Easter Break Hoverboard Sale Swegway Shop

UK SWEGWAY SHOP: Easter Break Hoverboard Sale

Our Easter Break Hoverboard Sale is now on! This time of year can only mean one thing; schools out. Why not treat your loved ones to an amazing gift this Easter holidays with the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Get them out enjoying the recent sunshine this Easter. Take a look at our UK Swegway Shop now!

Easter Break Hoverboard Sale Swegway Shop

HOVERBOARD PRO is the leading seller of high quality premium Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. As a UK-Based company, we specialise in bespoke UK Swegways specifically for the UK market. Therefore, we can guarantee that each single Hoverboard you purchase is 100% UK compliant and safe. HOVERBOARD PRO has been an advocate in SAFE Hoverboards and Swegways since 2015 and continues to be the UK’s most trustworthy supplier of UK Swegways.

This time of year is super-exciting for school kids, college and university students. While the Easter Break for most of us is over, school, college and uni continues to be on their break. Therefore, we have introduced our latest Easter Break Hoverboard Sale. You can now shop for a Hoverboard or Swegway for sale at a fraction of our original retail price. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time, BUY NOW and take advantage of our BIG SALE!


Easter Break Hoverboard Sale

Easter Break Hoverboard Sale Swegway Shop

The Easter Break Hoverboard Sale has come just in time as the weather seems to brighten up in our lovely hometown of Yorkshire. Spring is soon on its way with even brighter spells and our urge to get some outdoor fun is well and truly triggered.

Now more than ever, our range of Hoverboards for sale at our Swegway Shop is large enough to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re after some funky Disco Lights around the wheels or powerful LED lights at the front and back, we have just the Smart Board for you. Our Self-Balancing Scooters come in various colours and sizes depending on your preference of taste or riding needs.

If you’re unsure which Hoverboard is the best for you or your child, then why not give us a call? Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our Live Chat service at the bottom right hand side of this page.


Easter Holidays: Hoverboard Swegway Sale

Easter Holidays Hoverboard Swegway Sale

This Easter Holidays Hoverboard Swegway Sale we’re reducing our prices by up to 75% off. Therefore, we recommend our customers to grab this fantastic opportunity and purchase a Swegway before it’s too late. Our Easter Holidays Sale means that customers can no purchase the best Hoverboard Swegway products at our lowest prices ever.

In addition to this, all our customers will be greeted with our award-wining customer and aftercare services. Furthermore, we’re giving away FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty on every purchase during our huge Hoverboard sale. We’ve been voted as one of the UK’s largest and most reputable Hoverboard company nationwide. There is simply no other Swegway specialist quite like us. With 24/7 support and transparency, there’s no wonder why people choose us. Take a look at what our loyal customer say about us here.


Hoverboards & Swegways

Hoverboards, Swegways, Self-Balancing Scooters or Smart Boards. There are many names that we refer to these amazing gadgets. Whatever you might call them, each of these mean the same product. However, the most important factor about the difference of these are what internal components of each Hoverboard.

Let us explain: every single Hoverboard around the world (yes, including the UK) is manufactured in China. This is the same as 99% of gadgets in our modern global era, so there is no surprise here. However, it is entirely up to the vendor (i.e Hoverboard shops and suppliers) how SAFE these Hoverboards are during the manufacturing process. In other words, every Hoverboard supplier is able to dictate what components are used during the development process and how safe these components are.

Many unfaithful Hoverboard sellers tend to use cheap knock-off components and batteries in order to keep their overall costs to a minimum. This is why at HOVERBOARD PRO we always remind customers that purchasing cheap Hoverboards & Swegways is not necessarily a good idea.

Cheap Hoverboards

Due to the low quality of Hoverboards and Swegways for sale, many customers are left with non-functioning Hoverboards. Therefore, we recommend that customers firstly revise the product that they intend to purchase and research the reputation of the Hoverboard company they intend to purchase from. That way, at least customers who purchase a Hoverboard are able to foresee the kind of product or service they are going to purchase (through reviews or a telephone call).

To put it bluntly, if a business does not pick up their phone then do not purchase a Hoverboard for sale from them. If a Hoverboard company consistently projects bad reviews then expect that this is the experience you may later have. If a Swegway company has NO history whatsoever, then be wary about purchasing a Hoverboard from them.

HOVERBOARD PRO has been established since 2015 and has grown to become one of the UK’s largest and most trustworthy Hoverboard companies in England. Based right here in our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire we have expanded massively over the last few years. With retail stores in Leeds and a fulfilment centre in London, we have a nationwide reach.

Whether you’re looking for Hoverboards for sale in Manchester, Sheffield, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or elsewhere we have your covered. The Easter Break Hoverboard Sale is on for a limited time only so take advantage of it while you can!

If you would like to know more information about our Easter Break Hoverboard Sale or Swegway Shop then why not get in touch? Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Speak to one of our Swegway Hoverboard specialists now!


View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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