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If you’ve been following this story then you’ll know there are dozens of different variations of Swegways, Hoverboards, Smart Scooters and so on and so forth… We know as consumers you want to know the difference between the models available, so we have reviewed them for you and broke it down into a nice neat comparison chart.

But we won’t only include the 2 wheel Swegways, otherwise known as Hoverboards, Mini Swegways, Self-balancing boards, and Smart Electric Scooters. We’ll also include a review of the original Swegway (the handle bar predecessor of the Swegways that have taken the market by storm), the one wheel variation of the Hoverboard and to top it off we’ll take you through the latest technological developments as we move towards Hoverboards that are actually suspended in the air!

Classic UK Swegway Reviews

UK Swegway Reviews

UK Swegway Reviews:

The classic UK Swegway or hoverboard is the most common type on the market, boasting a top speed of 10 Km/h and can cover a distance of 10-15 miles on a full charge. It takes only 2 hours to achieve a full charge on these hoverboards and it can ride comfortably over numerous types of terrain.

From smooth flat surfaces, bumpy surfaces, over small rocks and pebbles and even grass. Uphill is not a problem for these boards either you can effortlessly climb inclines of 15 degrees. They can handle a maximum weight of 120 Kg, weighing in at 13 Kg accessory bags are available so you can comfortable carry your hoverboard around. These boards will cost you anything up to £350, get yours at our online store for a bargain £279.99.


UK Hoverboards with Bluetooth Review

Bluetooth Swegways UK

UK Swegway Reviews:

The Bluetooth Swegway or hoverboard is in essence the classic with a slightly different design and includes Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy your favourite tunes directly from your phone while having fun gliding around on your hoverboard.

As for the rest of the specs; charge time, top speed, maximum range, max weight and weight of the board itself are almost same. The only noticeable difference is the price. The Bluetooth speakers will typically cost you an extra £70 taking this boards price to £350 and more expensive elsewhere.


10 inch Wheel UK Hoverboards Review

10 inch wheel hoverboards

UK Swegway Reviews:

These 10 inch wheel Hoverboards are again based on the classic model. Equal in all the specifications to the classic with the only difference being the larger wheel-base and wheels. But what does that mean for the rider, well its bigger wheels simply means it can handle larger bumps and rides better on bumpy surfaces. But with these boards costing between £380 – £450 are those larger rims worth the extra money, we’ll let you decide.


1 Wheel Hoverboard Review

1 wheel hoverboard

UK Swegway Reviews:

The 1 wheel variant of the Hoverboard can be thought of as an electric unicycle, the difference is clearly in the design, with the rider positioning their feet on the foot rests on either side of the wheel.

The difference is in reduced stability on these types of hoverboards as the rider’s legs will be closer together, so not that great when riding over uneven surfaces. The other specifications such as rider weight, maximum distance, top speed, maximum incline and charge time remain the same. The only noticeable difference apart from the design is the price, with these types of boards setting you back a cool £600 – £700.


Levitating ‘Real’ Hoverboard Review

Levitating Real Hoverboard

UK Swegway Reviews:

Although still in prototype phase, it may be a while before we re-enact the scenes from Back To The Future with people riding around on real hoverboards. This is a step towards making that future a reality.

The legend Tony Hawk became the latest big name to test out a levitating hoverboard, although it actually hovers up to 2cm from the ground, manoeuvring on these boards is difficult to say the least.

As most proto-types there are no specifications available for these boards, estimated production date or retail price. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long before we can re-enact those Back To The Future scenes.


WalkCar Hoverboard Review

WalkCar Hoverboard

UK Swegway Reviews:

Based on the classic hoverboard, this was designed as a more lighter, slimmer (about the size and width of a laptop it can easily fit into your bag. Having more or less the same specifications as the classic hoverboard in terms of max speed, max load weight, distance travelled per charge. Its lighter weight and carry convenience is its advantage, however its smaller wheels mean it will struggle with uneven surfaces.

Still in testing phase, it has yet to be seen if this will take of if it comes to full production, its retail price has been set at hefty £540. Its target audience seems to be the business crowd, you can see that in its design. But it remains to be seen if business men and women will ride these around the business districts of major cities, we’ll keep you posted.


The Original Swegway Review

The Original Swegway

UK Swegway Reviews:

That brings us to the original Swegway, the predecessor to the hoverboards currently dominating the market. While the 2 wheel hoverboards can be likened to a skateboard, the original Swegway is in essence a mobility scooter. It has a charge time of 8 hours, weights 43 Kg and can bare a maximum load of 180 Kg. But with that comes greater performance specs; with maximum distance at 30 miles, and a top speed of 29 Km/h. It can also comfortably go up hills of 30 degrees incline, but the extra performance comes at a cost, setting you back a whopping £5000.


UK Hoverboards & Swegways – which one should I buy?

Considering the above reviews and the comparison chart below, we can group the products reviewed into Swegways / hoverboards, proto-types and mobility scooters.

The different types of hoverboard reviewed have a common feature in their specifications. The noticeable differences are in their designs such as single wheels, larger wheels and Bluetooth speakers. But with the performance specs remaining the same while the prices greatly increase for a different design. The classic 2 wheel Swegway hoverboard wins wheels down, as it has the same performance spec as its rivals and offers greater value for money.


Swegway & Hoverboard Comparison Chart


Classic HoverboardBluetooth Edition10 inch Wheel Edition1 Wheel HoverboardWalkCarHendo HoverSegway


 Classic UK Swegways Bluetooth Swegways UK 10 inch wheel hoverboards 1 wheel hoverboard WalkCar Hoverboard Levitating Real Hoverboard The Original Swegway

Charge time

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours2 hours3 hoursNot Available

8 hours


55 x 18 x 17 cm

55 x 18 x 17 cm55 x 18 x 26 cm55 x 18 x 26 cm35 x 28 x 8 cmNot Available

30 x 20 x 40 cm*

Max Incline

15 Degrees

15 Degrees15 Degrees15 Degrees15 DegreesNot Available

30 Degrees

Max Range

10 -15 miles

10 -15 miles10 -15 miles10 -15 miles7-8 milesNot Available

30 miles

Top Speed

10 km/h

10 km/h10 km/h10 km/h10 Km/hNot Available

29 Km/h

Weight13 Kg13 Kg13 Kg13 Kg3 KgNot Available

43 Kg

Max Load

120 Kg

120 Kg120 Kg120 Kg120 KgNot Available

180 Kg

Price£279.99£350.00£380 – £450£600 – £700Approx. £540.00Not Available

Approx. £5000.00

*Not including handle bar



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