Hoverboard Repair Shop UK Swegways

Hoverboard Repair Shop for UK Swegways

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the leader in Hoverboards and Swegways for Sale. We’re pleased to announce that we’re now opening our Hoverboard Repair Shop to the public! Our Hoverboard Repair Service is available to anyone UK-based who would like their broken Hoverboard or Swegway fixed. For a quality Hoverboard repair look no further!

Hoverboard Repair Shop HOVERBOARD PRO UK

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the market leader of genuine UK Safe Hoverboards. Therefore, it is no wonder why many around the UK aspire to purchase a UK Swegway from us. Furthermore, many seek to have their Hoverboard repair service conducted by our own specialist Hoverboard engineers. It is no wonder why this is the case, as we use only the best UK compliant components on all our UK Hoverboard repairs.

Due to popular demand, HOVERBOARD-PRO is opening its Hoverboard Repair Shop to the UK public. Customers can now get their Swegway repair completed by one of our very own Swegway specialists for quality and peace of mind.


Hoverboard Repair Shop

Hoverboard Repair Shop UK Swegways

If you’re looking for the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard Repair Shop then look no further. HOVERBOARD-PRO is revered has being the UK’s #1 Hoverboard Shop specialising in UK Swegways and Hoverboards. Therefore, when it comes to fixing your broken Hoverboard, then it’s a no brainer.

Due to the complexity of Hoverboard, there are many reasons why your Hoverboard might not be working. We undertake all Hoverboard repair services, from the most common faults to the most complex. Our specialists have a 100% repair rate in which we aspire to have your Smart Board repair complete within 3 working days.

Our Specialist Hoverboard Repair Service and warranty centre is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. This is the very place where HOVERBOARD-PRO established itself as one of the UK’s most popular Hoverboard Shop. From this centre we conduct all our Hoverboard repairs in the most efficient ways possible.

Therefore, if you would like your broken Hoverboard fixed then simply fill in our Hoverboard Repair Form and one of our agents will contact you right away. Alternatively, customers can contact us directly on 0113 320 2299 and speak to one of our amazing specialists for advice.


Hoverboard Repairs

UK Hoverboard Repairs and Swegway repair service

At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we use only the best components for our Hoverboard Repairs. That way, we offer you the peace of mind that your broken Hoverboard gets the most reliable and best repair service possible. For this reason, our Hoverboard Repair Shop has been very popular. We conduct all types of repair services on a variety of Hoverboard models for our lovely Hoverboard customers. Therefore, whatever the case is and wherever you purchased your Swegway, we can assist you in getting it up and running quickly and effectively.

Our Hoverboard Repair Shop is revered as being one of the largest in the country, servicing all types of customers from across the UK. We cover all aspects of Hoverboard repairs such as:

  1. One side of the Hoverboard not working
  2. Hoverboard not switching on
  3. Red light flashing on Hoverboard
  4. Power or Charger ports not working on the Hoverboard
  5. Hoverboard battery issues
  6. Aesthetic and case replacements on Hoverboards
  7. Motherboard and PCB issues across all variety of Hoverboard models
  8. Bluetooth Speaker or component not working on your Hoverboard
  9. Much, much more!

Our Hoverboard Repair Shop offers a free no obligation inspection! That’s right, we offer all our customers with a free inspection service at our Hoverboard Repair Shop. Therefore, if you’re unsure how much your broken Swegway will cost to repair, then we have you covered. Upon receipt of your Hoverboard, our specialist Swegway engineers will inspect your broken Hoverboard free of charge and contact you with an exact estimate of your repair. Due to this, our customers are free to choose whether they wish to proceed with their Hoverboard repair, or have it sent back at no extra charge.

These are the few reasons why HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s favourite Hoverboard Repair Shop!


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