2017 UK Swegway Hoverboard Summer Sale

2017 UK Swegway & Hoverboard Summer Sale

The summer sales have finally began! This year 2017 marks the best UK Swegway and Hoverboard Summer Sale yet, only at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK.

UK Hoverboard and Swegway sales

Sale season seems to have become incredibly popular with consumers alike, so why not take advantage of finding your very own Hoverboard deals with up to 75% off this summer?

Exams are finished for most sixth formers. University students have finished their exams and waiting to start their graduation ceremonies. Your little darlings are about to break up for their 8-week summer holiday break. Are you looking for a way to entertain yourself or children during the summer holidays before it all ends? buy something that is practical, diverse and amazingly FUN. A UK Swegway or Hoverboard for sale might just be the most exciting new gadget of the year!


Cheap Hoverboards Summer Sale UK

2017 UK Swegway Hoverboard Summer Sale

Our UK Summer Sale finally makes buying Hoverboards cheap. You’ll no longer get that one person rolling their eyes with the thought of buying a Swegway. With our Summer Hoverboard Sale, Swegways are now cheap, practical, versatile and somewhat life changing!

UK Swegways give a new meaning to getting around and getting outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Whether you’re enjoying the local scenery or having fun in the local park. You’ll get to interact with your local surroundings and definitely have the ability to go even further with our Monster Hummer Swegway. The Monster Hummer Swegway enables you to go off-road, snowy slopes and much more. The Hummer HX1 Hummer Hoverboard us now even cheaper during our Summer Flash Sale!

This Summer in Britain is predicted to be one of the hottest summers on record. One of the best times to buy any Hoverboard or Swegway products is during our Flash Summer Sale. So let your bank balance cool off a little and save your overdraft by taking advantage of our BIG Swegway and Hoverboard Summer Sale!

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK offers a great choice of different styles, colours and designs to make your own Hoverboard even more fun and exciting. With our FREE next day delivery service you can make more people jealous and create memories in no time at all!

With Fantastic customer satisfaction and full certifications for UK safety standards, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is most trusted and well respected UK Swegway supplier across the whole of England and beyond. You can finally buy a Hoverboard with confidence. Take advantage of our BIG Swegway Summer Sale and buy yourself a cheap premium high quality Hoverboard or Swegway, for a limited time only!


Summer Sale: Classic Swegway & Hoverkart Bundle Deals

UK Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle deals

Our Classic UK Swegway is our cheapest and most popular Hoverboard. Our Chrome Swegways Now come with Bluetooth as standard! Simple choose your favourite Swegway colour and with our free delivery service, your Hoverboard will arrive the next day.

Our Classic Chrome Hoverboards for sale come with 6.5” tires you can wipe about and reach speeds of up to 20km/PH and distance of up to 25 Km. Don’t worry about charging, as it only takes up to 2 hours with a 4.4A 36V 58W official Samsung Battery. We’ve made it even easier to carry your fantastic toy about with our Classic Bundle deal you’ll also receive a free carry bag for your Swegway!

So, we’ve talked about how amazing our Classic Swegways are and how agile, sleek and cool they look. But HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are pleased to have just announced our NEWEST DEAL. The Classic Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle. This Summer Sale, our fantastic Classic Hoverboard & Kart deal offers you twice the fun at a discounted rate of just £249.99, including free UK delivery and 12-month warranty! This deal is really not to be missed. This fantastic BUNDLE is a fraction of the retail price during our Flash Summer Sale.

You’ve always wanted a UK Swegway and you’ve also always wanted a Go-Kart. You’re perhaps looking for something which is a little bit more practical and with a little bit of versatility for everyday use? Well, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK may have just the solution for you. Combine our amazing Classic UK Hoverboard and original Hoverkart together and covert your Swegway in to a Go-Kart this summer. Simply attach your Hover-Kart to the Hoverboard and off you go. Twice the fun as just purchasing the Classic Hoverboard.  You’ll instantly change the enjoyment and versatility of the Classic Hoverboard, turning it into a Go-Kart. The Hover-Kart itself has a comfortable carbon racer seat, Easy Swegway sensor locking system and strong single-bar design, guaranteeing hours of enjoyment.

NEW HX Phoenix Hoverboard 2017 Summer Sale UK

Best Phoenix HX Swegway Hoverboard for sale UK

Welcome the newest addition to our Hoverboard family. The brand new 2017 HX Phoenix Swegway with Bluetooth as standard. This Hoverboard for sale is the most robust, best engineered 6.5 inch UK Swegway for sale. With solid 6.5″ heavy duty tyres, smooth premium high quality body and sleek design. This Swegway is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

The Phoenix HX Hoverboard for sale is brand new for 2017. Equipped with the latest technology, motherboard and gyroscopes. It’s regenerative braking and max speed of 12 km/h means that you’ll able to speed along with a maximum distance of 20 km. Perfect for flying around indoors or on any reasonably flat surface. With LED lights and Bluetooth as standard, the HX Phoenix Swegway for sale is the perfect head turner, coming in the choice of Black or White, perfect for the summer!

As with all our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale, the HX Phoenix Balance Board is UK Safe and CE certified with official Samsung batteries and UL Certified Charger and BS1363 fused plugs. We are proud to have the UK’s safest Hoverboards and Swegway for sale.


Cheap Chrome Hoverboards for Sale UK

Best Chrome cheap Hoverboards for sale Swegway Deals UK

Our Cheap Chrome Hoverboards and Swegways for sale are now the cheapest and most popular. With Bluetooth as standard and a range of different colours including ROSE GOLD Hoverboards, BLUE Swegways, RED Swegways, GOLD Boards,GREEN Balance Boards, SILVER UK Swegways AND PURPLE!

Simply pick your favourite Hoverboard colour for sale and take advantage of our HOVERBOARD-PRO UK free delivery service. Due to this, you’ll be able to have your Hoverboard arrive at your door the next day! Our Classic Chrome Hoverboards for sale come with 6.5” tyres. You can wipe about and reach speeds of up to 20km/PH with a distance of up to 25 Km. Don’t worry about charging, as it only takes up to 2 hours with a 4.4A 36V 58W Official Samsung Battery. We’ve made it even easier to carry your fantastic toy about, as with our Classic Chrome Bundle you’ll receive a free carry bag in addition to the Bluetooth add-on, FREE.

You can pick up our UK Chrome Hoverboards as part of our Summer Sale for only £249.99. Remember however, that each of our Swegways offer peace of mind. We are the UK’s number one Hoverboard supplier and have quickly become the UK’s most trusted Swegway company. All our boards come fully UK SAFE Certified and Tested. Our Boards are UK Compliant, with full Samsung battery certificates, MSDS test reports, UL Certified and CE marked.

Our amazing BIG Summer Sale ends soon, so grab the best Hoverboard deals while you can!


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– Article written by Christopher Myatt