UK Swegways 2018 Hoverboards Sale

UK Swegways 2018: our newest range of Hoverboards for Sale

It goes without saying we think that our UK Swegways 2018 range are the best in the country. Our Hoverboards for sale are designed by us here in the UK before manufacturing. Therefore, we can ensure that each component inside is bespoke selected by us. When it comes to UK Compliance and British Standards of reliability and safety, we are #1.

UK Swegways 2018 best Hoverboards sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO has by now proven itself to be one of the largest and most trusted UK Swegway companies in the UK. This year, our UK Swegways 2018 are even greater than ever and are sure to impress. We have been working very hard to bring to you a combination of new designs and refined engineering. That way, we guarantee that our customers not only have the newest UK Swegways 2018, but also from a Hoverboard shop that cares.

We have fast become the UK’s #1 trustworthy Hoverboard store, both online and at our retail stores. With the large amount of hoax and unsolicited vendors operating online, we are a breath of fresh air to every customer in the UK looking to buy a UK Swegway.

So if you’re looking to buy a UK Swegway this year, then look no further. We have the largest selection of 2018 Hoverboards for sale. Furthermore, our Hoverboards undergo strict UK testing and are certified under UK compliance and British Standard of safety.


UK Swegways 2018

UK Swegways 2018 Hoverboards Sale

If you’re looking for the best in UK Swegways 2018 then look no further. HOVERBOARD-PRO is the market leader in UK Design Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. We are one of the largest UK Swegway companies in the country, providing the UK Consumer with Swegways nationwide.

Furthermore, our Hoverboards for sale include the added benefit of FREE next day delivery and FREE 12 month warranty. This means that if you purchase a UK Swegway today before 2pm, then you will receive your board at your door the very next day. In addition to this, we will cover any faults through wear and tear right here at our UK warranty centres.

HOVERBOARD-PRO is a wholly UK-Based Swegway company. In fact, we do not sell to anywhere else other than here. All our Hoverboards on sale are directly from UK stock. That way, we are able to guarantee free and fast delivery throughout the UK.

This year, HOVERBOARD-PRO are releasing some fantastic new Hoverboard designs for our wonderful customers. With the new MEGATRON UK Swegways 2018 to the Mammoth V2 Hoverboards now on sale, you can grab yourself the best 2018 Swegways NOW!

UK Swegways 2018: Hoverboard Shop

The new opening of our 2018 Retail Store Swegway Hoverboard Shop signifies even more growth at our company. At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we constantly strive to improve our customers service and products. Thanks to our ethos of providing excellent service with the highest quality Swegway products, we have opened our newest Shop in Leeds. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to buy high value goods online. Therefore, we have opened our physical Hoverboard Retail Shop to accommodate customers who prefer the good old fashioned face-to-face Swegway shopping experience!

For more information about UK Swegways 2018 and our new Hoverboard Shop in Leeds, contact us on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat system below.


Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale

Swegways Hoverboards Sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO have one of the largest range of UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Our 2018 range of Hoverboards include the NEW Megatron and Mammoth V2 Swegways. These boards are our most robust Swegways around, developed with the same engineering model as the Hummer Swegway.

As our most robust Swegway yet, the 2018 Megatron Hoverboard is built to last. It can withstand more tougher terrain thanks to it’s larger and wider off-road solid tyre and treading. Furthermore, our Megatron Swegway has the design for greater outdoor visibility thanks to its torch-style lighting system.

With almost synonymous engineering as the Megatron, the Mammoth V2’s Swegway design provides the smoothest ride ever. The Mammoth V2 UK Swegway 2018 is similar in design to the Megatron but differing wheel motors. The tyres are a smoother, sleeker 10 inch inflatable wheel. Therefore, the Mammoth V2 has the design to provide a smoother riding than its predecessors.

For more information about UK Swegways & Hoverboards for sale 2018, please contact us on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat system below.


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