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Jump on your Hoverboards: HOTTEST May Bank Holiday Weekend EVER

Jump on your Hoverboards! Brace yourselves for the hottest May Bank Holiday Weekend ever. With May 2018 weather forecasts kicking off amazingly well, we’re making the most of it. To help you get the best out of this May Bank Holiday Weekend we’re releasing some our best Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Buy today for FREE next day delivery!

Hoverboards, HOTTEST UK May Bank Holiday Weekend EVER

It’s official, the Met Office has confirmed that hot sunshine and blue skies will see Britain bask in the hottest May Bank Holiday on record, forecasters say. With this news, we’re sure that you’re going to jump on your Hoverboards and enjoy the hot sunshine!

Currently, the record for May Bank Holiday is 28 degrees celsius. However, the Met office is predicting a hike in temperatures this weekend. This means that the UK could see highs of 27 degrees celsius, or maybe even higher. This is due to the warm air coming from the Azores Islands and Continental Europe.


Britons will be able to put away their brollies this May Bank Holiday Weekend and take out their beloved Hoverboard Swegway. As the blue skies and sunshine over much of the country makes its way towards us, we’re preparing ourselves for some Segway Fun!

Don’t be too excited, however, as we all know the unpredictability of British weather. As the sunshine paves its way to Britain, we’ll make the most of it while it lasts. Therefore, there’s absolutely no time to waste. take advantage of our BIG Spring Sale this May Bank Holiday Weekend for unbelievable value on the best UK Hoverboards for sale.

May Bank Holiday Weekend: Hoverboard Sale

May Bank Holiday Weekend Hoverboard Sale

The May Bank Holiday Weekend Hoverboard Sale is well underway! Grab yourself the best value on our latest UK Swegways and Hoverboards on sale today. With FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty our vast collection of Hoverboards, you’d be mad to miss out.

The May Bank Holiday Weekend Hoverboard Sale includes all the latest offers from the best Hoverboards in the UK. We’re sure that whatever Swegway you choose to purchase, you’ll be extremely happy with it. This is due to our ever-longing commitment to provide you with the best quality Premium Hoverboards and Swegways in the UK. In fact, our Hoverboards are from UK design and undergo strict testing by independent testing centres here in England. Being awarded for an array of safety certifications, we’re one of the very few reputable Hoverboard companies in England.

Each single one of our May Bank Holiday Weekend Hoverboards for sale goes through quality and safety tests. Due to this, we are able to guarantee our Hoverboard Swegway products from the ground up. Although we are 100% confident with our Hoverboards, we still give our customers a free 1-year warranty. This adds a further layer of peace of mind and takes care of whatever issues they may experience in the future by way of wear and tear.

So if you’re looking for the best Swegway this May Bank Holiday Weekend then take advantage of our BIG Hoverboard Sale. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time!

Hoverboards UK

Hoverboards UK Sale

A popular search term for Swegways and Hoverboards for sale is ‘Hoverboards UK’. This is due to many consumers being aware of the dangers relating to fake Hoverboards. Therefore, customers tend to search specifically for Hoverboards UK in a bid to obtain a Swegway from UK design.

Our Hoverboards for sale are from 100% UK Stock and undergo strict independent verification and testing processes. Therefore, we are able to confidently guarantee the quality and safety of each of our Swegways.

It is no mystery why there are so many cheap Swegways for sale in the UK. However, many of these cheap Hoverboards usually come at a higher cost to your safety. Each single Hoverboard for sale is made in China – such as 99% of gadgets today. This is due to globalisation and there’s not much that you can see today electronically which isn’t from China, or another country. However, this does not mean that every Hoverboard is the same. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Reputable Hoverboard UK Supplier

Although all Hoverboards are made in a similar area, there are hundred of thousands of manufacturers and vendors. Each vendor designs their own Hoverboard before manufacturing and it is therefore up to them what grade of quality they choose. For example, manufacturers ask questions such as “do you want china battery or Samsung battery”. Of course, a Chinese battery is far cheaper than an official Samsung battery. If you are purchasing an extremely cheap Hoverboard, let it be known that you are probably purchasing from a vendor who chose the cheap battery.

Unfortunately, many customers are attracted to very low prices when it comes to purchasing a Hoverboard. However, Hoverboards from such a supplier tend to cause the rider more harm that it’s worth. Don’t get hit by hoax companies; buy from a reputable Hoverboard UK supplier such as HOVERBOARD PRO.


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