Turn your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart and change the way you ride your Hoverboard forever. With easy 5 minute assembly and speeds of up to 15 km/h you can enjoy all the features of a Hoverboard while seated, controlling it with your hands.

Turn Hoverboard to Go-Kart UK Swegways Hoverkart Sale

The Hoverkart was crowned the UK #1 Christmas gift last year. Since it featured on national television it has claimed responsibility for many a children’s excitement and joy. In this article we provide you with our guide on how to assemble the Go-Kart attachment, also known as the Hoverkart in under 5 minutes.

Before we get cracking, have you heard about our massive Hoverboard deals and Go-Kart bundles? Customers can bundle their purchase in to one single basket and save even more on their Hoverboards. With free next day delivery and 12-month warranty, you’d be mad to miss out!

Due to the nature of Go-Karts and Hoverkart, we just want to be sure you’re aware of the HOVERBOARD safety outlined in this article. So without further delay, let’s crack on with our guide on how to assemble a Go-Kart for your Hoverboard.

Turn your HOVERBOARD in to a GO-KART

turn Hoverboard to Go-Kart Hoverkart UK Swegways

Why would you want to miss out on twice the fun? Get yourself the Hoverkart and a Classic Hoverboard for as little as £250! Just take your pick on whichever colour you want from our huge range of Hoverboards for sale. Hurry however, as Go-Kart colours sell out quickly!

What are the features that you will be getting we hear you ask?

  • Innovative Samsung Battery cells. This provides safe and certified battery power technology to your Hoverboard. Not only that, but these batteries will give you a total battery range of 12 miles!
  • Enhanced Charging Power. You can fully re-charge your board in no more than 2 to 3 hours
  • Solid Wheelbase. Our Hoverboards each come with solid alloy wheelbase meaning that it is the perfect Hoverboard to get you going on your Go-Kart adventure.
  • LED Lights – Why not have those flashy lights on your Hoverboard? the Disco Swegways even go the extra mile as to have them around the wheelbase, too!


Hoverboards are the UK’s #1 gadget for three years running. Last Christmas Hoverboard sales records were broken from the previous year. This year however, we expect a similarly busy season as mothers and fathers put smiles on their kids faces.

In the above video, the ever-popular Ingham Family video their reaction to receiving the most exciting Christmas gift. In this video, showing SASSYBELLE opening her gift only to find a brand new SWEGWAY. However, things got even better when she finds a HOVERKART Go-Kart attachment as well!

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