FREE Swegway Bag, Bluetooth Cheap Hoverboard Deals

FREE Swegway Bag: with every Classic Bluetooth Hoverboard

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is excited to offer you our cheapest Swegway and Hoverboard deals in the UK! Our latest offer includes a Free Swegway Bag with every Classic Bluetooth Hoverboard for sale at our online store!

You heard it right, we’re giving away a FREE Classic Swegway Bag with every standard Bluetooth Hoverboard purchased online. As a gift from us to you, we’re providing our lovely customers the opportunity to take advantage of these fantastic Swegway and Hoverboard offers by implementing even cheaper prices and greater Balance Board deals!

This month, take advantage of our cheap Hoverboards by purchasing our fantastic Premium Bluetooth UK Swegways and get a FREE carrier case included with every purchase.


Cheap Hoverboard Deals UK

This month we’ve introduced some fantastic cheap UK Hoverboards deals. Our Swegways have had a slash of up to 75% this spring, for a limited time only!

To ensure you’re not missing out, we’ve compiled a breakdown of our latest cheap Swegway offers and UK Hoverboard deals:


Classic Swegways: £199.99 PRICE SLASH! The 6” Classic Hoverboards have never been cheaper, with prices slashed by up to 75% less than their original price. Cheap Hoverboards by all means don’t mean a cheap product. In fact, our UK Swegways are fully UK compliant and UK SAFE. Rest assured, ALL our UK Hoverboards are given the best attention to ensure that you are receiving a strong, sturdy, reliable and safe product. Furthermore, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are proud to be offering the best Swegways in England built bespoke for our UK customers.


Bluetooth Hoverboards: Price Slash!! + FREE CARRIER CASE! Our Bluetooth Hoverboards are now at the cheapest they’ve ever been. For a limited time only and while stocks last, we’re offering free Classic Bags for every standard Bluetooth Swegway purchased at our online shop. Therefore, as well as buying a Premium UK Hoverboard at a cheap price, you’ll also be getting a free bag included, worth £15.99!


More Cheap Swegway Deals UK

8” Lambo Swegways: PRICE SLASH! The Lambo UK Swegway is now slashed by 75%, meaning that you will buy a Premium 8” Swegway (with Bluetooth included) for even less. We’ve managed to keep our prices low while still maintaining the utmost care and attention to ensure that all our lovely customers are receiving a UK SAFE, reliable, sturdy Premium UK Hoverboard at the cheapest available prices. Be sure to check out our online Swegway store for the latest prices. Be quick however, because these cheap prices won’t last long!


10” Mammoth Hoverboards: PRICE SLASH! Our inflatable ten inch UK Hoverboards are the biggest and boldest products available. For this, we’ve introduced the biggest sale ever for the Mammoth range, with the cheapest Swegway prices in the country!


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