UK Swegway Review

UK Swegway Review: 10” Mammoth Hoverboard

UK Swegway Review…

Welcome to the third part of our five part series of Hoverboard & UK Swegway Review, in which we will talk about the powerful and dynamic 10” Mammoth Swegway. These swegways are the top of the line and the most luxurious hoverboards available on the market. Read ahead if you’re interested in a UK Swegway but aren’t sure which model to choose. This review will provide knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

UK Swegway Review

UK Swegway Review..

The 10” Mammoth Swegway is the big brother of both the 8” Lambo Swegway and 6” Classic Hoverboard. This hoverboard is built to be bigger and better while also having all of the fantastic features of the smaller models. We’re reviewing this model of Swegway third because it is the newest addition to the UK Hoverboard line, produced after the two previous. This hoverboard has all the great features of the previous models (including Bluetooth!) plus the addition of inflatable tires which make traversing rougher terrain much more smooth. Sit back and enjoy the review of this luxurious product!


Mammoth 10” UK Hoverboard Review

UK Hoverboard Review

UK Swegway Review…

If you get right to the meat of it, the Mammoth 10” Hoverboard is the biggest and best swegway available in the UK and elsewhere. There are certain specific features that make this Hoverboard stand out from the others. So, why is this UK Hoverboard the top of the line?


  1. They’re the larger version of both the 6” Classic and 8” Lambo Swegways.

The 10” Mammoth Swegways are built in the same way that its smaller brothers are. All of the main mechanical components are the same, which also means that this model is just as safe and reliable as the other iterations. The differences are in the larger frame and wheels, which doesn’t do anything to impact how safe and reliable these hoverboards are, but instead make the ride smoother on tougher terrain.

  1. They offer a new challenge to experienced users.

Because these boards are bigger, they can be a bit harder for a new Hoverboard user to figure out right away. That is why we recommend these boards for users who have used the Classic or Lambo models before. That being said, new users can certainly use the Mammoth, we just recommend the smaller models for them first. The additional heft is great for experienced users who want to try something harder and relive the excitement of trying a new Hoverboard & Swegway for the first time all over again.

  1. They have the great features of the previous models.

Even though this is the largest model available, you aren’t sacrificing anything for the additional size. The 10” Mammoth Hoverboard still has the power and manoeuvrability of the 6” and 8” models due to using the same motors. The Mammoth Hoverboard also has the Bluetooth speakers that are also available in the Lambo and Classic Bluetooth models already built in. You can just connect your phone to the hoverboard and play music though the included speakers as you zip around on the board.

  1. They have high performance inflatable tires.

What really sets this model above the rest are its tires. The 10” Mammoth Swegway boasts inflatable tires that can withstand quite the beating. The 6” and 8” models have solid, hardwearing tires that are tough but don’t offer much cushion from anything in the road. That can result in a bit of a bumpy ride if you aren’t careful. In contrast, the 10” Mammoth’s tires offer much better suspension and cushion the rider much better from anything that they might run over. The tires are very tough and puncture-resistant, but riders still need to make sure to avoid hitting anything sharp from both a safety and tire preservation standpoint.

  1. They look and feel fantastic to ride.

The 10” Mammoth Swegways are the most luxurious gadgets in the hoverboard world right now, and they look the part. The chassis is beautiful and the widest of the available hoverboards. The wheels also stand at an impressive 10”, which is quite the eye-catcher in comparison to the smaller models, giving enough ground clearance for the more challenging rider. This model also boasts a multi-tone colour design and integrated LED lights for supreme clarity and zest. All of the products in the hoverboard line look great, but the 10” Mammoth Swegway goes that extra mile to maximise luxuriousness.


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