Paypal Payments:

Paypal is one of the leading online payment mediums. The sections below detail the merits and reasons Swegwaypro use this service.


Paypal incorporates several anti-fraud systems in to the transaction process. This ensures we will receive your payments promptly and dispatch your order. The technology embedded in our website in conjunction with Paypal’s fraudulent transaction detection system equates to a safe and efficient shopping experience on our site.


We have selected to use Paypal due to company’s many years of experience in the payment industry. They process over a billion pounds worth of transactions yearly and work alongside anti-fraud agencies to provide a secure payment medium for customers worldwide.


SegwayPro prides itself on its customer focus and protecting customer information is extremely important to us. Using PayPal on means we never see your bank account or payment card details. Payments are authenticated via customer email addresses and through a well -established verification process.

For more information on Paypal please visit:

Please refer to FAQs to view how to create a Paypal account overview

Cash on collection:

As we are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we offer a delivery service to customers locally. We understand that all customers lead different lifestyles and awaiting a postal delivery may be inconvenient for some. The Swegwaypro shopping cart offers you the option of cash on collection. Please fill out this section and one of our team will contact you to arrange delivery of your product.

  • Customers do not need to own a credit/debit card to buy a Swegway
  • Quick delivery – Delivery time can be arranged
  • Receiving your product – We only take payment when you receive the product
  • Our very own delivery network – with cash on deliver or collection we do not rely on 3rd parties.