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UK Swegway Repairs…

Hoverboards have shot to fame and popularity during the last year and it’s easy to see why, the fun you can have on them is immense. From riding indoors, outdoors, from wooden floors, pavements, cobbled streets, carpets, grass, tarmac and astroturf. Your Swegway can handle all types of terrain and although they are durable accidents do happen.

UK Hoverboard Repairs

From start up faults, charging issues, wobbly wheels or punctures, motor problems, faulty batteries, electrical faults, one side not working, broken or damaged chassis, our repair centre specialises in Swegway repairs and a maintenance service to keep your Hoverboard riding as smoothly as possible.

UK Swegway Repairs

Whatever your Swegway fault, our teams of specialist mechanics that are able to quickly diagnose and repair all types of Hoverboard faults to get you riding again as quickly as possible. We keep a large range for spares at our in house repair centre and we are able to readily order hundreds more.


UK Swegway Repairs Centre

Many Hoverboard suppliers claim to offer similar services, unfortunately they are always launching this service ‘very soon’ leaving customers with nowhere to turn for Hoverboard repairs. Fortunately for you we at Swegway Pro UK have a fully operational repair service and we are they only UK Hoverboard supplier to have an in house repair centre.

To date, we have repaired hundreds of Hoverboards with over 90% diagnosed and successfully repaired within 48 hours. Whether you have purchased your Hoverboard from us or not our repair service is open to all.

Once repaired we will dispatch using our courier service for a next day delivery. Contact us with your repair query, we can even arrange for collection from your door step to delivery at our repair centre.


For further information about any of our products or services contact us or call our customer support line on 0113 320 2299.


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