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Great British Hoverboards for Sale: Exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO

We bring you Great British Hoverboards for Sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO. 2018 is a big year for the Hoverboard industry. With the best Swegways on sale at the best prices, we cater for every individual. Since 2015 the Hoverboard has regained credibility with regards to safety and reliability thanks to UK compliance.

Great British Hoverboards for Sale UK

When Hoverboards were first on sale many customers chose to buy cheap Swegway from independent sellers such as on eBay or Amazon. Unfortunately, this posed many risks to the user as many of these Hoverboards came without any care to the UK Consumer. For example, we hear several horror stories of Swegway catching fire or being unreliable and unsafe. HOVERBOARD-PRO established in 2015 solely for the purpose of providing UK Safe and UK Compliant Hoverboards to the UK public. We advocate safe Great British Hoverboards for sale from day one. Due to this, HOVERBOARD-PRO has fast become one of the leading independent Hoverboard specialists in the country.

Many people ask what makes our company unique. There is now magic formula to our success. We pride ourselves in providing high quality premium Hoverboards at bottom line prices. Focusing on quality Great British Hoverboards for sale while providing the best customer service in the industry. We’re a UK BASED Hoverboard company. Therefore, customers can be rest assured that we offer the safest and most reliable Hoverboards for sale. In fact, we don’t sell to anywhere else. All our Hoverboards come from 100% UK Stock, which has its perks.

In this article we will highlight why HOVERBOARD-PRO is one of the UK’s #1 Hoverboards companies. We’ll aim to explain to our lovely Hoverboard family what makes our company the no.1 choice for Swegways.


Great British Hoverboards for Sale

Great British Hoverboards for Sale HOVERBOARD PRO

HOVERBOARD-PRO is one of the leading providers of Great British Hoverboards for Sale. Our Hoverboards come with the highest quality components ensuring 100% UK compliance throughout. Each component is specially tested independently in the UK, awarding itself several safety certifications.

To put it in to perspective, many Hoverboards claiming to be from UK are in fact drop-shipped directly from China. Due to this, many Hoverboards for sale pose health and safety risks to users. For example, their batteries may be unsafe or unreliable without the safety mechanisms that Genuine Samsung cells provide. Furthermore, charging adapters provided for such Hoverboards may not be suitable in the UK. Charging adapters play a huge role in safety for UK households. Our chargers are 100% UK Safe. Our UK Swegway chargers are independently tested and come with full UL certification for guaranteed safety. In addition to this, our plugs are UK Bs1363 approved and fused.

Furthermore, HOVERBOARD-PRO go through strict safety measures to guarantee that our Great British Hoverboards for sale are not only safe but also reliable. We use only the best components within our Swegways. Drop-shipped Hoverboards may be cheap, but they are most certainly not as reliable. Many cheap Hoverboards are equipped with cheap components to cut costs which will later cause your Hoverboard to fault.

Being a 100% UK Hoverboard company has its perks such as our aftercare services. Not only do we understand the needs of UK customers, but also provide fast efficient services. Therefore, customers don’t need to send their Hoverboard for warranty repair to a country outside of the UK. This enables our customers to have a fast and efficient warranty repair service by dropping it in to one of our UK-based centres. HOVERBOARD-PRO have one of the fastest lead-times when it comes to Hoverboard repairs.



Shop BIG Hoverboard Sale UK Hoverboards

Hoverboards, also known as Self-Balancing Scooters have come a long way since we set up our business. We work hard to provide our UK Consumers with the best in Great British Hoverboards for sale. From the design stage through to manufacturing, we hand-pick our components to satisfy the UK market.

Being a Great British Hoverboard company, we understand our customers more than any other retailer. All our Hoverboards come with the privilege of FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty included. Each Great British Hoverboard for sale is dispatched from our Barking fulfilment centre via DPD’s next day service. Therefore, customers who shop Hoverboards on our website can expect to receive their Swegway the very next day.

Another reason why HOVERBOARD-PRO is the no.1 choice for customers looking to buy a Hoverboard is our UK-Based contact centre. Customers are always able to get through to a UK advisor by contacting 0113 320 2299. Our contact centre is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Furthermore, our Live Chat facility adds a greater layer of ease for customers who want quick and easy answers. Due to this, customers can quickly obtain advice or guidance from one of our specialists whatever the time of day.


Hoverboard Shop

Hoverboard Swegway Shop

We have a physical Hoverboard Shop! That’s right, HOVERBOARD-PRO opens its retail Hoverboard shop for customers who wish to buy a Great British Hoverboard in person. We know just how difficult it can be to find a reputable Swegway Store in the UK. For this reason, we opened our first ever retail shop so that you can purchase the best Hoverboards for sale inside one of our official Swegway Stores.

Why not pop in to our recently opened Hoverboard Shop and pick a Swegway up? Not only can we unpack and show you the Swegway in person, but you also get to pick up a board the very same day. Since its opening, we have had customers throughout the UK travelling far and wide to visit and purchase our Great British Hoverboards for sale.

What better time to buy a Swegway at our Hoverboard Shop than now. Due to our BIG SALE, we’re now offering up to 75% off our original prices as well as fantastic bundles to suit every customer.


View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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