White UK Swegway For Sale

Order your segwayPro now in Alpine white. Just like your favourite smart phones we offer a range of swegway colours. This Swegway will put any celebrity’s teeth to shame. So chauffeur yourself round the city from dusk till dawn in pure style.


Product Overview

Our high quality two-wheeled HOVERBOARD-PRO self-balancing electric scooter delivers enjoyment and convenience. All our Swegways are equipped with a high power Samsung battery to ensure consistent performance and maximum ride time. The sleek designs offers a streamlined and attractive electric motor powered board. Every HOVERBOARD-PRO has integrated LED lights to give maximum visibility and incredible road clarity.



Range distance/Charge – 20 Km/12.43 Miles

Max Speed- 10 Km/H

Battery – High Quality Samsung battery

Battery Capacity – 4400 mAh

Weight – 13 Kg

Rider weight – 20Kg to 120Kg


Additional Specification

Charging Time – 2 Hours

Motor Power – 350W Sinusoidal brushless motors

Tire Type – 7 Inch solid tires

Charging Voltage – 100-240V

Battery Details – 4.4A 36V158W Samsung

Dimensions – 550mm*180mm*170mm

Weight – 13 Kg



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