Hoverboard Swegway Shop NOW OPEN

HOVERBOARD-PRO: Hoverboard Swegway Shop NOW OPEN!

The HOVERBOARD-PRO Super Store IS NOW OPEN! We’re very excited to announce the opening of our newest Hoverboard Swegway Shop based in or home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire!

As part of our expansion scheme, HOVERBOARD-PRO have opened their very own dedicated Swegway Hoverboard Shop and Smart Board Superstore!

We’re excited to provide both local customers and those further afield the most bespoke service ever. HOVERBOARD-PRO is one of the UK’s #1 Trusted Hoverboard Swegway Company. However, we won’t let the fame get the best of us. Our company established itself on the basis of providing British consumers with the best and safest Swegways and Hoverboards in the UK. Therefore, we have continue our efforts to provide a personalised service as well as a 100% UK Certified product. Due to our continued efforts to improve our product and service as well as popular demand, we have opened a brand new Hoverboard Swegway Shop!


Hoverboard Swegway Shop & UK Retail Store

Hoverboard Swegway Shop, UK Retail Store

Coincidentally, our Hoverboard Swegway Shop and UK Retail Store has opens its doors a similar time to the big Christmas Sales. We know how daunting it can be to buy that last-minute gift without the assurance that your Hoverboard will arrive on time. Although HOVERBOARD-PRO is dedicates itself to one of the fastest delivery services in the country, we now make it possible to pick up a board in-store!

HOVERBOARD-PRO offer FREE next day delivery via our online Hoverboard store. However, for those who wish to pick up a Swegway in person, we now have our own dedicated Swegway Hoverboard shop where customer can do so. If you would like to browse around some of our widest variety of Hoverboards and Swegways for sale, then come visit our Retail Store in Leeds!

We have on show some of the widest range of Hoverboards and Swegways at our superstore. Furthermore, our we proudly stock 100% UK Designed Swegway, made specifically for the British consumer. Our Hoverboards have obtained the most prestigious certificates for guaranteed safety, reliability and quality. All our boards are built under British Standards of Safety. For those who know about our history, you’ll know that HOVERBOARD-PRO advocates safe Hoverboards from the very first moment we established as a business.

Why not pay our Hoverboard Swegway shop a visit? Our address is: 129a Hyde Park Road, Leeds, LS6 1AJ. We’d love to welcome you to our new Swegway Shop!


Swegway Shop & Hoverboard Store UK

Swegway Shop, Hoverboard Store UK

We’re very proud to announce the opening of our brand new Swegway Shop and Hoverboard Store, right here in the UK! Our UK Certified Swegway and Hoverboards for sale are now on display at our latest Retail Store for your perusal.

At this time of year, many customers feel more comfortable with collecting a Swegway or Hoverboard in person. We have now made this possible thanks to the opening of our brand new Hoverboard shop in Leeds. Come see our widest range of Hoverboards, Swegways and Smart Boards in-store!

Our Hoverboards and Swegways for sale adhere 100% to British Standards. We have obtained prestigious certifications from independent UK testing stations. Therefore, our products guarantee 100% safety, reliability and quality throughout.

In addition to this, HOVERBOARD-PRO provide all our lovely customers with FREE 12 month guarantee. This means that should there be any fault of the Swegway due to no fault of your own, we will either repair or replace it without cost to you. This further emphasises our commitment to ensure our customers are 100% happy with our product throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, we are confident that our bespoke Hoverboards for sale are of excellent quality.


Hoverboard Repair Shop UK

Hoverboard Repair Shop UK

Looking for a Hoverboard Repair Shop in the UK? look no further! HOVERBOARD-PRO now have a Repair workshop dedicated to fixing your faulty Swegway. Our team of engineers will inspect and repair your faulty Hoverboard at minimal cost to you. We ensure that only the best parts are used for our Hoverboards, and will endeavour to provide the best service from start to finish.

If you have a faulty Hoverboard and would like your Swegway fixed, then give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to provide our repair customers with a pick-up and drop-off service. Furthermore, we’re even happier should you wish to drop your board at our UK Swegway Hoverboard Shop in Leeds.

Our inspection services are free. We’ll inspect your board without any cost, then provide you with a breakdown of your fault and the cause of your broken Swegway. Should you wish for us to proceed, then we will continue with the Hoverboard repair quickly and efficiently.

Our lovely customers can contact us via various methods. We have an online Live Chat platform (located in the bottom right of our page). Alternatively, customers can choose to call us directly on 0113 320 2299. Should this not be enough, we also have a repair form here. Simply full in our form and one of our Hoverboard Repair engineers will contact you to discuss your issue with you and explain the quick process of getting it repaired.


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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