Hoverboards Swegways for Sale Durham, UK

Hoverboards & Swegways for Sale in Durham, UK

The #1 seller of premium safe Hoverboards & Swegways for Sale in Durham, UK. This time, HOVERBOARD PRO headed south of Newcastle upon Tyne to visit Durham City.

Hoverboards and Swegways for sale in Durham, UK

Durham is a fantastic city located in the North East of England, UK. Lying on the River Wear, west of Sunderland, South of Newcastle and North of Darlington. It is a city brimmed with character, history and world heritage.

One of the most prominent cities in the UK in our opinion is Durham. In our case, we have a large customer base here. With many of our customers looking for Swegways and Hoverboards for sale in Durham, we decided to head down there ourselves.

So in no time at all, the HOVERBOARD PRO team packed their bags and headed straight to the beautiful and elegant city of Durham. We wanted to know what makes the people of Durham buy Hoverboards. Is there something in the city that makes the people such thrill-seekers? The UK’s #1 shop for Hoverboards and Swegways for Sale in Durham wanted to find out.


Hoverboards for Sale in Durham, UK

HOVERBOARD PRO is the #1 place for Hoverboards for sale in Durham, UK. For this reason, we decided to head down to this beautiful city on a short break. This time, we took a train. The moment we landed, we were at awe by the fascinating view of Durham Cathedral from the train station. The cathedral and the nearby castle is a UNESCO world heritage site. One of the greatest things about England is simply the elegance and charm of our history. We have done well as a country to keep our heritage and our charming buildings and structures.

HOVERBOARD PRO hold a similar principle, although nothing quite as majestic as the cathedral. We know that there is nothing quite like a Classic Hoverboard for sale in Durham. Therefore, we hold true to our heritage as a UK Hoverboard Swegway company.

The Classic Swegways for Sale in Durham and the rest of the UK is our very first models to enter the UK Hoverboard market. Since then, we have been keeping the fundamental principle and technicality of the Classic Hoverboard simple. Just like it has always been. Due to this, while the engineering and development of our Smart Boards have exceeded the expectation of customers, we have kept the overall design the same. We know what works and what our customers love. A SAFE certified UK Hoverboard Swegway for sale that is reliable is the most important thing with the classics. Therefore, we’ve constantly engineered and improved the Classic Hoverboards to make these original Hoverboard Swegways the best boards in the UK.


Best Hoverboards for Sale Durham, UK

HOVERBOARD PRO are the purveyors of the Best Hoverboards for Sale in Durham, UK.

Best Hoverboards for Sale Durham, UK

Little reason why upon seeing the cathedral from a distance, we headed out towards Palace Green. This area incorporates Durham Cathedral, Durham castle, the world heritage centre. We love architecture, history and practically anything with history. We love the way in which buildings were developed with such care and attention to detail. If only buildings were given this much time now.

Not to worry, However, as the UK’s #1 Trustworthy Swegway Hoverboard shop, HOVERBOARD PRO, ensures that every care and attention to detail is applied during the development and manufacturing phases of our Hoverboards. We like to think that our traditions are upheld, and that quality is still the secret formula to a good business. At least our loyal Hoverboard customers think so!

After visiting the Durham cathedral and its surrounding areas, the Hoverboard team decided to go see The Bailey. This incorporates the old, traditional Durham uni colleges, including St. chads, Hatfield St. Johns and St. Cuthbert’s and Castle. We thought it was a must to visit the place in which our largest customer-base come from. Students incorporate a very large proportion of our Hoverboard sales in Durham. If it isn’t a student buying a Hoverboard in Durham then it is probably their parents. Due to this, we thought it was only respectful to pay homage.


Swegways for Sale Durham, UK

Swegways for Sale Durham, UK

Shortly after visiting The Bailey where many of our best Swegways for Sale in Durham are sold to, we headed to the town centre. The town centre is not like what we are used to here in Leeds. Framwellgate Bridge is one of the most impressive sights we have seen and is one of the Wears oldest bridges. It was a must-see and so we soaked in that thought and carried on our bridge-spree which included Elvet Bridge and Prebends Bridge.

Our walks along the riverside were a real charm and we love the calm feeling that the city of Durham carries with it. The sight of people rowing is a surreal experience and is quite frankly what people imagine when they speak of the quintessential British life.

Our team at HOVERBOARD PRO UK are massive lovers of coffee. So while we wasn’t offering Swegways for Sale in Durham, we were looking for a good cafe. We were told of a hidden gem known as Vennels Cafe. Not only are the coffee’s so good, their cakes are generous in portion size too. We love establishments that give you extra. HOVERBOARD PRO are proud to always go the extra mile for our customers. We give extra in every way we can. From high quality great value Hoverboards for sale, to free next day delivery. And from 12-month warranty to 24/7 customer support.


Hoverboard Swegway for Sale Durham, UK

Hoverboard Swegway for Sale Durham, UK

HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s #1 Seller of the best Hoverboard Swegway for Sale in Durham. As Great Britain’s leading Swegway superstore and trusted Hoverboard supplier, we were very excited to visit Durham’s largest shopping centre.

Prince Bishops Shopping Centre is located in the heart of Durham and hosts over 40 retailers. We were excited to see if any shops sell the Hoverboard Swegway here. Little surprise, however, we could not find many shops in Durham that sell Hoverboards and Swegway. Perhaps this is why Swegway Pro is the leading seller of premium Hoverboard Swegways products and the only trusted source for everything Swegway.


Time was running out in Durham and we would have loved to see so much more. We have grown very fond of the city and its charming characteristics. We wanted to visit Elvet, the university lecture halls, Old Shire Hall, and the racecourse ground and then head towards Claypath, the Gala Theatre and millennium place.

Thereafter, the SWEGWAY team wanted to also see The Viaduct area where many students live including the famous Miners Hall, centrepiece of the world-famous annul Miners Gala every July.

However, we didn’t have enough time and therefore promised to come visit Durham another time to finish off this beautiful adventure.


Cheap Hoverboards & Swegways for Sale UK

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