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A common question customers often ask is “what is the best all-round Hoverboard?” The answer is simple! Our Hummer X-Trail Off-Road Hoverboards for sale are good for everything. From the blazing heat of recent British summers to the cold breeze of our English winter.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we’ve been working hard to develop what is finally the best all-round Hoverboard for sale. At HOVERBOARD PRO we are proud to finally release the most robust Swegway on the market today. However, there are a few things to note before purchasing our Hummer X-Trail Hoverboards.

For a start, all Hoverboards are electric. Therefore, common sense tells us that within the shell casing is a fair share of electrical components. Electrical components are not waterproof and therefore care is advised. While the Off-Road Hummer Swegway is water-resistant, it is NOT waterproof. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! There is not a single entirely waterproof Hoverboard on the market, but the Hummer comes closest to this.

Secondly, the Hummer Hoverboard for sale is a larger, heavier and more robust Swegway. Therefore, unlike the minimum weight of 20kg for the 6.5 inch classic Hoverboards, these require a heavier rider. The minimum recommended weight for the Hummer board is 35kg. So if you’re lighter, please keep in mind that the gyroscopes may toggle, causing the board to judder.

Now, let’s get started with what makes the Hummer Swegway the most robust and best all-round Hoverboard for sale in the UK!

Hummer Swegway: best all-round Hoverboard

Best all-round Hoverboard UK Sale

The Hummer Swegway is coined as the best all-round Hoverboard for sale in the UK. But there’s no surprise as to why, either. As one of the bulkier and most robust Swegways on the market, it’s ready to tackle all in its way.

Let’s start with the shell casing and body. Firstly, the make-up of the shell consists of a combination of forged alloy frames and hardened plastic frame. This enables the board to be more shock-resistant as well as dust-resistant. Furthermore, the bendable fins provide more robustness. For example, a common occurrence with normal Swegways is that the shell often cracks or splits upon collision. However, due to the strong body and frame of the Hummer Swegway, this does not happen as easily.

The interlocking upper and lower body with the help of the side fins provide additional safeguarding against dust and water. Due to this, the Hummer X-Trail Swegway Hoverboard is water-resistant to IP-54 grade. Therefore, riders can be comfortable with the knowledge that the odd light rain won’t instantly kill off their Hoverboard.

The exterior body is also equipped with front and rear LED’s. These lights are bright enough for exposure in the dark. The front white LED lights give off a slick feel and offers great visibility. In addition to this, the rear lights shine bright red, similar to break lights. This gives the rider extra safety and visibility in the dark.

Best Hoverboard Tyres & Wheels

Hoverboard Off-Road Hummer Wheel

The Hummer Swegway probably has the best Hoverboard Tyres & Wheels of all. This is a great feature making it the best all-round Hoverboard for sale. It houses a wide body 8.5 inch solid rubber tyres with solid alloys. While the 350w dual-motors are silent, the wheels are strong and robust enough to tackle the more tough terrain that the classics can’t handle.

It’s wide solid off-road treading rubber tyres enable the Hoverboard to grip the ground far more easily. Furthermore, the solid make-up of the wheels means no punctures! That’s right, not only can you handle terrain better with these bad-boys, but you don’t have to worry about anything else.

The solid alloy wheel-frame offers extra protection, durability and safety. There’s no better Hoverboard on the market offering you as much as our Hummer Hoverboards for sale.

To make it even better, we’re giving away our Hummer Swegways for as low as 75% off our original prices! Due to our massive Autumn Sale, all our Hoverboards are reduced to give you the opportunity to grab a whopping deal before Christmas.

Purchase your Hoverboard TODAY and get FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty.

We’re the UK’s largest Hoverboard sellers providing the widest range of Swegways and designs on the market. Don’t forget that all our boards are 100% UK safe compliant and certified right here on British soil!


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