Personal Safety on UK Swegways…

Our range of electric self-balance scooters and swegways have been designed for all ages. However, we do recommend supervision whilst younger children use them.

To ensure all riders are protected, we recommend the use of personal safety equipment. Such as:

  • Helmets or protective headwear
  • Elbow pads & Knee pads
  • Foot wear with sufficient grip

UK Swegway Personal Safety

From our how it works page you will notice that these hoverboards only accelerate once pressure is applied and the device is mounted. Therefore, we urge customers to board their Swegways carefully and on even surfaces to begin with.

UK Swegway Speed

All HOVERBOARD-PRO boards have a speed limit to ensure maximum enjoy without compromising on safety. Staying within the specified weight limit means riders can enjoy a safe and reliable experience.

Mini Swegways can support any driver up to 120kg OR 18.90 stones.

Riding Swegways in public places

Please take time to check local and national laws regarding Swegway self-balancing board use in public areas. Some councils may prohibit the use of Swegways on public roads and footpaths.

Charging Your UK Swegway

Please ensure a suitable charging socket is selected for recharging your HOVERBOARD-PRO. The following safety advice should also be followed:

  • Use only the charger provided to charge your device
  • Do not charge your swegway in a wet environment


The Great Thing About Our UK Swegways

Our high quality UK Swegways ensure that customers are pretty much getting a £0 maintenance product. This is unlike a bike which can easily start costing you on maintenance and repairs. Our hoverboards are problem free and the only thing you have to do is ensure the mini Swegway is charged up and ready for use.

Its definitely green and eco-friendly so our boards emit zero-carbon emissions.


Our enquiries team are ready to answer any specific questions you may have, so speak to us!


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