2017 HX Phoenix Hoverboard SALE & Swegway UK Deals

Deal of The Week: 2017 HX Phoenix Swegway & Hoverboard SALE UK

We’re excited to be releasing another value packed Deal of the Week special! Exclusive to UK, our 2017 HX Phoenix Swegway & Hoverboard for Sale is now as CHEAP as ever.

Best Phoenix HX Swegway Hoverboard for sale UK

For a limited time only, we’ve reduced our exclusive HOVERBOARD PRO Phoenix HX Swegway for sale even further. Our Black and White 2017 HX Hoverboards for sale are already up to 75% off this summer sale. But for a limited 7 day period, we’ve reduced it even more in accordance with our deal of the week initiative.

For the best deals on UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale, you’ve come to the right place. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is committed to providing our British customers with UK SAFE Certified Hoverboards for sale. Therefore, our exclusive online deals and offers are priced to offer our Hoverboard family the best UK Swegway deals on the internet.

Here is a roundup of our latest UK SWEGWAY deals and offers on the latest Hoverboards for sale:


HX Phoenix: Hoverboards for Sale UK

Best new Hoverboard HX Phoenix Swegway for sale UK

This week we’ve reduced our 2017 HX Phoenix Swegways and Hoverboards for sale in the UK. For an exceptional price, customers can now get the best value on our HX Hoverboards.

Our HX Phoenix Hoverboards are one of our latest Swegways for sale today. Therefore, we decided to provide our wonderful British customers with an incentive. This week only, our HX Phoenix Hoverboards for Sale are reduced to only £249.99!

For a fraction of the original price, you can now buy a state of the art HX 2017 Hoverboard with FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty included.

The month of August is upon us, and Xmas is only round the corner. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this summer as prices are sure to increase. The Christmas rush is a force not to be reckoned with. During this time, stock levels deplete and prices generally return back to their original rates. So, take advantage of this months summer sale and don’t be let down!


Swegways for Sale UK

Cheap Hoverboards and Swegway for Sale UK

HOVERBOARD-PRO offers the best in Swegways for sale UK. Our state of the art official Swegways and Hoverboards are UK SAFE, CE marked and UL Certified. We have some of the most prestigious certifications in Great Britain. We’re proud to be the UK’s Original Swegway Company, offering the safest boards in the country.

Our Swegways for sale are manufactured with the UK consumer in mind. All our Hoverboards adhere to the strictest safety guidelines and British safety standards. Furthermore, we single-handedly unpack and test every Swegway for sale in order to test it for reliability and safety. Once the testing has passed our benchmark of quality, we dispatch it over to you for next day delivery.

At HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, we’re confident that our Hoverboards and Swegways for sale are the best in quality, safety and reliability. Therefore, to make life easier and as a testament to the faith in our Hoverboards and Swegways for sale, we’ve provided 1-year warranty on all our boards. This warranty service is included in the price and is therefore totally free of charge.

In other words, should anything happens to your Swegway that is no fault of your own, we will either repair or replace it for you free of charge. All we ask is that you send the board to us, and we’ll cover the rest.


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