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Learn How To Use A Hoverboard

The HOVERBOARD actually is the trend of our time! They are undoubtedly the most wished gift for the last decade and the most prevailing one even in 2020. I don’t believe there is any kid, youth or even an adult who wants to skip the swag. Moreover, the good news is they are no more […]

COVID-19 Virus: FAQs about HOVERBOARD UK Orders and Deliveries

As COVID-19 affects most parts of the UK, HOVERBOARD PRO will continue its operations as normal. This is due to our amazing technology allowing all Hoverboard UK orders and deliveries to be as scheduled. HOVERBOARD PRO operations continue as normal with free next day delivery operating throughout Mainland UK. To reassure our customers with the […]

HOVERBOARD PRO: The New Face of The Original Hoverboard UK

SWEGWAY PRO has now evolved into its latest brand HOVERBOARD PRO. This is due to our ongoing commitment to improving our products and services nationwide. Established in 2015, we’ve become the largest independent official retailer of the original Hoverboard UK. For the best part of 6 years, HOVERBOARD PRO has consistently been providing UK consumers […]


For a limited time only and as part of our Deal of The Week, HOVERBOARD PRO is giving away the best Hoverboard deal on our Hoverkart bundle so far! Purchase any of our deal of the week Hoverboards for a chance to take advantage of our lowest bundle price ever! BUY NOW to get the best […]


This Valentines Day we bring you a story on real love and proper Hoverboard Couple Goals! A 78-Year-Old man using his Hoverboard to push his wife’s wheelchair. “In sickness and in health” is something often said at every wedding ceremony. However, here’s a couple that actually walks the walk – or should we say Hoverboards […]

Games Kids play using Hoverboards

Every wondered what games you can play using Hoverboards? Hoverboards can be more than just a mode of transportation. There are actually games that you can play using your Hoverboard, making them both practical and fun. If you are new to Hoverboards, these games can help you to get used to using your Hoverboard, transforming […]

February 2020: Best Hoverboard for Sale UK

February 2020 is upon us and what perfect time to buy the best Hoverboard for Sale! UK’s #1 Hoverboards for sale both online and in our Shop. Providing only the greatest Hoverboards, 100% UK Compliant and Safe. Samsung batteries, 12 month warranty and FREE delivery with every order! This month is packed with surprises. We bring […]

HOVERBOARDS: Common names to describe SWEGWAYS

Hoverboards are one of the many common names to describe Swegways. In this article, we highlight some of the most popular names that describe the Hoverboard. Hoverboards, Swegways, Smart Scooters, Self-Balancing Scooters, mini Segways. It’s called many things by many people. However, over the last three years there has been a shift in what they […]

Pick up Hoverboard Swegway Xmas Retail Shop

Pick up Swegway Hoverboard for Xmas at our Retail Shop!

It’s not too late to get the best Christmas gift of 2019 this year. Guarantee your gift this Xmas and pick up a Swegway Hoverboard at our Retail Shop! Don’t get stung by the unpredictable weather or busy couriers this year. Courier companies are informing vendors that their next day delivery services are not 100% […]

HOVERBOARDS #1 Christmas Gift of 2019

Hoverboards are proving to be Britain’s #1 Christmas gift of 2019. With record-breaking Hoverboard Sales this year, it’s simply the best Hoverboards Christmas Gift of 2019. This year is seeing phenomenal Swegway and Hoverboard Sales, especially over the last few months. With the lead up to Christmas, Hoverboards are becoming the #1 Christmas Gift of. […]