Games Kids play using Hoverboards

Every wondered what games you can play using Hoverboards? Hoverboards can be more than just a mode of transportation. There are actually games that you can play using your Hoverboard, making them both practical and fun. If you are new to Hoverboards, these games can help you to get used to using your Hoverboard, transforming you from a novice to a Swegway Pro in no time.

Games Kids play using Hoverboards

In this article we will outline some of the many games that kids can play using Hoverboards. If you have any other ideas, why not share them with us? You can even share with us your own videos for a chance to feature on our sites and social media!

Games you can play using Hoverboards: Tag

Grab your hoverboard, a group of friends and head to the park to play a modern game of tag. Tag is a great way to acclimate yourself to your Hoverboard, due to the fact that you need to be able to move and change directions swiftly.

If you aren’t familiar with the childhood game, one person is “it” and they need to tag any of the other players. Once you’re tagged, you become “it” trying, once again, to tag someone else.

Hoverboard Tug of War

Remember the game where you and your friends would choose teams, then the teams would face off with one another while grabbing a rope? The team that pulls the rope to the other side first wins. You can step up your Tug of War game by using Hoverboards. The objective is to stay on your Hoverboard,while pulling on the rope. This game is harder than you may think, since you not only need upper body strength but balance as well. Try not to fall off your board!

Hoverboard Knock Off

The object of this game is to try to knock others off their Hoverboard while staying on yours. The last person left standing on their Swegway is the winner.

This game can get you a bit dirty and may spawn the occasional injury, so be sure to wear protective gear and be extra careful! However, it’s a good game to help practice manoeuvrability and balance.

Hoverboard Racing

What about having a Hoverboard race? Everyone lines up and races to get to the designated spot first. You can choose to go to a point straight ahead or to a specific location where you will need to make turns. An example could be to race around a circuit. There are no real rules of how to set up a race, the point is that everyone agrees on the end goal and has fun.

Hoverboard Obstacle Course

Whether you turn your race into an obstacle course navigating around turns and structures or you have a set course to move through, this game is fantastic for becoming a Swegway Pro at manoeuvring and balancing on your Hoverboard. Some different ideas on ways to set up your obstacle course include: ducking under a rope or elevated object, manoeuvring around road cones and having small hurdles to hover over. There is no limit to the number of obstacles that you can have. The idea is to just have fun!

Hoverboard Baseball

Want to step up your baseball or Cricket game? Try playing on a Hoverboard. Instead of running to the bases, try hovering to them. Is the ball coming straight to you in the outfield? Catch it without falling off your Swegway and get it back to the infield.

Hoverboard Relay Races

Just like other races, you can set up teams and have a relay race. Hover around the track at your local school or around a field. Tag the next person on your team and see if they can catch up and pass the opposing teams. First team to finish is the winner. As an added challenge, if someone falls off their Swegway, the entire team or at least that leg of the team must start over again.


Hoverboards can be fun for solo play or with a group of friends. Playing games just adds to your talent on the Hoverboard. Just be sure to wear the proper gear when you are first learning so that you don’t get injured and remember to enjoy yourself!


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