Christmas Hoverboards Sale UK Swegways

Gift a UK Hoverboard for Christmas

Gift a UK Hoverboard for Christmas!

That time of year again where everyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas. We’ve all been there and seem to be in this position every year. Deciding what to buy our loved ones never gets any easier.

Have you considered a Swegway?

Christmas UK Swegways

Since our earlier years, we have all been convinced both by teachers and certain soft drink brands – that Santa delivers presents on a sledge.

This year the elves have been working over-time and the 2019 Santa not only delivers presents on a Swegway but he delivers HOVERBOARD-PRO scooters on his sledgewayPro. Isn’t that something!

This festive season your very own genuine British company wants to wish you an early Merry Christmas by offering smiles and happiness. We’ve got a season of fun on wheels.

A Swegway is The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

If you’re Santa,  the elves or someone who doesn’t believe in Christmas and just want a Swegway anyway: check out our hoverboard FAQs and our product specification – nobody should miss out this December.


Our self balance scooters fit well under Christmas trees and although we don’t offer a selection of flavours, we do have a variety of colours including our special edition metallic gold UK Swegway.

It’s the season for giving and that’s just why HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are giving away free next day postage and packaging for all UK customers – why not beat the rush and order your very own christmas Swegway gift scooter now!

Buy A UK Swegway for Christmas

The HOVERBOARD-PRO UK team have compiled a list of 10 reasons you should opt for a HOVERBOARD-PRO electric hoverboard this year:

  1. It’s unisex and ideal for all ages – gender friendly
  2. The board can be used indoors, outdoors & on different surface
  3. Celebrities love swegways
  4. When your friend has one you’ll want one – so beat your friends to it
  5. It’s a personal transporter & could save you fuel – save the planet
  6. Ultimate coolness factor
  7. It may become the future of commuting.
  8. Its cheaper than a games console and posting a video of yourself on a hover board on Facebook is much more attention grabbing than arguing with a foreign gamer
  9. 2 – Wheel self-balancing scooter sounds too cool
  10. Standing hover boards with no handles will getting more prevalent & popular Worldwide


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