The UK Swegway Company: Best Hoverboards Sale

The UK Swegway Company: Best Hoverboard Sale

With many so-called UK Swegway Company vendors in Britain, how can you tell which one is best and be sure that you’re buying safe Hoverboards for sale? We might sound big-headed, but we at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK think we’re the best! It’s not only due to our amazing quality premium and safe products, but also because we provide the best service in the UK.

Trusted Best UK Swegway Hoverboard sale Company

How can you tell which Hoverboard company is best for your UK Swegway purchase? remember at school when your english teacher used to say ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’? well, you can’t do that online either! If a Hoverboard company looks beautiful online, it is not always an indicator that it is safe. You as a consumer need to dig into the UK Swegway company ethos and understand what they’re truly offering. When a Swegway or Hoverboard website has fantastic marketing and looks the part, is it all that it seems?


Trusted Hoverboard Company UK

Trusted Hoverboard Company UK Swegways

Many consumers have been caught out in recent years by faux companies that give other online Trusted Hoverboard companies a bad name. Reports from The Mail Online and The Times have snubbed the best thing to come out since the Swegway because of greedy people selling unsafe product. Swegway-Pro UK established itself to advocate SAFE Hoverboards for sale and ensure that there is a UK Swegway for everyone in England. Our components have all been Safe certified with many certificates testifying to the safety of our boards. So much so, that we’ve been featured on the Radio as well as Yahoo! Finance.

Furthermore, most Swegway Companies don’t offer a full in-house 12 Month warranty. The implications of this means that should anything go wrong with your Hoverboard, they would not be liable to cover it for you. Other companies presume that they offer a warranty service but require you to ship it all the way to either Europe or China.

Other indications to look for in a Trusted Hoverboard company include the number of safety certifications the Swegway company has. Is the Swegway or Hoverboard UK CE certified? Does the Swegway have all the necessary EU regulatory certificates? If not, then don’t be fooled in to buying a cheap hoverboard. You could be posing a greater risk to yourself or a loved one – and it’s just not worth it!


UK Swegway Company: Customer Satisfaction

UK Swegway Company Safe Certified UK Hoverboards for sale

At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we’re proud of selling genuine, safe and honest products at a reasonable price to loyal customers. There have been many reports in the past few years by national newspapers that suppliers are selling faulty, unsafe Swegways and Hoverboards. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK Individually test each product to make sure they are safe and reliable before dispatch. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in having all the required safety certificates necessary to guarantee the safety of our board. This has been our ethos from day one.

We take rigorous steps in obtaining the benchmark of safety and reliability we have today. We have full safety reports and UK safe approved certifications. The reports and certifications held include; IEC Test Reports, CE Certifications, FCC Certifications, MD Certifications, ROHS Certifications, UL Certifications for charger, UL Certificates for Samsung Battery, MSDS Report, UN38.3 Test Report and more.


UK Swegway Company: Safety & Repairs

We hold an extremely high benchmark of standards for safety, quality and reliability. Due to this, we’re proud to hold a 100% customer satisfaction record. Once you have purchased one of our many hoverboards for sale, we’ll send your UK Swegway free of charge with our ‘Free Next Day Delivery’ service.

Once your Hoverboard arrives, you need not worry about a thing. We provide a 12 month or 1 year warranty on all UK Swegways you buy from us, giving you that peace of mind.

HOVERBOARD-PRO’s Hoverboard REPAIR SERVICE offers a fantastic assistance to getting your Swegway back and working again. We’ll have it fixed for you quickly and hassle-free, ready for you to roll away in no time at all. Our exclusive Swegway Repair Service is not just open to all our current customers but also for passionate Hoverboard enthusiasts. If you’ve purchased your Swegway from elsewhere and are disappointed, simply contact us and we can get your Hoverboard Repaired for you from anywhere in the UK.

We believe that we’re the UK’s best Swegway and Hoverboard company offering the customer satisfaction and safety standards that everyone deserves.

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– Article written by Christopher Myatt