 24/7 customer support and lots more.

Take a look at our latest Hoverboards for sale and bag yourself the most reliable safe Hoverboard Pro in the UK today!


Also, check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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This Valentines Day we bring you a story on real love and proper Hoverboard Couple Goals! A 78-Year-Old man using his Hoverboard to push his wife’s wheelchair.

Hoverboard Couple Goals UK Swegway Pro

“In sickness and in health” is something often said at every wedding ceremony. However, here’s a couple that actually walks the walk – or should we say Hoverboards the board and stays true to those words.

John and Judy Anderson have been together for nearly 60 years. They met in 1958, so obviously very long before the Hoverboard was ever invented. It was even before the Back to the Future film was ever released (although McFly does travel back to 1955). Nevertheless, we’re sure that little did they think that the Hoverboard would ever become an important daily fixture in their relationship.

Anyone who’s ever helped their grandmother set up her email or work a smart phone or tablet knows pretty much that new technology can be intimidating for the elderly. However, here’s the story of a 78-year-old man who saw one and thought, “Yeah, I’ll ride one. And I’ll take my wife along with me.”

Hoverboard Couple Goals

In this article, the writer Lee Breslouer describes how he first spotted John Anderson and his 76-year-old wife, Judy. Lee was driving outside of Denver, CO, near a retirement village where seniors take brisk afternoon walks when it’s nice outside. To say the least, they’ve kicked their walks up a notch: John pushes Judy’s wheelchair while he rides on a Hoverboard at good speed!

Lee asks John if he would share their story with him and 78-year-old John happily obliged. John describes how he met Judy in NY. While John was at University, Judy was studying to be a teacher at a University in Potsdam nearby. John then joined the Army and they travelled around the world visiting places such as other states, Turkey, Germany until they finally settled in Colorado in December 1989. They now have two kids and in a relationship for nearly 60 years!

In 2003, Judy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She is currently in skilled nursing care near the retirement village and John comes to visit Judy regularly. That’s when they go for their very special walks. When Lee asked them how their relationship has changed over time, John said, “You get used to one another.” Judy offered, “You have to have love and…” “Patience?” Lee asked. “Yes.”

For a woman who lets herself be slowly rocketed around by a Hoverboard, we can agree that she is the model of patience! While John is certainly not as healthy as back in the day, watching him Hover Judy around is simultaneously one of the sweetest and most bizarre things we’ve ever seen.

Valentines Day Story: Hoverboard Couple Goals

Hoverboard Couple Goals UK Swegway

When John first saw a Segway, he knew he wanted to try one, but never got the chance. This was until he saw a local report about a local guy selling Hoverboards in his area. John purchased a Hoverboard just for the hell of it. When Lee asked him if he fell 40 times after buying it, John laughed:

“No, I didn’t fall 40 times, but I was scared 40 times,” he said.

John would explain that he’d practice on his Hoverboard with a ski pole or a walking stick and then eventually got to the point that he didn’t need either. Perhaps his experience as a skier and a hockey goalie likely helped him but it’s certainly a new and effective way to learn!

He realised the Hoverboard could make a great motor for Judy’s wheelchair. Lee then asked Judy how she first felt about the idea of being pushed by a Hoverboard. Was she scared?

“Not really. I didn’t know what I was in for!” she replied. I guess when you’re with someone for that long, you begin to trust them (Love is all about trust!). John tells Lee that he doesn’t take the Hoverboard to an unsafe speed. He goes about 4-5mph, which is faster than you can walk, as evidenced by the fact that Lee had to jog a bit to keep up with them in the video above.

Elderly Couple on a Hoverboard

The Hoverboard is a newer feature in their decades-long relationship, but considering they’ve travelled the world together, raised two kids, and managed to stay together through it all, it’s just the icing on the cake of their lifelong story.

What really strikes us about these two is how a 78-year-old man finds a way to embrace modern technology. Not only that but to use it to improve the time he has with his wife. Equally impressive is just how she’s totally cool with it. This is a relationship and a love that has adapted over time. Conquered disease, ageing and to new technology.

