PREMIUM UK Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle SEGWAYS

FLASH DEAL: PREMIUM Hoverkart & Classic Swegway Bundle

This week we’re surprising our wonderful British Hoverboard customers with the best deal ever! Our amazing Swegway & Kart bundle is now even better with our PREMIUM Hoverkart. We’re replacing our Standard Hoverkart and Swegway Bundle with a PREMIUM Kart, for the same cheap deal!

PREMIUM Hoverkart and UK Swegway Bundle Sale UK

This week we’re making it possible to have twice the fun at a fraction of the cost. Buy a cheap UK Swegway and Hoverkart bundle – with our FREE Premium upgrade – and transform your Swegway in to a Go-Kart!

Our Premium Hoverkarts are the best karts for Hoverboards available. With a dual bar system and carbon racer bucket seat, its sure to thrill anyone. Our Classic Swegway and Kart bundle has been such a success over the last few months. For this reason, we’ve decided to thank you all for your continued business. We’re offering our wonderful UK Swegway and Hoverboard family with a free upgrade from a Standard Kart to a Premium Hoverkart, still for just £249.99!


PREMIUM Hoverkart & Swegway Sale UK

PREMIUM Hoverkart Swegway sale UK

Our Premium Hoverkart and Swegway Sale UK is one of the most amazing deals to ever land HOVERBOARD-PRO. Our Premium Hoverkarts are currently on sale at £74.99, and our Classic Hoverboards are £189.99. This together will total £264.99. However, our Classic Swegway and PREMIUM Hoverkart bundle saves you even more value with layers upon layers of SALE.

All our Premium Hoverkarts and Swegways for sale are UK SAFE Certified and tested to meet and exceed UK and EU Standards of reliability and safety. Our Swegways are 100% from UK STOCK. We are a UK based company offering the best value and quality in premium Swegways and Hoverboards throughout Great Britain.

Take advantage of our latest high quality Classic Swegway and Premium Hoverkart bundle for just £249.99. Enjoy free next day delivery and 12-month warranty – all inclusive!


Hoverboard & Premium Kart Sale UK

UK Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale cheap SEGWAYS

Without a doubt, there is no other better deal than with HOVERBOARD-PRO, offering the best Hoverboard and Premium Kart sale in the UK. We not only offer the best in Swegway and Kart bundles, but our Hoverkarts are of the most premium quality, ensuring that you are getting the best in both value and quality.

Our Hoverboard and Premium Hoverkart Bundle is available for a limited only and while stocks last. Hurry and beat the countdown timer before it is too late!


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