Self-Balancing Scooters Hoverboards for Sale UK

Self-Balancing Scooters: Hoverboards for Sale

In this article, we outline some of the best Self-Balancing Scooters and Hoverboards for sale. HOVERBOARD-PRO have the largest range of Hoverboard and Smart Balance Boards in the UK.

Self-Balancing Scooters Hoverboard sale Swegway UK

With such a variety of Swegways, you’d be spoilt for choice! here’s an outline of the best Hoverboards for sale to help you make the right choice.

As the UK’s #1 trustworthy Hoverboards company, we think it is our duty to equip all our customers with the right knowledge before purchasing Self-balancing Scooters and Hoverboards. Therefore, we intend to break down our Hoverboards for sale so that our customers are better familiar with our Swegway range.

With such a wide variety of Self-Balancing Scooters and Hoverboards for sale, we understand it can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our guide will break down each model so that you can make an informed decision when buying a Self-balancing Scooter.

From the Classic 6.5 inch range to our massive 10 inch Mammoth Range, we got you covered. What Hoverboard is best to buy for you or a child? Let us start with the smallest range, then work our way up, shall we?


Self-Balancing Scooters: 6.5 inch Hoverboards

Self-Balancing Scooters Hoverboard Sale UK

As Self-Balancing Scooters go, our 6.5 inch Hoverboards are the most popular Swegways on sale. This model is the original Hoverboard. It’s perfect. Not only has this beauty been out the longest time, but has consequently been refined over and over again.

The 6.5 inch Self-Balancing Scooter and Hoverboard is also universally adaptable to all classes of age and weight. With it being the smallest of the Hoverboard range, the suitability is better for those weighing anything from 20kg all the way up to 120kg in weight. Furthermore, due to the compact size of the Hoverboard, this is a perfect Self-balancing Scooter to start with. Riders can gain the experience necessary before upgrading. Having said this, the 6.5 inch Scooter is still an all-time favourite even for the most experienced rider. Perhaps this is due to the dual 350w motors providing the best responsive riding experience than any other Hoverboard model on sale.

For more information about the 6.5 inch Hoverboards, why not give us a call? our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our Live Chat on the bottom right side of this page.


8.5 inch Off-Road Hoverboard

Off Road Hoverboard Swegway UK

Our 8.5 inch Off-Road Hoverboard and Self-Balancing Scooter for sale is our most robust Swegway yet. In fact, since the release of our off-Road Hoverboards we’ve had record-breaking sales! the Off-Road Hummer and Megatron Hoverboards for sale are unique in build and design.

With its wide 8.5 inch solid off-road treading tyres and strong shell casing, this Hoverboard is made to land. It’s not only strong and robust but water-resistant, too! Although not waterproof, our Hummer and Megatron Hoverboards are made to conquer terrain that the Classic Hoverboards can’t.

Not only is it our favourite Hoverboard on sale, it’s also the most exhilarating Self-balancing Scooter yet. With the first model release being in one single colour, we have now got a huge range of designs and colours to choose from. This is due to the popularity of the off-road Hoverboard range.

The Hummer and Megatron off-road Hoverboards are for the medium experience riders. Built for the confident adrenaline chasers of our generation. The 8.5 inch Hoverboards are of course much larger than the 6.5’s and a few KG’s heavier, too. Therefore, we often recommend that the riders be at least 35kg in weight in order to properly activate the gyroscope sensors. For those who are more experienced and confident, however, this can be lower.

For more information about or off-road Hoverboard please give us a call or use our Live Chat option. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can click on the chat button at the bottom right side of this screen.


10 inch Hoverboards & Self-Balancing Scooters

Hip-Hop 10 inch Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

Our 10 inch Hoverboards and Self-balancing Scooters for sale are the largest of the Hoverboard Swegway range. Quite simply, there is no other Hoverboard larger than the Mammoth Hoverboards.

The 10 inch Hoverboards are a class of their own. Known as the only Self-Balancing Scooter with inflatable tyres, it offers the smoothers riding experience ever. Having said this, the Mammoth and Mammoth V2 range of Hoverboards for sale are great value for money! be mindful, however, that unlike the Hummer and Megatron boards, these are not water-resistant.

Be a king amongst your friends and ride the largest Hoverboard of its kind. Feel the difference in the ride with the smooth and sleek Mammoth boards. Due to the large nature of the 10 inch Hoverboard, we recommend this for the more experienced riders of a minimum 45kg or above. The response time is slightly less than that of the Off-Road Hummer and Megatron hoverboards, but purposefully so. The 10 inch Hoverboards for sale are made to glide through the road smoothly and elegantly.

For more information about our 10 inch Hoverboards and Self-Balancing Scooters, give us a call. Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our Live Chat option at the bottom right side of this screen.


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