But also… it’s an elderly man whipping it around on a Hoverboard! Seriously, look at him go!

We absolutely love this story. There’s not many Hoverboard Couple Goals like this kicking about. So if you know of anything similar to this, why not share it with us? We’d love to showcase all the Hoverboard couple goals we can get our hands on.


Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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For a limited time only and as part of our Deal of The Week, HOVERBOARD PRO is giving away the best Hoverboard deal on our Hoverkart bundle so far!

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Best Hoverboard Deal Hoverkart Bundle Deal Sale

This week, HOVERBOARD-PRO is giving away THE CHEAPEST deals on our Green and Black Camo Hoverkart bundle for sale. Due to this, customers can convert their Hoverboard into a Go-Kart at a fraction of the original price. For as little as £219.99, you can get your hands on a Premium Hoverboard for sale as well as a Hoverkart.

Take advantage of this week’s BIG SAVING and purchase the best Hoverboard and Hoverkart bundle on sale ever. Both in-store and online, HOVERBOARD-PRO is one of the largest and most reputable Hoverboard company in the UK. From our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have expanded massively to cater to every customer nationwide.

If you think that our Original Hoverboard and Hoverkart bundle deals were great, then take a look at our latest deal of the week special sale! We’ve just announced the Best Hoverboard Deal so far thanks to our bundle deal of the week offers. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time; PURCHASE TODAY and avoid disappointment!

Best Hoverboard Deal: Hoverboard & Hoverkart Sale

HOVERBOARDS UK Hoverkart deal SALE Black Camo

HOVERBOARD-PRO is proud to announce our Best Hoverboard Deal ever! Our Black Camo or Green Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundle on Sale today includes even better value. We’re making our exclusive Hoverkart bundles more affordable than ever. Due to our latest Deal of the Week special, we’re offering the best Hoverkart Bundles for as low as £219.99. Not only are our Hoverboards at the best prices they have ever been, but our Bundles are also even better too!

Furthermore, in addition to all our latest offers and the best Hoverboard deals online and in-store, we’re still providing our customers with two very important inclusive deals: for every Hoverboard you purchase from HOVERBOARD-PRO, customers will receive FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty.

Due to this, in the unlikely event that something may go wrong due to wear and tear, we’ll have it repaired at no extra cost. Parts and labour costs will be completely covered by us. This further emphasises the fact that we are very confident with our product. in fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO is revered as having the Best Hoverboards nationwide.

The Best Hoverboard Hoverkart Bundle on Sale

HOVERBOARDS UK Hoverkart deal SALE Green

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s #1 seller of the best Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundle on sale. We have the most reliable Hoverboards in the industry. Not only do we offer the best Hoverboards across the UK but our Swegways are designed specifically for the UK Market. Therefore, customers can be rest assured that our Hoverboards for sale undergo the strictest testing under UK compliance. Due to this, we have been awarded all the certifications complying under 100% UK SAFETY directives.

Did you know that we design out Hoverboards the UK before manufacturing? Each individual component is bespoke selected to ensure reliability, safety and optimal performance throughout. Due to this, we’re confident providing our UK consumers with authentic HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboards for sale.

If you’re looking for a UK SAFE and certified Hoverboard for sale then look no further. At HOVERBOARD-PRO we always advocate SAFE Hoverboards and have been doing so since 2015. In fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO builds its reputation on the foundation of advocating UK SAFE Hoverboards. Featuring on radio stations in London, Leeds as well as on Yahoo! Finance we are on the front-lines of Safety on Hoverboards.

There is no secret as to why HOVERBOARD-PRO is now the UK’s #1 Trustworthy Hoverboard company. Our ethos is simple. We provide the best Hoverboard deals from the most reliable Hoverboards for sale. We then provide our customers with exceptional customer service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To know more about our Best Hoverboard Deals or to buy a Hoverboard for sale, why not get in touch? You can call us on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service at the bottom right corner of this page. Alternatively, customers can fill in our Contact Form Here.



Hoverboard Swegway Shop

Are you the type of person that prefers to buy a Hoverboard from an actual physical Hoverboard shop and retail store? Then we’re waiting for you! HOVERBOARD-PRO is not just an online shop. We have a physical retail shop based in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Why not pop in to our shop and say hello?

