Easy Hoverboard Trick Videos Ideas

Hoverboard Trick Ideas

Something that we often think about here at Swegway-Pro UK is: where can we find new fun and easy Hoverboard trick ideas? Well, welcome again to another YouTube video addition of Hoverboard news!

Easy Hoverboard Trick Videos Ideas

Today’s videos both show off cool tricks that you might be able to try on your own Hoverboard (while being safe, of course).


Hoverboard Trick: Skatepark

The first video that we’re discussing today is by YouTube user Tanner Fox, who is showing off his many Hoverboard tricks.

As you can see, Tanner can do an impressive amount of tricks on his Hoverboard, especially for only being seven years old.

He completes crazy spins over and over that make us dizzy to just look at them. The rider is also able to do spins both standing up and sitting, which we didn’t know could be done! We were also amazed at how he is also very familiar with being able to jump off the Hoverboard, do a trick, and hop right back on.

We like this video because it also shows how much practice he had to put in before being able to jump on his Swegway like it was an extension of his feet. The video shows him messing up a little each time before he can do it right again and again. This is a great reminder to the people who use our Hoverboards: they just take practice and soon you will be able to do cool tricks like these!


Swegway & Hoverboard Trick

Our next video delves into more Swegway and Hoverboard trick’s but with a different twist: this family has set up an obstacle course for their Swegways and they compete to see who can finish the fastest.

You can see the family have set up the course to have elements of both speed and maneuverability. The point is to be able to do intricate tricks quickly to get the best time.

The course is set up so that you have to be very precise with your movements or else you’re likely to break out of the narrow lanes. There’s also a circle section where you must spin in a circle multiple times in a row and then continue the course while already dizzy.

That is an impressive feat in and of itself because it was already difficult enough to stay in the lanes while not dizzy. You can see that some family members spin as quickly as they can while others prefer to spin slowly so they aren’t as dizzy after, so there is strategy involved with this as well as being able to perform Swegway maneuvers.


UK Swegway & Hoverboard Challenge’s

Now that you have seen what others are doing with their Hoverboards, are you ready to tackle a UK Hoverboard Trick challenge of your own?

We hope that you were inspired by these videos. Why not try some of their tricks or even come up with some of your own! If you do create a video showing what you can do with your UK Hoverboard & Swegway, please send it to us at info@hoverboard-pro.co.uk! We would love to see what you’ve created and feature it on our website and social media!


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