Hoverboard on a Jet

The most fascinating thing to spur from the Hoverboard craze is the Hoverboard on a jet! A jet powered machine that flies from one destination to the other.

This jet powered Hoverboard can set you back a few thousand pounds and will take quite some learning to figure out. However, there is some hope for those wishing the have something similar; the Hoverboard.

For the average person, 3 to 5 thousand pounds is quite a lot of money to spend for a Hoverboard on a Jet. Instead, customers can take advantage of our 75% off Spring Sale and buy one of our electric Hoverboards for sale today!

The Hoverboard on a Jet was created by a company called Zapata. Zapata is a french world champion jet ski racing company. Zapata also create, develop and manufacture hydro and jet-powered equipment. Almost in the similar way to how HOVERBOARD PRO design their very own Hoverboards for sale right here in the UK.

Hoverboard on a Go-Kart

Now we all know about the Hoverboard on a Jet, how about the Hoverboard on a Go-Kart?!

Hoverboards on a Go-Kart UK

At SEGWAY PRO we like to offer multiple ways to enjoy your Hoverboard. In doing so, we’re now offering the best Hoverboard and Kart bundles to accommodate the idea of a maximum thrill experience.

With up to 75% off on every product in our store both in-store and online, our bundles are an affordable way to turn your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart. Hoverboards are a great way to bring out the creative side of you. You can do lots of things on a Hoverboard including Hand-Stands, 360 degree spins and more. However, be sure to wear protective gear, in a safe environment and be accompanied by an adult.

One of the best accessories to ever grace the Hoverboard is the Hoverkart attachment. Experience twice the fun on your Hoverboard by converting your Swegway in to a Go-Kart! Zoom around in the local parks along with some of your friends. Be imaginative and use cones for a mini racetrack and find out who amongst you is the best Hoverboard Go-Kart racer is!

There’s no better time to purchase a Hoverboard and Kart bundle than now. With our Deal of the Week, customers can grab a bundle from as low as £219.99!

Hoverboard tricks

Want to look cool on a Hoverboard? Then take a look at these amazing Hoverboard tricks.

Once you have a good understanding and experience on your Hoverboard then why not try some tricks?

Some tricks can take up to the same amount of time to learn than you initially did on a Hoverboard. When trying new Hoverboard tricks make sure that you’re in a safe environment and are using protective safety equipment. We recommend watching some videos online before trying Hoverboard tricks out as these videos will give you all the best Hoverboard riding tips and a better idea of what to do.

Hoverboard tricks are very popular and tend to be mastered quickly with younger kids. This is due to kids being a lot more agile. So if you’re battling it out with the younger kids then be prepared to lose!

Hoverboards UK

UK Hoverboards for Sale

Now you’ve read about Hoverboard on a Jet, Hoverboards on a Go-Kart and the many tricks you can do on a Hoverboard, you’re probably thinking of purchasing one for your own.

If you’re looking for Premium Hoverboards made from British design then you’ve come to the right place. HOVERBOARD PRO provide the best in UK Hoverboards from UK Design and safe to use. Furthermore, our current Spring Sale covers everything in our store. This includes the Hoverboard and Go-Kart bundle as well as many other deals and offers.

Over the Spring period we’ll be offering up to 75% off all Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. In addition to this we’re offering weekly deals on amazing value Hoverboards and Kart bundles. So don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time, purchase a Hoverboard today to avoid disappointment!

Proud to sell the UK safest Hoverboards for sale. Every single one of our Hoverboards are powered by genuine Samsung batteries. Our chargers are UL Certified and come with BS1363 approved fused UK plugs.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, offering 24-hour live chat and telephone services. If you would like to speak to one of our Hoverboard specialists about any other sales related questions then please give us a call on 0113 320 2299. Our telephone lines are open 24/7.