129a Hyde Park Road


Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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February 2020: Best Hoverboard for Sale UK

February 2020 is upon us and what perfect time to buy the best Hoverboard for Sale! UK’s #1 Hoverboards for sale both online and in our Shop. Providing only the greatest Hoverboards, 100% UK Compliant and Safe. Samsung batteries, 12 month warranty and FREE delivery with every order!

February 2019 Best Hoverboards for Sale UK

This month is packed with surprises. We bring to you some of the best Swegway deals and Hoverboards for sale. With Valentines day around the corner, we’ve got plenty of offers ready for you to snap!

With up to 75% off our original prices, our BIG Hoverboard SALE is on. January Sales may well have ended, but the big savings are certainly not over. The worst of winter has now passed and the weather is beginning to show a spell of sunlight as Spring soon comes next month. This can only mean one thing; customers will be able to ride their best Hoverboard for sale both outdoors as well as indoors, too!

February is a special time of year, be it a birthday gift, Valentines day gift, anniversary or you want to just buy something amazing for yourself. Whatever the reason, rest assured that HOVERBOARD PRO has the Best Hoverboard for Sale throughout the UK.

Best Hoverboard Sale UK

February 2019 Best Hoverboard Sale UK

It’s February 2020! We don’t just supply the Swegway Hoverboard for sale throughout the UK but have them on sale for the best prices on the internet as well as at our retail Shop.

Our Hoverboards, Swegways, Smart Scooters and Smart Boards for sale come with all the perks. For example, we provide all customers with FREE next day delivery and FREE 12-month warranty. We even include a FREE carrier case with your Hoverboard purchase too!

What better way to show appreciation for your partner than with one of our amazing Hoverboards for sale? At HOVERBOARD PRO, we make it even easier to choose the best Best Hoverboard. Due to our widest range of colours and designs, you can simply choose your partners favourite colour and surprise them with the gift of the year.

If Valentine’s day is not your thing however, then perhaps you might just want to treat yourself. We know that January was a hard month. For those who have reached a milestone and have fulfilled their New Year resolutions – treat yourself!

Want the latest deals and offers and more information about our best Hoverboard for sale? If so, please visit our online shop or pop into our retail store in Leeds!

Half Term: Best Hoverboard Swegways

Another reason why we love the month of February is that Half Terms begins! That’s right, February marks the beginning of Half Term where schools out and the fun begins. In addition to this, we have a BIG SALE with up to 75% off our original prices, meaning there’s no better time to buy the best Hoverboard Swegways than now!

Most schools in the UK have given their spring half term dates next week. Due to this, your kids will have all that free time they can surely make the most out of. So don’t let your children spend all their time away from school indoors and on their console games. Get them smelling some fresh air and enjoy a more active lifestyle on their Hoverboard Swegways.

Throw away the console games and bring on the fun activities! Swegways and Hoverboards are not just for kids, however. In fact, adults can enjoy them too! And while the whole family are free during this period, you can also join in the fun!


Also, check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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Games Kids play using Hoverboards

Every wondered what games you can play using Hoverboards? Hoverboards can be more than just a mode of transportation. There are actually games that you can play using your Hoverboard, making them both practical and fun. If you are new to Hoverboards, these games can help you to get used to using your Hoverboard, transforming you from a novice to a Swegway Pro in no time.

Games Kids play using Hoverboards

In this article we will outline some of the many games that kids can play using Hoverboards. If you have any other ideas, why not share them with us? You can even share with us your own videos for a chance to feature on our sites and social media!

Games you can play using Hoverboards: Tag

Grab your hoverboard, a group of friends and head to the park to play a modern game of tag. Tag is a great way to acclimate yourself to your Hoverboard, due to the fact that you need to be able to move and change directions swiftly.

If you aren’t familiar with the childhood game, one person is “it” and they need to tag any of the other players. Once you’re tagged, you become “it” trying, once again, to tag someone else.

