Hoverboard before Christmas: Buying Guide

Many of you are looking at buying a Hoverboard before Christmas. This may be a great idea since you’re more likely to snap a good deal. However, here are some tips to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

Buying Hoverboard before Christmas

Buying a Hoverboard before Xmas is a great idea. From this period on, many of our Hoverboard customers tend to enjoy snapping up a fantastic deal. With so many great offers on during the BIG Autumn Sale, it’s no wonder why.

However, before you think of purchasing one of our fantastic Hoverboards, we want to give you some tips. Hoverboards need some TLC every now and then. This is especially the case if you’re planning to store it for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, this article will guide you through ensuring that you’re giving the Swegway enough attention and care.

That way, come Christmas day, you’ll have a very happy child and thank the starts that you purchased a Hoverboard before Christmas. If upon reading this article and wish to have more information about purchasing a Hoverboard before Christmas, please get in touch. Our Hoverboard team are always ready to handle your call and our lines are open 24/7!

Buying Hoverboards before Xmas

Buying a Hoverboard before Christmas

Buying Hoverboards before Xmas is a great way to save while getting your loved ones the gift of their dreams. Don’t be fooled however by the very cheap prices online. We have written on many occasions why you should never buy a Hoverboard from eBay. This is mainly due to safety but also reliability, too. Buying a Premium Quality Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO is a no brainer, as explained in the article here.

So you’ve probably seen our many fantastic offers and want to take advantage of them right away. It’s a good way of making sure that you’re getting the best value at HOVERBOARD PRO and beating the Christmas rush. However, there are a number of things you should take in to consideration when purchasing a Swegway early:

  • Hoverboards contain Lithium-ion batteries, which deplete if left in storage for too long

You can remedy this simply by ensuring that the Hoverboard is taken out and plugged in to charge every couple of weeks. You don’t need to charge it for the full duration. All it requires is a 10 to 15 minute top-up every fortnight. That way you can be sure that the battery remains strong and healthy come Christmas day.

  • Hoverboards are not waterproof

Since Hoverboards aren’t waterproof you need to ensure that it’s being kept in a fairly dry place. Don’t expose the Hoverboard under cold atmosphere or too much heat. Room temperature does the trick! Furthermore, keep the Hoverboard away from storage sheds or areas which are damp or moist. Hoverboards don’t like those environments and you could risk short-circuiting the board due to water-ingress damage.

These are the above to main pointers. However, before even thinking of purchasing a Swegway, there are other things to consider. Read on!

Purchasing Hoverboards before Christmas

Purchasing Hoverboards before Christmas

Thinking of purchasing Hoverboards before Christmas? If so, then there are a few things you should consider. Due to the vast number of pop-up Hoverboard sellers over Xmas time, it’s tough to know who’s legit and who’s not.

In this section, we hope to bring some knowledge your way so that you can differentiate between the legitimate and the illegitimate seller. Read carefully, as this can either make or break your Christmas!

Is the company a UK registered business?

This may sound silly, but many companies are selling online in GBP to UK consumers, meanwhile not even being UK-Based. This is a great concern for customers due to the fact that their UK consumer law protection is out of the window. Therefore, be sure that the company you are purchasing a Hoverboard from is a genuine UK seller. Unfortunately, there are many UK sellers who may be based in England but do not have a business registration. Again, be aware of such vendors as these WILL likely disappear within a blink of an eye. You see that 12-month warranty you have? Say goodbye to it 🙁

Have you check their reviews?

If they claim to be the UK’s favourite Swegway company, then surely they’ll have positive reviews. Be sure to check their genuine customer reviews. There are a few places you can check this, including TrustPilot. If you cannot find any reviews then be aware. This company is likely shadowing behind something you’ll soon later regret.

Is the company VAT registered?

This is more important than you think. Read carefully..

The average Hoverboard costs £200. You only need to sell 40 Hoverboards to a customer for a company to turnover £80,000. This is the UK VAT threshold for any company. Therefore, if the Hoverboard seller is reputable in any sense of the word, then they MUST be VAT registered. If they’re not, then are they really selling a reputable enough quantity of Hoverboards? Are they filing their accounts properly?



Best Hoverboards for sale in UK

At HOVERBOARD PRO all our Hoverboards are from UK Design and UK Stock. We’re a wholly UK-based and VAT registered business. In fact, we’re the longest established Hoverboard company in England. Based right here in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we’re super proud of our roots.

We gave birth to our business under the dream of providing the British consumer with a proper UK Safe Hoverboard. All our Certified Hoverboards for sale since then on are tested right here in England for 100% authenticity. Our reliable Hoverboards from UK Design have helped us achieve what no other UK Swegway company has. We have expanded throughout the UK to provide the nation with the best Hoverboards and Swegways for sale.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase from our massive range of Hoverboards for sale right here at the HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard shop!


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