HX Phoenix Hoverboards Sale & UK Swegway

Extended Deal of the Week: HX Phoenix Hoverboard SALE

Due to popular demand, HOVERBOARD PRO have extended their HX Phoenix Hoverboard SALE. The Deal of the Week special offer is on for yet another week. That’s right, customers can still buy a top of the range HX Phoenix Hoverboard for sale for just £249.99!

2017 HX Phoenix Hoverboard SALE & Swegway UK Deals

Last week, our amazing Deal of the Week initiative allowed our wonderful UK Hoverboard family to buy a special Smart Board Swegway for up to 75% less. Our 2017 HX Phoenix Hoverboard for sale was extremely popular as we slashed our prices down to new lows. That meant our British Swegway family were able to enjoy the best Hoverboard for the best value.

Our cheap Hoverboards for sale are of the best quality. We don’t cut corners when it comes to to reliability, safety and build quality. In fact, HOVERBOARD PRO is proud to be selling the best Hoverboards for sale in the UK. With fully UK certified safety certifications, our UK based company is going from strength to strength. Providing only the best in Hoverboards and Swegways across the UK.

We would like to give you all another chance at buying the best value Hoverboards on the market today. Therefore, we have once again released our Deal of the Week to incorporate the HX Phoenix Hoverboard for sale. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you again this time, as we won’t be doing this again!


HX Phoenix Hoverboard UK

HX Phoenix Hoverboard for sale, Swegways UK

Our HX Phoenix Hoverboard UK is our latest addition to the Swegway family. This 2017 thrill-bot is designed to give the rider better ground clearance, with its curved smooth base.

The first thing you’ll notice differently to the Classic Hoverboard model, is the sleek design. The curved structure of the HX Phoenix Hoverboard UK for sale is guaranteed to turn a head or two. Our Hoverboards unique design and curved edge, as well as the unique LED placement makes this Hoverboard a real treat to ride.

We have upgraded the internal component and design of this particular HX Phoenix Hoverboard. Providing the best in SAFE electrical smart boards, we have achieved full MSDS, CE, UL and other Safety certifications to guarantee the reliability of our product. Furthermore, for only £249.99, our customers get FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty.

The HX Phoenix Hoverboard come in two colours: Black and White. In addition to this, the HX Phoenix Hoverboard for sale includes the free Bluetooth Speaker upgrade. This allows the rider to play music straight from the built-in speaker system within the Hoverboard.


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