Hummer bundle All-Terrain Hoverboard Waterproof Swegway Sale

Hummer Bundle: X-TRAIL Monster Swegway, Kart & Bag Deal

NEW BUNDLE ALERT: Introducing our latest Swegway and Kart Bundle. The Hummer Bundle deal includes the NEW All-Terrain Water Resistant Monster Hummer Swegway, Premium Hoverkart + Carrier Case, all for just £349.99!

Hummer bundle All-Terrain Hoverboard Waterproof Swegway Sale

We’ve previously discussed how the All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway can handle the best terrain conditions. These include paths, grass, steep inclines, bumpy pavements, dirt tracks, hiking routes, snowy roads and even the classic British pot hole. Furthermore, the Monster Hummer Swegway will get you outside in most weather conditions thanks to its water resistance (not waterproof).

What we haven’t yet spoken about is HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s ALL-NEW Hummer bundle! Give your All Terrain Monster Hummer Hoverboard the real diversity it deserves with the Premium Hoverkart and Carrier Case bundle offer!

This Hummer Bundle deal is not to be missed! For a limited time only and while stocks last, we at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are offering this fantastic UK Hoverboard Hummer BUNDLE at a fraction of the price during our Flash Spring Sale, benefitting with up to 75% off!


Best Monster Hummer Bundle Swegway Deal UK

You’ve always wanted a Swegway. You’ve always wanted a Go-Kart. But what you’re looking for is something a little bit more practical that offers versatility for everyday use, right?

HOVERBOARD-PRO may have the answer for you: Have you thought about Combining the NEW All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway and Go-Kart together? With our Premium Hoverkart users can simply attach the Kart to their Hoverboard and off you go. Your Hummer Swegway is now twice the fun!

You’ll instantly gain versatility on the All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway by converting your Swegway into a Go-Kart. The Kart itself has a comfortable carbon racer seat, easy locking system with a strong dual-bar design, guaranteeing hours of enjoyment.


NEW All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway

All Terrain X-Trail Hummer Swegway Hoverboard Swegway for Sale UK

The NEW All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway for sale has many fantastic feathers. It’s y far HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s Best Hoverboard yet. Bluetooth Speakers, solid outdoor heavy-duty tyres, 8.5 inch off-road wheels, it’s a real thrill-bot. With a max. speed of 20 km/h and 20 km distance before charge, it guarantees a longer adrenaline rush!

With standard Headlights & Brake Lights for your safety and a rapid charge time to get you on your way, you’ll be wanting to use this Swegway at every opportunity.

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s Hummer Bundle not only provides you with twice the fun on our Hoverkart, but we’re also giving away a FREE Carrier Case! making it easier for you to enjoy your new gadget on the go.

We’re always finding ways to save you money. So to to go that extra mile, we’re providing Free Next Day Delivery and 12-Month Swegway & Hoverboard Warranty included on all our Swegways.

We stock the safest board in the country, advocating safe hoverboards from the day we established. Our Swegways are UK SAFE, UK Compliant, CE Certified, FCC, U N38.3, RoHS and MSDS tested, to name a few certifications we’ve attained. All our Swegways have official Samsung Batteries and BS1363 UK fused plugs. Your safety is guaranteed only at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK.

With up to 75% off this spring sale, the Hummer Bundle is cheaper than ever. Including the Premium Hoverkart and FREE Carrier Case at a discounted rate of only £349.99. Thats a HUGE Saving of up to £400!


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