Designer Hoverboards for Sale

NEW: Designer Hoverboards for Sale

We are so excited to announce that we have brand new Designer Hoverboards for Sale! This collection includes eight brand new styles and you’re sure to find one that suits your style!

Designer Hoverboards for Sale

The first design in the limited edition Hoverboard collection is the fun Bubbles design. This Hoverboard is reminiscent of cartoon aquariums and cute underwater scenes. The Bubbles design is sure to make a splash with you and your loved ones.


Cheap Designer Hoverboards

Camo Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

The second cheap designer Hoverboard is the Camo design. This pattern emulates the pattern usually used mostly when hunting, but we think it’s just as interesting and cool-looking on a Hoverboard. Play some stealthy hide-and-seek with your friends on this sneaky Hoverboard.


Limited Edition Swegways for Sale


Classic Carbon Hoverboard

Have you ever wanted to zip around town on a sleek hoverboard that looks like it’s out of a Bond movie? Then we have the limited edition Swegway on sale for you! This third design is called Carbon, which couldn’t suit it better. This design is cool, sleek, industrial, and sure to add extra edge to your ride.


Cheap Designer Swegways

Lightning Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

Our fourth cheap designer Swegway rolls in with a BOOM of thunder. The Lightning design is sure to electrify and transfix all who see it coming down the street. Maybe you’re a fan of storms, maybe you just think the aesthetic looks cool, either way you can’t go wrong with this Swegway.


Designer Hoverboards

RAINBOW Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

Designer Hoverboards for Sale:

We’re especially proud of this next designer Hoverboard: the Rainbow Hoverboard. The bright colours on this Hoverboard make it something that especially stands out from the crowd. If you’re one of those people who love the spotlight or even just bright colours, this design is perfect for you.


Designer Swegways

Spiderman Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

Designer Hoverboards for Sale:

Our sixth designer Swegway is the Spiderman design. This Swegway is perfect for any comic book lovers in your life, especially if their favourite is a certain web-slinger. You can feel just like your favourite superhero as you zoom through the streets almost as fast as Spiderman can on this stylish Hoverboard.


Cheap Designer Hoverboards for Sale

Tattoo Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

Designer Hoverboards for Sale:

The second-to-last board in our cheap Hoverboards for sale collection is the flashy Tattoo design. This Hoverboard captures the colourful flash art that you find all over the walls of every tattoo shop in the UK. This Hoverboard is great for someone who already has their collection of tattoos. It could also work for any tattoo-lovers out there who don’t have their own yet but want to express that art with their Hoverboard.


Designer Swegways for Sale

Blue-Camo Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

Designer Hoverboards for Sale:

The last cheap designer Swegway for sale in our collection is the Blue-Camo Swegway. Similar to the Camo design, this board emulates the great outdoors with its colour-splotch design. Unlike that design, this one is obviously in a pleasing blue colour scheme. This Swegway is great for lovers of the outdoors who also love blue, and know it’s not exactly going to make you stealthy in the first place.


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