UK Hoverboard Repairs and Swegway repair service

UK Hoverboard Repair Service

UK Hoverboard Repair Service…

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is the only Hoverboard supplier to have an in house repair centre, we have a team of specialist mechanics on hand to quickly diagnose and repair your Swegway. We keep in stock a large amount of spare parts and due to our manufacturing capability means we are able to readily order hundreds more.

uk hoverboard repair service

In Safe Hands

Our team of experienced mechanics have repaired hundreds of faulty Hoverboards since our repair operations began. With over 90% of Hoverboard faults being diagnosed and successfully repaired within 48 hours.

Hoverboard Repair Collection Service

We are also able to arrange for collection at your doorstep and delivery to our repair centre, where your Hoverboard will be diagnosed and repaired.

Contact our Repair Centre

Contact us with your repair query, we will ask you some questions regarding the fault. Then either arrange to ship the faulty Swegway to our repair centre or we can even arrange for collection from your door step.


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For further information about any of our products or services contact us or call our customer support line on 0113 320 2299.


Frequently Asked Questions

About sending in your product

You can either send in your faulty Hoverboard to our repair centre (address below) or we can arrange for collection at your convenience:

Service Department
West Yorkshire


What happens once you receive my product?

Once we receive your Swegway our specialist mechanics will assess and diagnose the fault, we will then quote you with a repair cost typically within 24 hours.  


What types of faults can you fix?

Our team of experienced mechanics have diagnosed and repaired hundreds of Hoverboards. With faults ranging from start-up problems, charging and battery issues, motor and electrical problems, wobbly wheels and punctures and broken and damaged chassis.


Shipping of completed repairs

Once your Swegway board has been repaired by our team, we will ship to you using our courier service for a next day delivery.

Enquiring about ongoing repairs

You can contact us at any point and enquire about your repair, please quote your reference number and we will provide you with any information you require.

What happens if additional parts are required?

We keep in stock a large amount and range of spare parts, however if any additional parts need to be ordered to repair your Hoverboard we will inform you and provide an estimate of when the parts are due and when repair of your Swegway board will be completed.




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