Types of Terrain


Your Swegway board is an all-rounder when it comes to the type of terrain it can ride over. We have tested it on wooden floors, pavements, cobbled streets, carpets, grass, tarmac, astroturf.

In fact the only surfaces we haven’t tested are mud and sand. Not that you would want to, but it’s nice to know that your board can perform on all these surfaces.

It’s no surprise through that the smoother the surface, the smoother your ride will be. Although your Swegway board is not waterproof, it can handle shallow puddles and light rainfall.

When it comes to uphill your board can handle inclines up to 30O, and when it comes to uneven rocky surfaces your board can guide you over small pebbles and rocks. But don’t try going up street curbs or down them for that matter. We wouldn’t recommend it, you may hurt yourself or damage your board.

Although we wouldn’t recommend riding on some of the surfaces we did, we tested these for you so you know what you’re getting and what your HOVERBOARD-PRO is capable of.