Hoverboard Tug of War

Remember the game where you and your friends would choose teams, then the teams would face off with one another while grabbing a rope? The team that pulls the rope to the other side first wins. You can step up your Tug of War game by using Hoverboards. The objective is to stay on your Hoverboard,while pulling on the rope. This game is harder than you may think, since you not only need upper body strength but balance as well. Try not to fall off your board!

Hoverboard Knock Off

The object of this game is to try to knock others off their Hoverboard while staying on yours. The last person left standing on their Swegway is the winner.

This game can get you a bit dirty and may spawn the occasional injury, so be sure to wear protective gear and be extra careful! However, it’s a good game to help practice manoeuvrability and balance.

Hoverboard Racing

What about having a Hoverboard race? Everyone lines up and races to get to the designated spot first. You can choose to go to a point straight ahead or to a specific location where you will need to make turns. An example could be to race around a circuit. There are no real rules of how to set up a race, the point is that everyone agrees on the end goal and has fun.

Hoverboard Obstacle Course

Whether you turn your race into an obstacle course navigating around turns and structures or you have a set course to move through, this game is fantastic for becoming a Swegway Pro at manoeuvring and balancing on your Hoverboard. Some different ideas on ways to set up your obstacle course include: ducking under a rope or elevated object, manoeuvring around road cones and having small hurdles to hover over. There is no limit to the number of obstacles that you can have. The idea is to just have fun!

Hoverboard Baseball

Want to step up your baseball or Cricket game? Try playing on a Hoverboard. Instead of running to the bases, try hovering to them. Is the ball coming straight to you in the outfield? Catch it without falling off your Swegway and get it back to the infield.

Hoverboard Relay Races

Just like other races, you can set up teams and have a relay race. Hover around the track at your local school or around a field. Tag the next person on your team and see if they can catch up and pass the opposing teams. First team to finish is the winner. As an added challenge, if someone falls off their Swegway, the entire team or at least that leg of the team must start over again.


Hoverboards can be fun for solo play or with a group of friends. Playing games just adds to your talent on the Hoverboard. Just be sure to wear the proper gear when you are first learning so that you don’t get injured and remember to enjoy yourself!


For more information about Games you can play using Hoverboards, please contact us on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.


Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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HOVERBOARDS #1 Christmas Gift of 2019

Hoverboards are proving to be Britain’s #1 Christmas gift of 2019. With record-breaking Hoverboard Sales this year, it’s simply the best Hoverboards Christmas Gift of 2019.

This year is seeing phenomenal Swegway and Hoverboard Sales, especially over the last few months. With the lead up to Christmas, Hoverboards are becoming the #1 Christmas Gift of. It’s simply one of the most sought-after gadgets in the UK. We’re pleased to inform our wonderful Hoverboard customers that it’s still not too late grab yourself an amazing Hoverboard before Christmas.

Our delivery is fast, free and efficient. We use next day courier service DPD to provide you with premium Hoverboards from British Design. So if you’re looking for the #1 Christmas Gift of 2019 then look no further than HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards.

HOVERBOARDS UK #1 Christmas Gift of


Our Hoverboards UK are the UK’s #1 Christmas Gift of and it is no secret why. Made using premium quality components, our Swegways are genuine British design at its best.

If you’re looking to purchase premium Hoverboards with guaranteed delivery before Christmas then it’s still not too late! We have a huge selection of Disco Hoverboards for sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO.

Each Hoverboard is tested for quality assurance purposes before dispatch. Due to this, customers can be rest assured that their product reaches them in the best ways possible.

Furthermore, all our Hoverboards are made using bespoke components and approved under all British directives of safety. We know that your product is for your loved ones. This is why HOVERBOARD PRO go above and beyond to guarantee safety is at the forefront of our amazing Hoverboards for sale.

Many customers at this time of year ask us if we are able to guarantee delivery before Christmas. The answer is YES! in fact, our final delivery dates for our Hoverboards #1 Christmas Gifts of are 21st December for UK Mainland.

So if you’re looking for a Premium Hoverboard for sale with guaranteed delivery before Christmas then look no further. Shop our selection of bespoke Hoverboards while they’re on sale today!


