With many Swegway Hoverboards for sale online, it’s difficult to know which Swegways are safe or what company is legitimate. Here is how we’re different:

British Certified Safe Hoverboards Sale UK

Est. 2015, the year that Swegway Hoverboards came to exist, HOVERBOARD-PRO fast became the leading Hoverboard retailer in the UK. Advocates of SAFE Hoverboards and Swegways for sale, we have gained unmatched reputability in the Swegway industry.

With so many bogus Swegway Hoverboard retailers online, many are wondering what constitutes a safe board. Furthermore, how to go about buying one. Therefore, we write this article in hope to offer our valuable Hoverboard consumers with some insight. So by the end of this article, we aim to offer you a good level of background information relating to Swegways and Hoverboards. Due to this, we hope that British consumers can make an informed decision when buying a Hoverboard in the UK.

Trusted UK Swegways Hoverboards sale

Firstly, we shall start by telling you about where each Hoverboard for sale is manufactured. After which, we will provide you with what makes a Hoverboard so different from another. Thereafter, we aim to inform you of what constitutes safe Hoverboards and what constitutes an unsafe Hoverboard.

Swegway Hoverboards


Hoverboards are also known as Swegways, Smart Scooters, Smart Boards, Smart Balance Boards (and so on). Contrary to what some think, there is no official Swegway brand. SWEGWAY has no affiliation to SEGWAY. In fact, SEGWAY do not design, manufacture or produce the Swegway Hoverboard product.

Many confuse the term Swegway with the SEGWAY brand. Although there is no affiliation, the reason behind the similar name is due to the similar gyroscopic engineering behind the Hoverboard.

In addition to this, customers must be well aware that while there is no official Swegway or Hoverboard brand, this poses a greater risk on the ingenuity, reliability and safety of the product. On a similar scale to other gadgets and mobile phones, every single Hoverboard Swegway you see is made in China. However, in the same way that your iPhone is “Deigned in California, Assembled in China”, it is up to the vendor how safe the Hoverboard being sold is at the manufacturing level. SW

In other words, it is entirely up to the vendor how safe the Swegway Hoverboards are. It is the vendor who chooses what components are used, what batteries are used, what safe certifications are obtained to verify the reliability and safety of the product at the manufacturing stages of the Hoverboard. Therefore, although you may notice that many Hoverboards for sale all look similar, they are in fact a whole different world inside their casing.

Safe Hoverboards

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s #1 advocate of SAFE Hoverboards.

UK Swegways Company UK Certified Safe Hoverboards sale

In 2015, many Swegway Hoverboards were causing a rift in the Swegway world. Unsafe Swegway Hoverboards flooded the market with many resulting in catastrophic incidents. Although we warned British consumers against purchasing from eBay and unsolicited vendors, many were attracted to the cheap prices of Hoverboards at the time. Unfortunately, cheap prices continue to flood the market with products being drop-shipped directly from China without any due care or attention to the UK consumer or their safety.

These unsafe boards come without legitimate certifications, contrary to what they claim. They also pose certain other risks, for example, cheap Chinese lithium Batteries. These batteries not only are unreliable and deplete rapidly, but also posed a safety risk. Furthermore, the plugs provided are often Chinese-style clover shaped non-fused plugs that are not BS1363 compliant under British Standards.

HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboards are one of the only Swegway Hoverboard specialists that provide Swegway Hoverboards from UK design. In fact, our Hoverboards for sale are Designed in the UK, assembled in China. We carefully handpick each component and design every stage of the Hoverboard prior to manufacturing. Furthermore, our Hoverboards are independently tested for FULL UK Testing Reports. This way, we are able to 100% guarantee safety and reliability.

Although our Swegway Hoverboards are UK Compliant, we provide each customer with 12-month warranty for peace of mind. Should something go wrong with your board, we’ll have it repaired and sent back to you without cost. This is our commitment to providing our Hoverboard customers with the best aftercare service in the industry.

Our warranty centres are UK Based. We have the fastest lead-time for Swegway repairs and warranty services in the country.

For information about Safe Swegway Hoverboards, please call 0113 320 2299 and speak to a Hoverboard specialist.

Swegway Hoverboards UK Stock

Swegways and Hoverboards Sale UK Stock

HOVERBOARD-PRO sell 100% of Hoverboards from UK Stock. In fact, we do not sell to – or from – anywhere else other than the UK. We design our Hoverboards here in the UK before manufacturing to ensure that each component, nook and cranny of our Swegway Hoverboard is custom to the UK consumer.

Providing FREE UK Delivery throughout UK Mainland, we are a company committed to efficiency. Our next day delivery services spans throughout the year, providing free fast Hoverboard delivery across Great Britain.

Furthermore, our telephone lines are open to customers old and new 24/7. Whatever the time of day or year, our Hoverboard specialists are always available to answer your call. All our customer operators are from the UK, so you can be sure that you’ll be speaking to like-minded individuals who understand your needs better than anybody else. Be i advice or guidance, our Hoverboard specialists will be more than happy to help you make the best choice when buying a Hoverboard.

Swegway Hoverboard Shop

UK Swegway Hoverboard Shop

The Swegway Hoverboard Shop is open! The first of its kind, we offer customers the opportunity to pop in to our Hoverboard shop for the full retail experience. We keep a selection of Swegways at our Hoverboard Shop for your perusal. Many customers prefer to physically see the product that they purchase. We understand this, which is why we announce the opening of our newest Swegway Hoverboard Shop in Leeds!

If you are local and wish to pick a board up, then this is just for you. For those who have a broken Swegway that needs to fixed, then our walk-in repair centre is located here too!

Our Hoverboard Shop address is as follows:

129a Hyde Park Road

For more information about our Swegway retail or Hoverboard Shop then please call us on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, please use our Live Chat functionality at the bottom right of this screen to speak to one of our agents Live.

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s largest and most trusted independent Hoverboard specialists. We provide high quality Premium Hoverboards for sale for the UK market. Based right here in our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have grown to become the leading Swegway Hoverboard Company in Great Britain. Delivering Hoverboards throughout the UK with our free next day delivery service, you’d be mad to go anywhere else.

Take advantage of our BIG SALE and deal of the week offers, where we release a new deal each week for our customers! With UK compliant British Safe Hoverboards from as little as £199.99, you’d be mad to let the countdown clock beat you this time.

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