GOLD Classic Mammoth Hoverkart Hoverboard Bundle SALE

New Hoverboard Bundle in Town: Classic 10″ Mammoth Swegways

There’s a new Hoverboard Bundle in town. The Classic 10″ Mammoth Swegway for sale, Hoverboard and Kart deals from as little as £279.99! – DONT MISS OUT.

CARBON Classic Mammoth Hoverkart Hoverboard Bundle SALE

For a limited time only we’re introducing the best value Hoverkart and Hoverboard Bundle! Exclusive to HOVERBOARD-PRO, we are offering a one-off opportunity to buy a Classic 10 inch Mammoth Swegway and Premium Hoverkart together, for as little as £279.99!

Due to popular demand, we have bundled up the largest Hoverboard model with our Premium Hoverkart. Therefore, customers are now able to save even more value when combining both products in to one single bundle. Our Classic 10″ Mammoth Swegway Hoverboard Bundle for sale comes with the large Classic 10″ Swegway, Premium Hoverkart, FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty. All for just £279.99!

Our gimmick-free Classic range is built with the best engineering, with safety, reliability and quality in mind. The Classic Swegway Hoverboard range does not include Bluetooth speakers, but still packed with the best components money can buy. In other words, our Classic 10 inch Mammoth Hoverboards have exactly the same components as our usual Mammoth boards, except no Bluetooth functionality. This is similar to our Classic Hoverboards, which are fantastic value!

Classic 10 inch Mammoth Hoverboard Bundle

GOLD Classic Mammoth Hoverkart Hoverboard Bundle SALE

For a limited time only, our Classic 10 inch Mammoth Hoverboard Bundle is now on sale! Buy the state-of-the-art 10″ Classic Mammoth Swegway along with our Premium Hoverkart for as little as £279.99!

In doing so, customers will be able to take advantage of our Hoverboard Bundle at a discounted rate. The 10″ Mammoth Hoverboards for sale are built with the finest engineering. The largest Hoverboards at HOVERBOARD-PRO, you’ll no doubt be amazed at the way this machine handles terrain. The Mammoth Hoverboard for sale is the only model of its kind that offers 10″ inflatable tyres. Furthermore, the 10 inch Swegway is built for the UK Consumer, meaning that just like all our other boards, they are 100″ UK Certified. We focus heavily on safety and reliability.

Therefore, our boards are fully compliant, with MSDS testing, CE certifications, Samsung battery and UL chargers containing UK fused BS1363 approved plugs.

When you buy a Hoverboard at HOVERBOARD-PRO, you will also be purchasing one of the safest UK Swegways on the market. In other words, HOVERBOARD-PRO exist today to offer British consumers with UK safe Swegways.

Our CLASSIC 10″ Mammoth Hoverboard and Kart bundles come in two colours: CARBON BLACK and GOLD. Simply choose the colour of your choice and proceed to the checkout. Once you’ve processed the order, you’ll receive your exclusive Hoverboard and Kart bundle the very next day!


10″ Mammoth Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle

Bundle Deals, Hoverboard Swegway Kart Sale UK

Our 10″ Mammoth Swegway and Hoverkart Bundle gives you more for less! In other words, by purchasing our 10″ Mammoth Hoverboard and Hoverkart in a bundle, you can save even more value.

Convert your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart and enjoy twice the fun. Our Premium Hoverkart transforms your Swegway in to a Go-Kart. This device has recently been featured on ITV’s This Morning show as the this years Best Christmas Gift!

When you buy a 10″ Classic Mammoth Hoverkart Bundle at HOVERBOARD-PRO, you’ll be getting the following:

  1. Classic 10″ Mammoth Swegway (no Bluetooth)
  2. UL Certified Charger and UK BS1363 approved fused UK plug
  3. PREMIUM Hoverkart
  4. FREE next day delivery
  5. FREE 12 month warranty

Hurry, however, as this deal will not last for long! We are opening this Hoverboard Bundle to our lovely British consumers for a limited time only. Due to limited stock we advise that you buy your Bundle NOW to avoid disappointment.

Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time! Our Flash Sale is on for a short time only. As we edge closer to Xmas, prices are set to rise. Therefore, take advantage of our BIG SALE and buy the best Hoverboards and Swegways for sale at super-discounted rates. Exclusive to HOVERBOARD-PRO.


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