Hoverboards Christmas Gift 2019

For those who prefer to collect a Hoverboard for Christmas, why not pop into our Swegway Store? As one of the only Hoverboard companies in the UK to offer a physical retail shop, we’d love for you to come to see us!

We have a large selection of Premium Hoverboards for sale exclusively at our Hoverboard Shop in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We are open throughout the week during our Christmas sales.

Open from Monday to Friday between 10-am and 5-pm, as well as weekends on Saturday and Sunday between 11-am and 3-pm. Our Hoverboard shop is open to the public! be amongst the many customers travelling far and wide to pick up or collect a Hoverboards Christmas Gift of 2019.

Our Hoverboard Shop is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire:

129a Hyde Park Road
West Yorkshire

tel. 0113 320 2299

Don’t delay. All our Hoverboards are on sale for as long as stocks last. Grab yourself an amazing premium Hoverboards Christmas Gift of 2019 whilst you can!

Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.


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HOVERBOARDS: Common names to describe SWEGWAYS

Hoverboards are one of the many common names to describe Swegways. In this article, we highlight some of the most popular names that describe the Hoverboard.

HOVERBOARDS Common names describe SWEGWAYS UK

Hoverboards, Swegways, Smart Scooters, Self-Balancing Scooters, mini Segways. It’s called many things by many people. However, over the last three years there has been a shift in what they are most popularly named.

The official name to describe this piece of genius kit is a Self-Balancing Scooter. It’s a scooter which balances itself – so fairly self-explanatory! However, where does the term SWEGWAY and HOVERBOARD come from and how come people often refer to them as a SEGWAY?

In this article we aim to highlight the key names used to describe the Hoverboard Swegway and the etymology behind it.

Want more information about common names to describe Hoverboards? If so, please get in touch. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Our team of helpful and experienced staff will be more than happy to help answer your queries.

HOVERBOARD: Common names to describe Swegways

HOVERBOARD Common names describe Swegways

One of the most common names to describe Swegways is the HOVERBOARD. Over the recent year, the term SWEGWAY is gradually becoming replaced with the term Hoverboard. This is evident in the trends and analytical data shown throughout the one year period.

So for many who are looking for SWEGWAYS may find it also useful to search for HOVERBOARDS. They are one and the other and synonymous. Perhaps when google pick up on this, they’ll amalgamate the results. However, until then we recommend that you expand your search results using both keywords.

The Hoverboard is a term coined from the Back to the Future movie. Whenever we think back we have a great sense of nostalgia. Although our Hoverboards don’t hover in the same way, we’re certainly not too far off!

As technology in our Swegways advance with time, it makes more and more sense to refer to these bad boys as Hoverboards.

Want more information, advice or help regarding our Hoverboards for sale? If so, please contact us! Our telephone and chat lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299.

SWEGWAYS: Common names to describe Hoverboards

SWEGWAYS Common names describe HOVERBOARDS

SWEGWAYS is another huge name used to describe the HOVERBOARD. As previously stated, both are synonymous with each other. However, while Hoverboard is a reference taken from the Back to the Future movie, the term SWEGWAY isn’t. The term Swegway comes from a product in itself; the SEGWAY. It is important to note however that SEGWAY have no affiliation to the Swegway or Hoverboard whatsoever. In fact, they do not design, make, manufacture or sell this type of gadget and have no intention to.

However, due to the nature of the Self-Balancing Scooters engineering being strikingly similar to the Segway, customers refer to it in a similar way. By adding the ‘W’ we make a clear distinction between the two products. So if you’re looking for a Swegway then you’re looking for a Hoverboard but not a Segway; get it?

SWEGWAYS up until 2019 is the most popular search term for the Self-balancing Scooter. Want more information relating to Swegways for sale? If so, please get in touch and our helpful and experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you.


Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.


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Pick up Hoverboard Swegway Xmas Retail Shop

Pick up Swegway Hoverboard for Xmas at our Retail Shop!

It’s not too late to get the best Christmas gift of 2019 this year. Guarantee your gift this Xmas and pick up a Swegway Hoverboard at our Retail Shop!

