Safe Swegway and Hoverboard

Be Safe on Your Swegway & Hoverboard

This article is a reminder that even though Swegways are very fun and interesting machines, it is still incredibly important to be safe when on your Hoverboard. We’ll talk about an example of what NOT to do on your UK Swegway or Hoverboard.

We were disappointed to hear recently that a dentist in Alaska pulled teeth while riding his Hoverboard. This is incredibly irresponsible and we cannot stress enough how much we don’t condone this behaviour.

The dentist in question was very excited to ride his Hoverboard, just like we all are, but he did it in a very unsafe manner. He pulled teeth while riding his Swegway and filmed the whole thing. We want to talk about this story because it highlights how important it is to be smart and responsible when riding your Hoverboard.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in this story. But it’s quite scary to hear about nonetheless. The lesson to take away from this story is to always think before you ride your UK Swegway. Don’t ever do anything that could harm yourself or others. This also serves as a reminder to adults as well that just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean you’re immune and can do whatever you want on your Hoverboard.

From everyone at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, please be safe and responsible when using your Hoverboard.


Best Hoverboard UK

Best Hoverboard UK

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That is because our philosophy is to foremost provide a quality safe product to our valued customers. Everything else is secondary to making sure our customers are satisfied with their UK Hoverboard and that we know it’s the safest and best one out there.

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Safe Hoverboards & Swegways UK

All our UK Hovebroards & Swegways are UK SAFE compliant. Our materials have been MSDS inspected and CE Marked. 100% of our batteries are official Samsung Lithium batteries and adapters contain are BS1363 UK Approved fused plugs.

The reason HOVERBOARD-PRO UK exists today, is because we provide 100% UK Safe products for our lovely British customers. All our boards are 100% from UK Stock and have our very own 12-month warranty included.


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