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Happy Monday from the UK’s # 1 Hoverboard Shop!

Happy Monday from the UK’s # 1 Hoverboard Shop! Make this week a special one with our Best Hoverboards for sale only at HOVERBOARD-PRO. This is the final week of February marking the end of our BIG SALE. Buy a Hoverboard now and get up to 75% off all our Swegway deals and offers before it ends!

Hoverboard shop Monday Best Hoverboards UK

We just wanted to wish all our lovely Hoverboard customers a fantastic start to the week. Last weekend in Leeds our city was blessed with sunshine throughout the whole of Saturday and Sunday. Due to this, many of our Hoverboard families were rushing out to ride their Hoverboards.

The weather is beginning to look a little better for us here in the UK. Therefore, we anticipate more people being able to ride the Hoverboard outdoors. Perhaps this is why we have experienced an influx in sales over the past few weeks. This is particularly strange in February, however, we suppose customers don’t want to miss a good deal!

HOVERBOARD-PRO as the UK’s No. 1 Hoverboard Shop is releasing some of the best Hoverboard deals ever. We are reducing our Swegways even further to help you take advantage of the best prices on our Swegways since we established in 2015! Don’t wait for the weather to get better before buying one of our fantastic premium Hoverboards. Our BIG SALE is due to end very soon, so take advantage of amazing value Hoverboards while it is still possible.


UK No. 1 Hoverboard Shop

UK No. 1 Hoverboard Shop

There is no wonder why we are revered as the UK’s # 1 Hoverboard Shop. Not only do we have some of the largest variety of Hoverboards for sale, but we also have the best service. Our ethos is simple: provide the best Hoverboard product to the UK consumer, with the best customer service possible.

We know just how daunting it could be to find a Hoverboard company that is reliable. With so many hoax online Hoverboard shops out there, it’s often like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why HOVERBOARD-PRO is committing itself to providing all its wonderful UK consumers with formidable service for the best UK Swegways on the market.

All our Hoverboards are designed by ourselves here in the UK before manufacturing. Our Self-Balancing Scooters and Smart Boards are fully UK Compliant under strict British Standard if safety and reliability. HOVERBOARD-PRO have been awarded an array of certifications for safety, reliability and quality. Furthermore, we offer all our UK Hoverboard consumers with FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty on every Smart Board purchased through us.

For more information about why HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK no. 1 Hoverboard Shop why not get in touch? Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively customers can use the live chat feature at the bottom right of this screen.


Hoverboard Repair Shop

Hoverboard Repair Shop UK

Did you know that HOVERBOARD-PRO have a dedicated Hoverboard Repair Shop? That’s right! Our Hoverboard engineers and warranty personnel are ready to repair your broken Hoverboard. Right here at our dedicated site in Leeds, West Yorkshire, our team of Hoverboard specialists can repair your Hoverboard at competitive rates.

We have one of the fastest repair lead-times in the country, meaning that we can have you back on your Hoverboard quickly. Our engineers are trained to provide you with the best Swegway Hoverboard repair service in the business. Furthermore, our service to you includes fitting your board with the best parts where possible so that you do not ever have recurring issues.

If you have a broken Hoverboard that needs fixing, then why not get in touch. Our Hoverboard repair service includes FREE inspection. This means that we can inspect the board and provide you with a  FREE no obligation quote to getting your Hoverboard fixed. What better way to get your Hoverboard repair than from the UK’s # 1 Hoverboard Shop?


View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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