May Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale UK Swegways for Sale

May Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale

The May Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale is now on! With the best of UK Swegways for Sale at unbelievable value, don’t let the countdown sale pass you by. Avoid disappointment by taking advantage of our massive Bank Holiday Sale. UK Compliant Swegways and Hoverboards for sale with next day delivery and 12 month warranty included, absolutely free.

May Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale UK Swegways for Sale

It’s May Bank Holiday and this means only one thing; long weekends! Luckily for us, the Bank Holiday weekend is due to fall on yet another heatwave. Therefore, we’re super-excited to announce our latest Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale. Customers can finally get on their Hoverboards under the baking sunshine and ride along the weekend.

We have a selection of UK Compliant, Safe Swegways for Sale from UK Design. Our Hoverboard Sale brings you our favourite Self-Balancing Scooters at a reduction in price. However, our quality is still the best in the business. From the day we established our company in 2015, we’ve been advocating safe Swegways. Due to this, it is our motion to ensure that each single Hoverboard reaches our personal benchmark of quality, safety and reliability. This further exceeds the benchmarks set by UK Compliant bodies.

Therefore, customers are comfortable in the knowledge that purchasing a Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO is the #1 choice to guarantee safety and excellent customer service. We might not be the cheapest Hoverboard supplier in the UK, but we certainly offer the best all-round value. In this article we’ll explain why we are the UK’s favourite and most trustworthy Hoverboard company. We’ll also remind you that the Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale is now on and for a limited time only, so hurry and grab yourself a great value Swegway for sale!

Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale UK

Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale UK Swegways for Sale

The Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale is currently on, with up to 75% off our original Swegways for sale. The same Premium Hoverboards from UK design, only cheaper prices. Grab yourself a Swegway for sale at the best prices ever since 2015!

Our Hoverboards and Swegways have undergone progress in innovation and safety over the last few years. Due to this, we have been able to refine and improve our UK Swegways for sale for our British consumers. For this reason, we can confidently say that our Hoverboards for sale are the best in the country. We have spent years of planning and designing to bring to you a truly genuine British Hoverboard. Furthermore, our commitment to reliability and 100% safety has enabled us to produce some of the safest Self-Balancing Scooters ever.

Once a Hoverboard has been manufactured and is in UK soil, we commission independent verification and testing bodies to approve our Swegways for Sale right here in the UK. This means that our Hoverboards are 100% UK Compliant with an array of certifications to prove it. From UL, MSDS, CE and RoHS certificates, we’ve been awarded them all. For example, our batteries are either Samsung or LG batteries, making our boards not only safe but longer-lasting. Our chargers are UL certified here in the UK by an independent verification body, making them not only safe, but reliable. Furthermore, our plugs are from BS1363 approved fused 3-pin. We do not source our plugs from anywhere other than the UK. That way, we’re able to ensure that our Swegways for sale are not only safe but also reliable. Bespoke design for the UK consumer.

Swegways for Sale UK

Due to our Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale, we have a large variety of Swegways for Sale at reduced prices just for you.

Hoverboard Sales UK Swegways for Sale

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, we are reducing our Swegways for sale even further. There’s no excuse for not getting out in the scorching Bank Holiday weekend sun! introducing you to some of our favourite Hoverboards for sale, don’t go against the countdown clock as stock levels often deplete during busy periods. If there’s a Swegway you like then grab the opportunity to purchase it while it’s still on sale. Below is a list of our Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale Swegways:

  • Disco 6.5 inch Hoverboards – NOW ONLY £209.99!
    We’re reducing our Disco UK Swegway for Sale even further! We had previously reduced our Disco range of Hoverboards to £229.99. However, we’re knocking down our price even more. Hurry however, as prices are only set to increase after the sale.
  • Phoenix 6.5 inch Swegways for Sale – ONLY £229.99
    These Swegways for Sale are our latest Hoverboards design. With curvy features and unique LED lights, it’s a head-turner. As well as this, the Phoenix Swegways include Self-Levelling 2018 technology. Due to this, riders are able to balance on the Hoverboard with ease regardless of weight and size.
  • 8.5 inch Off-Road Hoverboards – FROM £289.99
    Our Hummer and Megatron Off-Road Hoverboards for sale are the most robust Swegways for Sale in the UK. With IP54 water resistance and alloy 8.5 inch solid rubber off-road tyres, this is a machine. Customers can now purchase this Swegway for even less thanks to our Bank Holiday Hoverboard Sale.
  • Mammoth 10 inch Hoverboards – FROM £279.99
    Get yourself the largest of our Hoverboards for sale from just £279.99! The only Swegway for sale that has inflatable 10 inch tyres, offering the rider the smoothest riding experience ever.

Electric Scooters for Sale UK

Safe Electric Scooters for Sale Commuter e-scooters UK

If you’re looking for Electric Scooter for Sale from a reputable company, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of the best Premium Electric Scooters to choose from. Each Electric Scooter for sale from us has undergone strict testing and design processes. Due to this, we are able to guarantee the quality and reliability of our Scooters.

Our Electric Scooters for Sale not only look and feel great, but are engineered to absolute perfection. Here is a list of our Electric Scooters during our Bank Holiday Sale:

  • L8 Electric Scooter for Sale UK
    This beautiful commuter Scooter comes equipped with digital on-screen LED display and goes at a max. speed of 25-30 km/h. With electric foot braking system as well as foot breaks, it’s designed for performance yet safety at its core. It’s bright LED headlights and tail lights allow 100% clarity and visibility on the road. In addition to this, the L8 and L8F Electric Scooter allows the user to completely fold the handlebars and frame allowing it to be easily carried and transported. With an IP65 water-resistant grading, this is even more water-resistant than our Off-Road Hoverboard!
  • L8F Electric Scooter for Sale UK
    Just like the above L8 Scooter, except with twice the battery life. Due to its dual battery, the L8F scooter has an increased travelling range of 34-40km. A much longer distance than that of the L8F, which covers 15-20km.

For more information about our L8 and L8F Electric Scooters for sale, why not get in touch? Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our Live Chat service below to speak to a live representative.


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