PREMIUM UK Swegway Kart Bundle, Hoverboard UK

UK Swegway & Kart Bundle: Best Hoverboard UK Sale!

For a limited time and while stocks last, HOVERBOARD PRO are offering very special UK Swegway and Kart Bundle offers. Check out the Best Hoverboard UK SALE this week and grab yourself a premium Hoverboard for cheap.

PREMIUM UK Swegway and kart Bundle, Hoverboard UK Sale

We love giving you great deals on UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Therefore, HOVERBOARD PRO have decided to introduce yet another amazing Hoverboard deal for our UK Swegway family.

Previously, our Swegway and Kart Bundle included a Classic Hoverboard and Hoverkart together for only £249.99. After this, we decided to upgrade the Original Hoverkart to the PREMIUM Hoverkart range, making the bundle even better. On this occasion, for a limited time only, we have decided to upgrade our Hoverboard and Kart bundle to an even better deal.

Our newest Premium Swegway and Kart bundles include a free BLUETOOTH upgrade for our Black and White Hoverboards. Simply visit the Swegway and Kart product page, and select the colour that you desire. You will notice that there is a Bluetooth option within the list. Your eyes are not tricking you, this is indeed the case!


Hoverboard and Kart Bundle: UK Swegway Sale

Premium Hoverkart for UK Swegways and Hoverboards UK

So take advantage of our latest Hoverboard and Kart Bundle deal. Our UK Swegway Sale just keep getting better and better! However, don’t be fooled by our continuous Swegway offers and Hoverboard deals. It is expected that as we edge closer towards Xmas, prices are set to increase back to their original fixed price! Due to this, you will no longer be able to take advantage of the same cheap Hoverboard deals and Swegway offers as you can today. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you, grab yourself a UK Hoverboard for sale with our amazing Swegway Bundles for as little as £249.99!

All our Hoverboard and Kart Bundle deals as well as all other Swegways for sale at HOVERBOARD-PRO include FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty. This means that if you ordered before 3pm today, your Swegway will be dispatched the next day with our Hoverboard next day delivery service. DPD will then delivery your board to your address the following working day. Just like that. Our 12-month warranty service provides the privilege of comfort and peace of mind. Should there be a fault with your Hoverboard or Swegway that is through no fault of your own, we will repair it without any cost to you.

Furthermore, our Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale are 100% UK Safe Certified. In addition to this, we dispatch all our Hoverboard products directly from UK Stock. We have fulfilment centres throughout the UK, with repair and warranty centres throughout England.


Off-Road Swegway Hoverboard For Sale UK

Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for Sale UK

HOVERBOARD PRO have released the best Off Road Swegway Hoverboard for Sale UK. Our newest addition to the Hoverboard family, the Off-Road HUMMER Swegway for sale. This 8.5″ Off-Road Hoverboard is an absolute monster. The most heavy-duty, durable and strongest Swegway for sale has finally arrived.

Speaking of Bundles, our Off-Road Swegway Hoverboard for sale now comes with the option of a Kart Deal. For this special Kart Bundle, we are giving away a FREE bag as well as the Premium Hoverkart when you buy the HUMMER Swegway + Kart + BAG Bundle.

Take advantage of our BIG SALE this weekend. Buy the best Hoverboard Swegways From the UK’s trustworthy Swegway and Hoverboard Company.


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