Growth of Swegways Trend UK Hoverboards for sale

The Growth of the Swegways Trend UK

The UK Swegways Trend has experienced a peak in searches over the last few months. As Spring Sales kicked off in June and summer weather bellowing this July, we’ve had record breaking sales in 2017 already.

2017 UK Swegway Hoverboard Summer Sale

It is no wonder why, however, as many Swegway customers buying new Hoverboards for sale in preparation for Christmas. Furthermore, a lot of consumers are buying Swegways in celebration for the end of exams, school, college or University.

There’s a few reasons that attribute to the spike in Hoverboard sales at this time of year. In the following article, we highlight the many reasons why customers are buying Swegways online, and why you should too.


 Summer Sales Booming Swegways Trend UK

Cheap UK Swegways and Best Hoverboards Sale July

It’s that time of year at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK. Our biggest ever Summer Sale is now on. With Free UK Delivery with each Swegway for sale, customers can now take advantage of up to 75% off!

The booming Swegways Trend in the UK is partly attributed to Hoverboards being far cheaper than before. If you’re looking to buy a Swegway for sale in the UK, now is your chance to bag a bargain. Our Summer Sale is now on for a limited time only, and while stocks last. We recommend you buy a UK Swegway at our online store now before prices are set to increase as we edge closer to the Xmas season.


New Improved UK Swegways

Best new Hoverboard HX Phoenix Swegway for sale UK

We’ve gone a long way since the first release of our Classic Swegway for sale. We have a greater range of Hoverboard models that have been UK tested and SAFE approved. Introducing our Phoenix HX Swegway for sale as well as our HX1 HUMMER Swegway.

Both the Phoenix and Off-Road water resistant Swegways for sale come free with 12-month warranty, free delivery and Bluetooth add-on as standard. Furthermore, the release of our Phoenix Swegway marks the newest Classic of the 6.5 inch Classic designs. The smooth, sleek curved edged design allows a greater surface area to handle a more unruly terrain. The Phoenix Swegway for sale also looks beautiful, unique and is sure to turn heads as you ride on your Hoverboard, guaranteeing hours of fun!

The Off-Road Hummer Swegway is the biggest and boldest Hoverboard we have ever released. The new HUMMER Swegway for sale is shock-roof, water-resistant and with the 8 inch hard-wearing tires handles some of the roughest terrain any Swegway has ever endured.

Our new UK Swegways for sale have been re-engineered to withstand tougher terrain. We offer the safest Swegways on the market today. The latest technology in gyroscopes, circuit boards and battery capabilities have made the new improved UK Swegways trend up the ranks to becoming the best hoverboards for sale today.


Safest Swegways in UK

UK Swegway Company Safe Certified UK Hoverboards for sale

When it comes to safety, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK offer the safest Swegways in the UK. All our Swegways for sale come fully certified to adhere to UK and EU consumer safety. Our Hoverboards have specifically built for the UK consumer. Each component in the Swegway has been fully tested and certified to meet British and European standard. In fact, our Safe UK Swegways come with all the necessary certifications to meet and exceed UK Safe Approved standards of electrical safety for gadgets in the UK.

Furthermore, we single handedly unpack each Hoverboard you buy from HOVERBOARD-PRO to test before dispatching it over to you. In doing so, we ensure every Swegway bought passes our safety standards and that the particular board you receive has reached our benchmark of quality and reliability.


Best Cheap Swegways UK

Premium UK Swegways Balance Board Deals

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are the UK’s number one sellers of Official Swegways and Hoverboards. our UK Safe compliant Swegway Boards are now enduring our biggest ever Summer Swegway Sale. This means that you can now buy a Premium Swegway for sale for cheap!

Our Cheap Swegways are not just in price, but are the best in quality. Take advantage of our Flash Summer Sale now and enjoy free next day delivery, 12 month warranty and a customer service like no other. if you’re after a whopping deal, then don’t delay. Buy a UK Swegway today before our summer sale ends. It’s no wonder why the Swegways Trend is booming!


UK Swegways Mark End of Exams

End Exams on a Hoverboard & Swegway UK

At this time of year, many people in Britain are marking the end of their exams and the end of school, college or university. UK Swegways have witnessed an increase in Hoverboard sales since the end of June 2017. This July, many have broken up from their educational institutions with an 8-week holiday.

Many parents and young adults are wondering how they could pass time in the most productive way. You may be wondering how you can get your child spending their summer holiday enjoying the British outdoors rather than being engulfed in video games.

The answer is simple. UK Swegways for sale is the best solution to your child enjoying the outdoors rather than on the PlayStation or X-Box. By blessing your loved ones with the gift of a Swegway this summer, you’ll help build summer holiday memories in the most productive ways.

Our 75% offer summer sale is now on, so there’s no better time than now to bag yourself a cheap Swegway. With Classic Hoverboards for sale for as little as £199.99, do your kids a favour this summer and let them enjoy nature in the most exhilarating ways possible.


UK Swegways for Christmas

UK Swegways Must-Have Gadget This Christmas!

We’re approaching Christmas faster than we think! before you know it, your child will wishing upon one of our UK Swegways. We’ve noticed that a lot of our British customers have begun their Xmas shopping early in hope to buy a cheap Swegway for sale before the great rush. And we don’t blame them!

It’s a little known fact that Hoverboards experience a surge in prices as we edge closer to Christmas. Demand for Swegway sales increase during this period. Due to this, not only will prices become more expensive during , but the chances of your favourite Swegway design and model may sure be running lower in stock than our current range has to offer.


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