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Cheap Hoverboard & Swegway Sale

We are very excited to announce our largest Hoverboard & Swegway Sale ever! These are the lowest prices that we have ever had here at HOVERBOARD-PRO and we’re very excited to share them with you.

Red Nose Day UK Hoverboard Deals

Our prices are currently the lowest that they have ever been. We have done our best to make our Hoverboards as affordable as possible for you while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Our Swegways are just as high quality and safe as before, only now even cheaper than ever. Our current prices stand as follows, for a very limited time only:

  • Classic Swegways: £199.99
  • Classis Bluetooth: £219.99
  • Classic Bluetooth & LED: £239.99
  • Classic Bluetooth, LED, and special shell: £259.99
  • Classic Chrome: £269.99
  • Lambo: £324.99
  • Mammoth: £389.99


Cheap Hoverboards UK Sale

Cheap Hoverboards UK

If you’ve been in the market looking to buy a Cheap Hoverboard, then look no further. Our current sale prices can not be beaten by anyone else who offers similar high quality Hoverboards. We say that our Hoverboards are cheap, but that by no means says that we have dropped the quality. We take great pride in our position as the industry leader in excellent quality, premium UK safe compliant Hoverboards, the most favoured in quality and performance.

We use only the highest quality materials and designs in our Hoverboards so you can feel good knowing that the person using a HOVERBOARD-PRO will be safe and satisfied. There’s no need to compromise when buying a Hoverboard UK, because we have everything that you could want covered. We have high quality materials, strong Samsung batteries, and currently the most competitive prices that you will be able to find anywhere.


UK Hoverboards for Sale

As mentioned, we are offering the cheapest premium UK Hoverboards for Sale. We are a UK based company, which provides certain advantages. We ship from our location in the UK so your order can be at your door the very next day. (With free shipping, no less!) Our UK advantage also provides extra security to you because you know all of our products meet the highest of UK standards of quality and safety. So again, our Swegways are currently super inexpensive but by no means low quality. But, you should act fast because this sale won’t last forever!

This is a limited time offer so you if you’ve been thinking about a new Hoverboard, then you should grab it now while the sale is on.


View our full list of Swegways and Hoverboards for sale HERE.


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