Hoverboards age-gap Swegways become UK for all ages

Age-gap barrier breaks for Hoverboards as Swegways are UK #1 Gadget

Over recent years the Hoverboard has been breaking the age-gap barrier as Swegways become UK’s #1 gadget. Last Xmas, UK Swegways fast became the hottest selling electric scooter and smart balance board. HOVERBOARD-PRO experienced record-breaking Hoverboard sales, showing the Hoverboard as universally adapt for all ages.

Hoverboards age-gap as Swegways best family

HOVERBOARD-PRO has been operating since 2015, which is from the beginning of time for the Hoverboard. Therefore, when it comes to knowing Swegways, we are the go-to place for understanding the Smart Board.

At the start, Swegway users were for young adults between 16-25 year of age. When the Swegway first came, the demographic of those interested in such a gadget were evidently a youthful generation between college and university. Before the road-ban, we see students around the University Campus riding on their Hoverboards between lectures.

However, over more recent years, Hoverboards have proven to be just as fun and exciting for people of all ages. The demographic of the UK Swegway has proven to flourish amongst the younger and older generation of riders. It goes to show that there is no particular age when it comes to the thrill of the ride!


Hoverboards: what age can you ride a Swegway?

Hoverboards: what age can you ride Swegway

Hoverboards are for all ages. However, it is not so much the age of the individual that dictates suitability but more about the weight and confidence of the rider. Hoverboards just like Segway activate by gyroscopes using the individuals weight. By applying weight to the foot-pad, the gyroscope is activated as the grommet pushes through to the infra-red gyroscope sensors. From then on, the individual will then be able to dictate to speed and direction of the Hoverboard by distributing their body-weight accordingly.

Some Swegways and Hoverboards for sale have minimum weight restrictions of 25kg and can take up to 120kg. However, the larger Swegway models for sale such as the Hummer and Mammoth Hoverboards require a little more pressure against the pads in order for the gyroscopes to activate and toggle properly. 6.5 inch Classic Swegways are more sensitive to weight and for this reason is more suitable all ages so long as they are 25kg or above. However, the larger models with their less-sensitive gyros may be suitable for the slightly older age or for those who are at least 35kg in weight or above.

Nevertheless, all our Hoverboards are designed using the same engineering internally. We give each individual Hoverboard and Swegway for sale synonymous attention. We ensure that every Swegway component is designed by ourselves here in the UK as we bespoke select every component to make it suitable for the UK consumer. In fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO is a wholly UK-based company that doesn’t sell anywhere else but here.

This is why HOVERBOARD-PRO has fast become one of the largest and most trustworthy Hoverboard companies in the UK. Offering the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale throughout UK Mainland.


Swegways & Hoverboards UK

Hoverboards age-gap Swegways become UK for all ages

We have established that Swegways and Hoverboards are suitable for all age categories. Since HOVERBOARD-PRO has one of the largest variety of Hoverboards on sale, it may often be difficult to choose between each model. For his reason, HOVERBOARD-PRO have opened their very first Hoverboard Superstore in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Since the opening of the physical Swegway retail Shop, customers have travelled from far and wide to visit. In fact, HOVERBOARD-PRO is still welcoming visitors from all across the UK with customers notably travelling to buy a Hoverboard in person from Manchester, Sheffield, Hull, Doncaster, Wales and even as far as Scotland and London.

We know just how frightening it can be to buy a gadget that you are unfamiliar with. If this is the case, then our HOVERBOARD-PRO Retail Hoverboard Shop and warranty centre is just for you. Customers can visit our store in person and ask our professional Swegway engineers anything before buying. We do this to provide that extra layer of security and peace of mind to our wonderful Hoverboard customers. This is because we understand the stress and worry involved when buying a Swegway or Hoverboard.

In addition to this, HOVERBOARD-PRO are providing FREE next day delivery on all online orders this month. This means that if you place your order any time before 2pm, we will guarantee that your board will arrive the very next day. All our Hoverboards are from UK stock and use the most efficient and reliable courier service in the country. Furthermore, HOVERBOARD-PRO also provide each customer with our complimentary 12-month warranty service.


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