St. Patricks Day Hoverboards for Sale Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day Hoverboards

Our St. Patricks Day Hoverboards Sale weekend is coming soon! Why not amp up the excitement with a new UK Hoverboard or Swegway for sale? Whether you’re celebrating your Irish heritage or just the extra excuse to party, we’re sure we have a Swegway for you. Make St. Patrick’s Day a special one!

St. Patrick's Day Hoverboards

St. Patrick’s Day of course originates in Ireland and is celebrated throughout the UK.. This has been the case for hundreds of years and continues to be a strong tradition. The day commemorates St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. Paddy’s Day is a national public holiday and also a bank holiday in the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, our lovely customers can enjoy the more recent sunshine on the weekend of St. Patricks Day this month with their St. Patricks Day Hoverboards.

On this day, there are many parades and celebrations throughout the UK. In this article however, we pay homage to our Irish customers. HOVERBOARD-PRO has a very strong and loyal customer base in Ireland. In fact, last year we sold a record number of products to Northern Ireland than ever before.


St. Patricks Day Hoverboards

Patricks Day Hoverboard Sale

Our St. Patricks Day Hoverboards Sale is always a massive hitter. It is no wonder why HOVERBOARD-PRO is Ireland’s #1 seller of Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. Last year, we sold a huge number of St. Patricks Day Hoverboards during the lead-up to the special weekend. Perhaps it is due to the preparation of parades. We couldn’t think of a more special way to parade down than on one of our Hoverboards for sale!

It is no wonder why HOVERBOARD-PRO is one of the UK’s most trustworthy Hoverboard companies. We are passionate about Hoverboards and Swegways. Therefore, our amazing team does everything possible to guarantee than each Hoverboard is 100% UK compliant. Due to this, we have one of the UK’s best Hoverboards for sale.

Buying a Hoverboard from us to Ireland might not seem like a great idea due to the distance. However, there are so many reasons why our loyal Irish customers always choose to purchase a Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD-PRO. For a start, HOVERBOARD-PRO have one of the safest and most reliable Hoverboards in the country. Not only are our boards UK Complaint, MSDS, UL with Samsung batteries. But we also design our boards in the UK before manufacturing. We are a 100% British based business passionate about everything Hoverboard and Self-Balancing Scooter related. Therefore, by purchasing a Hoverboard from us, you’re purchasing one of the best Swegways in the UK.


Hoverboards for Sale Ireland

St. Patricks Day Hoverboards for Sale Ireland

Looking for Hoverboards for sale Ireland? Look no further! HOVERBOARD-PRO have one of the largest range of Hoverboards for sale. This St. Patricks Day Hoverboards are discounted even further to provide you with the best Swegway deals ever! Buy yourself one of our Hoverboards NOW and take advantage of our FREE 12-month warranty on every UK Smart Board.

So whether you’re from Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland, we got your back. Simply select the Hoverboard of your choice and proceed to the checkout. We’ll then dispatch your Swegway the very same day via our Next Day DPD Service. Hoverboards for sale in Ireland should expect to receive their Hoverboard within 2 working day, directly from our UK facility. Whether you’re in Dublin, County Louth or Kilkenny, HOVERBOARD-PRO is the place to buy your St. Patrick’s Day Hoverboard.

Make St. Patrick’s Day a special weekend. Parade on your Hoverboard this year while the sun is shining down on our beautiful United Kingdom!


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