Pick up Swegways Hoverboards Xmas Retail Shop

Don’t get stung by the unpredictable weather or busy couriers this year. Courier companies are informing vendors that their next day delivery services are not 100% guaranteed. Therefore, orders placed at this time – so close to Xmas – can not be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas day.

It’s an anxious time for many parents who at this time of year are eager to fulfil their child’s Christmas wishes. In fact, there is no way on earth, as a parent, that you’ll let your child down. It is often the case, however, that it is not always in your hands.

This is why HOVERBOARD-PRO are making it possible to pick up a Swegway Hoverboard this week, guaranteeing that gift for Xmas! Your kids can get that #1 gift from Santa, and you can see that big smile on their face on Christmas day.

By collecting a Swegway from our Hoverboard shop, customers can take home a Swegway immediately. In store pick-up is the only way you can guarantee a Swegway or Hoverboard in time for Christmas.

Customers can find visit us at the following Leeds Store:

129a Hyde Park Road
West Yorkshire

As HOVERBOARD-PRO, there’s really no need to panic this Christmas. Come to our Hoverboard Shop and pick up a Swegway yourself. All our Swegways collected in-store are 100% original, UK Designed Hoverboards for sale. UK Tested, UK Compliant and UK SAFE. Come to our store today for a demonstration and see for yourselves!


Pick up & Collect Swegway Hoverboards UK

UK Swegways Hoverboard Shop

Beat the Christmas rush and avoid disappointment this year by picking up a Swegway Hoverboard in person. Our Pick-Up and Collection service at HOVERBOARD-PRO allows customers to come in-store and pick up a Swegway within a few minutes!

We know just how unreliable courier services can be. While we do our best to get products on time it is not easy when we rely on third-party providers. The weather has recently taken a turn for the worse with snow delaying parcels for most parts of the UK for a further 3 days!

For this reason, we recommend that customers pick up a Swegway directly from our Leeds-based Swegway Shop. All our Hoverboards undergo prepping and testing for you beforehand to ensure that when you collect your Hoverboard you’ll be 100% happy.

All our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale are from British design. This means that HOVERBOARD-PRO, a wholly UK-based company, carefully select each bespoke component within the Hoverboard for the UK Consumer. Each individual component is designed by ourselves here in the UK  to ensure 100% safety, reliability and quality across our entire Hoverboard range. Furthermore, our Swegways are UK Tested and UK Certified. We have been awarded hundreds of pages worth of certifications, guaranteeing the safety of our Swegways.

HOVERBOARD-PRO provide UK SAFE boards for UK CONSUMERS. In fact, we don’t sell to anywhere else. We are a proud British-based company who focus solely on a solid product and a solid service. With this in mind, we hope that our business continues to grow and expand organically for the sake of our UK consumers nationwide.


Collect & Pick up a Hoverboard for Christmas

Pick up Hoverboard Swegway Xmas Retail Shop

If you’re looking for the UK’s #1 trustworthy Hoverboard shop, then look no further. Why risk having no gifts this Xmas when you can guarantee yourself a Swegway right away? Simply collect or pick-up a Hoverboard from our Swegway Retail Shop. Put your mind at ease and feet up until Christmas, knowing that you have accomplished your Xmas gift shopping schedule bang on time.

Hurry, however, as our stock levels are fast depleting! We have a range of Swegways for sale with Hoverboard starting from £199.99. However, our Hoverboards for sale are selling fast. Therefore, our Hoverboards are not guaranteed to be in stock if you leave it too late.

For more information about or pick-up service, or for information about our Hoverboards then please get in touch. You can call us on 0113 320 2299 or 07584 496 448. Alternatively, customers can use the online Live Chat functionality at the bottom right side of this page to speak to one of our agents.

For the peace of mind of our customers, our telephone and live chat services are open 24/7, 365 days a week. Furthermore, all our lines are based right here in the UK.

We pride ourselves with exceptional customer service on top of exceptional products. This is, to put it simply, the formula to our success over the last 3 years. As we continue to grow and expand, we continue to serve our customers with the highest level of service, offering the best UK Swegways and Hoverboards on sale.


Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.


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