NEW: Electric Skateboard For Sale!

We’re SO excited to announce the newest release of the Electric Skateboard for Sale in the UK! You heard it here first. We’ve finally added one of our most fabulous additions to the HOVERBOARD-PRO inventory since our establishment in 2015.

Electric Skateboard for sale UK

You’ve no doubt by now wondered about the extensive range of features and specifications of this KooWheel Electric Longboard. We’re about to tell you all about the e-Skateboard. Sit back as we move from UK Swegway Sales to UK Longboard Sales.

It’s like the love-child of a Hoverboard and a Skateboard, to be honest. Nonetheless, its so much fun. The KOOWHEEL D3M dual motor Electric Skateboard for Sale is not a force to reckon with. In fact, the Electric Longboard is by far one of the most exhilarating and advanced electric gadget of 2017. With an astonishing top speed of up to 25 mph, its sure to attract the adrenaline junkies far and wide.


Electric e-Skateboard for Sale UK

NEW Electric Skateboard for sale UK

The Electric Skateboard, also known as the Electric Longboard is one of the coolest gadgets of 2017 and is now for sale at our online store.

Designed and engineered by the worlds greatest, the KOOWHEEL D3M Electric Skateboard comes with Dual Brushless Hub-Motors providing the rider with the most exhilarating ride of their life. Our team appreciate that it takes time to get used to this monster gadget, but we love every second on it!

One of the most obvious differences between this particular D3M Electric Skateboard for Sale and the traditional skateboard is the brute riding force of this machine. Controlled by a bluetooth remote control, you can reach insane levels of speed with unparalleled acceleration power.


To see our Electric Skateboard for sale at our online shop, click here.


Electric Longboard For Sale UK

Electric Longboard & e-Skateboard For Sale UK

The Electric Longboard & Skateboard for Sale features state of the art replaceable slim-line dual Samsung battery packs, capable of reaching 60km of distance without charge.

The smart chip system design avoids sudden outbursts of acceleration and braking, emphasising safety as its core value. Our Electric Skateboards & Longboards for Sale have been accredited with UL2272 & ASTM certifications, guaranteeing your safety first.


e-Skateboard for Sale Bluetooth Remote

Electric Longboard & e-Skateboard For Sale UK

There are primarily two ways you can control the e-Skateboard. The first method is traditionally with your feet, and the other way is via the 2.4G wireless bluetooth remote control.

Using the remote control to dictate your speed is easy. You can slow down and speed up by a single swipe. You can brake and change direction by leaning forward, backward or turning left or right.

The bluetooth remote gives the ability to turn the Electric Skateboard on or off while providing battery life statistics for the Longboard.


To buy a Electric Skateboard and to view our full range of Swegway products please visit our online shop page here.


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